“BlackBerry Experience Forum” starts February 4th in Toronto


  • Bill M

    Registered yesterday – looking forward to it.

    • Pabli

      Irrelevant company.

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • IceScream

      LOL RIM absent from CES!
      Every company in the world is there but they don’t want to face the Deadly question:

      “When can I go to the store and buy a BB10 phone?”
      If the BB10 phones RIM would be released in February they would have announce that since Dec to avoid people from buying a new phone.

      Expect the phones to be releases in limited numbers in Canada by the last week of Feb and widealy available third week of March.

  • EvanK

    I’d like to see RIM do a cross-Canada tour, with them being a Canajdian company and all it would be nice to see them stop in all of the major cities, not just Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. As a Winnipegger, all of those are at least 2-3 days of solid driving.

  • hello

    Ian, you need to stop writing articles like a RIM fanboy.

    • kennypowers

      RIM’s the best what do you expect ?

  • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

    BB10 will deliver the final knockout blow to the huge failure that is WindowsPhone8.

  • Nomes

    I am trying to register and after I get to step 3, it goes back to step 2 and makes me enter the information again. arghhh

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Registering does not work with WP8 phones.

    • IceScream

      That’s part of the “RIM Experience” in 1997 they took you to the future of smart phones; in 2013 they take you to the past again.

  • phreezerburn

    A RIM developer can come out with Wireshark for QNX, it’s game over for the tech set… cue the Bill Paxton voice clip from Aliens.

  • kennypowers

    BB10 is coming, to all the apple and android users, dont throw your phones in the garbage its not good for the enviroment, just give them to a homeless person before getting your new blackberry 🙂

    • IceScream

      Actually we are not thowing our phones bacause:”BB10 has been coming” for over two years now…

      Question for you:
      When can you go to the store and buy a BB10 phone?
      -It’s Jan, 08 2013….and you still can’t answer that simple question!

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    I have been saying it for a month now. The new blackberry device will be available within a week of the Jan 30th event. There are too many actual L series phones being seen in the wild for this not to have beeen in full production for awhile. Plus, the CEO seems to know what he is doing and seems intent on doing what Palm didn’t/couldn’t.

    80 million customers currently, if 1/10 buy a new BB, that is 8 million units sold.

  • Larry

    These dates would suggest that the phones would not be available in February. You don’t really need to drive somewhere for demos if the phones are available at all of the local mobile phone purveyors.

  • Slappy

    They better have the big apps, like Skype, Evernote, etc… or they can forget about it.

    • Nothin But RIM

      Well seeing as how there is already heavy Evernote integration that’s not even a question. I could care less about Skype. With the new BBM and facebook introing new ways of communicating Skype won’t be a deal breaker for a lot of people if it’s not there at launch.

    • Ka-ra-te Master, the Fifth Dan

      Skype? Not even microsoft cares about skype anymore after the huge rotten egg they layed bringing it to WP8 with problem after problem lol.

      SO much for that deep integration, huh microsoft? only thing it does deep is eat up battery and poor coordination of notifications.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    HTC and Samsung have both had similiar type of events after they launched phones(and the phone could be purchased). It doesn’t indicate launch dates. Just a different type of marketing directed at those who won’t be reached by other types of marketing.

  • sp

    signed up…confirmed….saved the date!!
    cant wait

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    February 4th is a date!!
    Toronto is a location!!
    This is BB10!!

  • Taro Baap

    Okay… this is to the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest…

    Why are you bafoons questioning the actual release date? I’m assuming you are iOS users; Apple never announced such details either… for the last 6 times!

  • Zapoto

    Great news from RIM! Nothing stops them now.

  • gnote

    Is this? It’s gotta be… OMFG! It is BB10!

  • SC

    LIVE RIM!!!! 😀 😀