RIM’s QWERTY/Touch BlackBerry 10 device leaks online


  • jack

    so it looks like a 9900 but with a bigger screen? this is what rim came up with after all this time?

    • skullan

      RIM adapted an OS in all this time. This will sell.

    • RIMstock

      What, only articles about “leaks” for BB10 and no news about how RIM’s stock plunged 23% on Friday from $14 to 10.90??

      -Now is another 3% down at $10.60 after Heins announced that RIM will change the subscription model (Less cash for operators)

      -Expect RIM to close the week and the year in single digits.

    • RIMstock

      “Of course this is unconfirmed news”..
      -Of Course! Its RIM, we all are used to that. That is why we the world have moved on from them. We have paid what we wanted for phones that we have wanted over the last two Christmas.

      This holidays the phones to buy are iOS Android and even Microsoft.

      -If you haven’t followed RIM the phone in the picture just looks like the black blackberries (remember them?, you might have one in your drawer)/ BUT if you follow RIM you can tell that the picture above is a “rendering” (That picture has more manipulation and filteres than the cover of Vogue!)

      In any case we are in 2012 and the phones won’t be in stores until End of March in North America. Be eveybody has bought a phone already!

      RIMM stock at $11.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Hey! I want to have the most disliked comments on this site.

    • Times up

      Looks like rim pr is on the loose to make rim relevant during the holidays.

      Rip rim.

  • manispan

    Destined to fail!


  • Taylorseries

    I am very interested as long as the software holds up on a 1:1 aspect ratio

  • bob

    What about a 4.5” + screen with sliding fullkeyboard.

    I doupt they will make a sliding keyboard, but that’s the only that can save them.

    • Dan

      I think its code named Milan

  • ALopez

    RIP RIM.

    Nobody cares about BB10. Maybe a few RIM employees who post on here, but RIM has been left in the dust.

    They are cooking the books like no tomorrow. $2.6 billion in revenue. They claim a 30% margin or so, despite selling the PB at a loss.

    How does a company keep losing money quarter after quarter yet their cash goes up by $500-$600M/quarter without selling assets or taking on debt? Smells like Enron, unless they are stiffing suppliers.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Sounds like Starbucks in the UK where they were shifting profits to other countries with lower tax rates.

  • ALopez

    They claim to have $2.9B cash with a $5.7B market cap?

    Something is very, very, very fishy. A company worth $2.8B excluding cash hoards $2-$3B cash/year?

    I have a bridge to sell you……

  • Jimmy

    There is another full touchscreen phone coming out which is there temp answer. This is just a leak of one of the two phones

  • Ken

    Check the youtube video that RIM has put out.
    The BB10 devices have an on screen keyboard, no physical keys.

    • SNOOP

      You must be special.

  • Sid

    As an Ex-BB user (brand new Nexus 4 Jelly Bean user) I have to agree with a few comments up here… if only RIM had come out with phones around Christmas would they have swayed my decision to switch.

    New Phones are looking good.. hope the apps and UI live up to it?!?

  • Oldschool

    Currently salivating, this is totally replacing my 9900 work line. Physical keypads are fantastic. Hello old friend, we meet again…

    • Sean

      Hello old friend is the problem with BlackBerry!!!

  • screamer

    Looks good but is it enough to keep them alive. Apple only need a name to be alive. For me I will check it out and hope it’s gonna convince me to change from my galaxy but I love my phone to much

  • mauricio


  • SEC, Locking up Fraud CEO’s for 20+ years like boss’

    Can someone explain how a company worth $2.8B excluding cash accumulates cash at the rate of approximately $3B/year while losing money each quarter and without taking on debt or selling assets?

    Smells like FRAUD to me. Thanks.

    • Bane

      You need to take a first year accounting course.
      You can have an operating loss and still have positive cashflow on the balance sheet.

  • SEC, Locking up Fraud CEO’s for 20+ years like boss’

    Even ENRON and WorldCom had more believable books than RIM does.

  • Khav

    If someone were to troll tech journalists by posting a pic of any Blackberry from the past 5 years and saying it was a leaked preview of the new ones, would anyone be able to tell?

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • claydboy

    Looks bad a*s

  • Kris Kringle

    There are 2 very angry individuals in this thread, making 90% of the posts under different names. Why? They do have an axe to grind (put 2 and 2 together).

    It’s Christmas, guys. Time to get out of your basements, and have dinner with the family.

    BB has its market, and I know plenty of people who will be purchasing. BB will move a decent amount of units regardless of what 2 mad nerds post and re-post here every day.

    Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you, boys: get a job.

    Happy Holidays, everybody!


    • Jess

      hahaha, that made my day! Thanks!!

  • screamer

    Blackberry has a lot of fans out there. Including me because typing on a touchscreen is not good at all. Love my old blackberry. I wish that rim can make a turnaround.

  • keyur

    i was a blackberry user for over 3 years and then i moved to android now i cant wait till this comes out lol. RIM should have this phone pentaband so they will have a wider audience

    • skullan

      I went to Android because I thought I was missing something, I wound up with an excellent app device, with a crappy phone (Nexus S). I switched back to Blackberry because I missed having a great phone with excellent communication abilities.

  • Matt Z10

    RIM has licencing fees to carriers to use BIS service. They have positive revenue that way. Carriers pay for this service because Governments WANT to use BB’s to secure their data. With such a broad global base its easy to imagine they can make money world wide. Thinking that North America is the only market that matters is selfish, ignorant and plain stupid. You want to welcome RIM to the 21st century??? how about realizing your country isn’t the only one that matters!!

    Merry Christmas numb nuts

  • Toto

    It’s photos that leaked online, not the actual device

  • Mackenzie

    Looks stunning! +1 Like

  • Dalex

    I cannot for the life of me comprehend how people type on physical keyboards, especially the ones on the current BB devices. They are atrocious with horribly small buttons, but I’m sure some people like them so I’m glad RIM isn’t abandoning them.

    I’m excited for the Z10 which has a proper virtual keyboard that seems to be a reskinned and improved Swiftkey which is the best keyboard hands down on any OS.

    • skullan

      I love the Curve 9300’s keyboard. Works great for me.

      Android’s, meh, I lived with it for almost 2 years. I will take a BB physical keyboard over a virtual any day of the week.

  • Toto

    The number of RIM employees giving thumbs down to negative posts is amazing. RIM employees don’t get Christmas eve off?
    lol, vote this one down too please

  • ad19

    I will be getting the full touch screen version but for the people who want a physical keyboard this will sell very well, especially in the enterprise market.

  • Darryl

    Physical keyboards are dead. Please just give up on that.

  • Mark

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. There are still some big diehard fans of the physical keyboard and I glad to see RIM stick with an improved version of their classic design. Making the OS more user friendly should be their primary concern. Lets hope this isn’t too late for them.

  • Hilman

    One word, FUGLY! After years and billions of dollars later they come up with this!!I am not sure who is more inept, RIM or MS, looks like Bada will be number 3 OS for quite some time lol.

  • ace

    they wanted to sell in january/feburary to avoid the ‘chatter’ of having too many phones on the market… well of course during the christmas season, theres gona be everything on the market cause ITS GONA SELL!!! i think they should have sold this christmas season… i mean apple is going to release the iphone 5s in a few months because they are a hardware company… and thats how they make cash… but always releasing products that dont have all the features… but claim innovation… #applemapsfail #appleNFCfail #couldDOthisALLday

    • Matt Z10

      k just a note here…if they could release it they would. unlike apple maps and iOS 6 in general RIM knew they needed to make this right. BB7 was terrible until 7.1 fixed most of the bugs in that system. I know people think RIM is a stupid company but delaying and doing it right on what is arguably their last chance into the consumer market is actually a smart move! your mindless and ineffective, small minded and silly peer pressure on a multi billion dollar company is ridiculous! I believe this product has its market and no one else is rising to claim it. (show me QWERTY phone that actually lasted in Canada and I’ll reconsider my stance)

      HARDWARE?? WOOOOOOOW. apple hadn’t changed hardware in YEARS there software is lack lustre and the only thing they road to power on was the MP3 evolution. remember those things that preteens use? ya thats what apple built the iPhone for.

      I’m glad you see iDiots lack of foresight

    • skullan

      Not too mention to lessen the damage of next year’s Q4 results, but having a full year to ramp up marketing and drive sales.

  • Money is everything

    Ugly POS. Maybe worth $199 off contact.

  • EvanKr

    It’s what’s under the hood that I’m really curious about, hopefully they keep it the same as the Z10 (along with the same battery!).

  • Dylan

    So glad I’m switching from Blackberry in 3 days. Never will buy anything RIM again! Waste of my time.

  • Jeff Rucchin

    I believe rim is preparing to bring out e-commerce on their phone. This will be great because nobody could touch the security on rim leaving rim in a class buy itself.

  • Andy Kabasubabo Koni

    Is it just me or does the keyboard look a little small?
    comparing to the bold 9900 which had the best keyboard EVER!!!
    Id like the see the bold 9900 keyboard on a blackberry curve, I think that would really appeal to students and would make me feel right at home.
    We really need more canadian competitors…
    RIM stay in the game

  • Lee

    R.I.P RIM

  • jess

    Ill take 2

  • Brandon S

    I don’t know man, I’ve been a faithful android user since 1.6, but I’m really thinking about the new BB. only since I tried the Playbook.