TELUS goes live with BlackBerry 10 pre-registration


  • BB10

    Looking good. Go BB10!

  • Will

    Registered! Bring on the BB10 Telus.

  • Sean

    Glad to see all the big carriers hopefully getting it at the same time an no month long exclusivity or anything. Also it’s about time for Wind and mobilicity to release details

  • Plazmic Flame

    Telus is really slacking… I know people that have already left other carriers by Pre-Ordering with Rogers.

    • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      That has to be one of the dumbest comments I have ever read on this website hahahahaha

      Swtiching carriers because of a Pre-Order?

      wow hahahahahaha

    • KidAndroid

      Most ppl wouldnt go to Rogers if you gave them a free device & 3 months of free service, thryre a bunch of damn thieves

    • Timbo

      @Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      You’d be surprised how many morons are out there. People still sign contracts with the Big 3, when they could have just as easily went to the sub-brands, or even to new entrants, and saved a LOT of money over the 3 years.

      Many people are just not very educated about stuff like this.

      But I think that it is safe to say that Plazmic Flame’s friends are fully retarded.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    We know the release date , but the price is the big question ???????? I just hope they dont price themselves out of the market they are trying to get back into

    • Hilman

      You do not know the release date, you know the announcement date (much different). They could be on sale in March or April for all we know. And as for the price, it will be much too high to gain any traction.

    • Nothin But RIM

      So you tell Romanov that he doesn’t know the release date (which is true) then go on to say that the price will be too high (which you have no idea about). Way to go taking away all credibility from your own statement.

    • KidAndroid

      They are priced @ $700 but thats without substidizing.

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • KidAndroid

      **** RIP TOOSEE ****

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • The Guy who sells hotdogs on the corner of huron and adelaide

    Been waiting a long time for this to come out. But im afraid i’ve moved on to something better.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    This bodes well for a quick launch after the announcement on Jan 30th.

  • hahabya

    Bb10 is just like hockey, everyone (in Canada) said they love it, but actually don’t really give a fxxx

  • sp

    to those who keep complaining about the price…

    don’t buy it

    if you honestly don’t feel its worth buying, then don’t.

    many others will see that changing back/over/going back to the BB platform will be essential or a welcome change. these people (including myself) will be doing so.

    but if all you complain about is its too expensive, then please…do not buy the product.

    none of these smart phones are worth $600-$1000 + taxes…. none. (as the breakdown of the parts by other websites have shown)

    stop complaining about the price and just sit and enjoy your iPhone or Android or WP7-8 phone.

    the rest of us who are excited for BB10 are just that…excited!!!

  • hahabya

    Good news for everyone who deal with crack

  • Torcher

    I think RIM should price these phones either really low(less than 400 no contract) and offer 50 bucks in free APPS….or no Apps credit and start them at $0 for 3yr term right off the bat…..they want people to switch back? where is the incentive? even if they have a winner in the Z-10, why would I leave my S3 for this?

    • KidAndroid

      The price is $700 off contract but wishful thinking .

    • Dan

      The $700 quoted in the Bell contest is after all (Ontario) sales taxes. If you are using that as a guide, sticker price off-contract would be around $600.

  • Dan S

    I can’t wait for BlackBerry 10! NHL is back. I’m hoping to be able to watch my Toronto Maple Leafs play on the go on my BlackBerry Z10! GO LEAFS GO!!!

  • not

    Is this BB10 ?

  • sp


    you are dreaming and crazy!!!

    under $400 off contract…

    please open a business and price your items as you are doing so now with Z10.

    lets see how long you stay in business

    • Torcher

      Im just saying….they need to make an incentive for people to switch back….400 may be unrealistic….but if they wanna sell millions of phones i would use the quick dollar vs. slow 100 dollar approach….i guess this could backfire and people could have the perception that its “cheap” ….either way, i think i will give it a try

  • jlm

    Hopefully they launch the keyboard model as well. My mother needs to update her 3 1/2 year old Curve 8300 which has taken a beating

    • pacalis

      You should let your mother know that other phones have swype and/or swiftkey which are far superior to the keyboard experience.

      And many of us with Jelly Bean have moved on from keyboards – I know do all my searches, emails, text and nav with google voice. It’s one button, accurate and incredibly fast.

  • Sweet

    In an interview on Bloomberg last month, Thorsten Heins said the QWERTY/Touch model will be released a few weeks after the all-touch model.

  • Stupid

    Can’t wait. Got an upgrade and plan to use it for the Z10.

  • rick

    Only way that this phone is worth the big bucks is if it lasts for a week without a battery charge.

  • Barry Rueger

    Did I miss something? I clicked the pre-register button, but it only took me to a generic Telus “send me lots of spam” page, not a BB specific one.