Nova Launcher 2.0 released with huge feature and performance upgrades


  • anon

    so when is it coming to bb10?

    • Twosee

      RIM is dead. RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Troy

    One of the must have apps for Android

  • Claudiu

    Please RIM launch BB10 already, maybe all this BBery trolling will stop. Some people really don’t have a life.

    • Nishant

      very true…bb10 looks promising and I hope it does great.

  • Shushwap

    I have had prime for awhile… Picked it up when it was on sale for 25 cents… I love it

  • wile e. coyote

    I prefer it over my stock launcher.. I turn off all animations and its blazing fast with no crashes.

  • Haxor99

    I’ve been very happy with Apex Launcher. Is Nova any better?

    • Nova

      Have used both and Nova Prime is much, much smoother on my Nexus 7. Also much closer to stock JB, which is a plus for me.

  • John

    Works good with CM10

  • 45

    Been using it for a while now. Looking forward to playing around with 2.0.

  • Sid

    Any benefits over Go Launcher?

  • Lance W

    Love the ability to increase icon size. My home screen and app drawer look so much fuller now.

  • andy c

    Besides the gestures any advantage of running this on a nexus/stock Android?

    • Stuntman

      I use it primarily to get rid of the app dock and have a screen with 6 rows of icons.

  • Twosee

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • gtp20

    I updated yesterday and I haven’t really noticed anything different from the previous version (using free version). I’ve been using this launcher for a long time and its by far the best launcher out there.

  • Andre

    I’ve used Nova Prime for a few months and have never used the gestures feature.

    What is it? I mean, Daniel you specifically say that you use it daily to improve workflow, so I’d greatly appreciate you sharing a few examples of how you use gestures.


  • Hardened

    Superb launcher! No complaints great add-ins from XDA forums.

  • tenk

    just a question like this, why you guyz dont like go launcher?

  • Vince S

    Good product, wouldn’t buy it tho.
    Still much prefer the Go suite of applications.
    Go launchers screen transitions and compatibility with older OS’s gives it an edge.

  • Deist Beats

    I’m running it on my GS3. It runs pretty good. I’m even tempted to upgrade to Prime to get the full features.