Update: Virgin, Fido and Koodo battle it out with a new low-cost $25/month promo plan


  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • lukeiphone

    Pay per use data is useless. Who doesn’t use data nowadays?

  • Kid.Canada

    Give me another 150 minutes and I’m sold VM.

  • John

    Why is there always a troll saying RIP RIM….

  • Mik3469

    I actually got the same thing in-store for 30$/month, but it also comes with 200mb of data. (It was the 30$ plan with 75min and 100mb of data, but in store it was actually 150min and 200mb)

  • gjeff12

    So with a reasonable amount of data, this plan is about $50. Worth the $6 savings for not getting unlimited calling?

  • EvanK

    Meh, pretty average. Throw in 100MB of data, or another 100 minutes.

  • Guillaume

    I don’t get it, on the website I see this plan priced at 30$…

  • zzZZzz

    I like how there’s always someone asking for more. If they get that “more”, then they’ll ask for unlimited. If they get unlimited, then they say 10$ cheaper and I’m sold…etc.

    How about looking back 1 year and how you were getting 100 min and nights at 9 or 7, local minutes mind you, with some messages if lucky.

    And please don’t mention Wind or Mobilicity unless they actually have network in more than a few cities

  • M

    seriously people, it’s not so bad compared to the standard plans these comagnies usually have. You get the caller ID et voicemail with it.

  • Moe

    KOODO’s $30 plan is still a better choice for us as it also has the 200mb of DATA & much better coverage as we are not in the city

  • Dan Giroux

    Two words: Wind Mobile

    $25 wish plan
    Unlimited talk & text
    W/ call display & VM

    • skullan

      Two words: No Coverage.

      Let me know when they cover the 401, 416, 417 and 7 corridor as well as the others.

      Until that point, Wind Mobile is able to be compared.

  • Albert

    Yeah, $5 more gets you 200MB on both Virgin and Koodo sans early 5PM.

  • Larry Dalrymple

    I am with vm and just unlocked my phone cause i will be going with eastlink when they launch. no matter what plan they offer

  • Mike

    Dan Giroux: two words = no reception. 2 other words? Shitty network.

    • Dan Giroux

      I’ve had no problems with them so far, I’m on the $40 plan and use WiFi at home and work anyway. I agree that coverage is not great at this point but if someone is in a zone and they don’t travel/travel primarily to other zones its a great deal.

  • Shawn

    If we could add the 6gb $30 data plan to this $25 plan, I’d be a very happy man.

    • Matt

      I have this new $25 plan and the $30 6GB add on. Call them and ask for it.

  • Shushwap

    We just need Koodo to match this plan

  • EricM

    this is what we have been waiting for, some competition! It’s been a long journey gentlemen. hope we can go even further.

  • S600

    ‘Four’ carriers with identical plan features at identical prices. Price fixing much?

    • 45

      Who cares if it’s price fixing if the consumer is benefitting from a better plan/price?

  • JM

    Is this available for people on a 3-year contract?

  • 2c

    first of all ladies RIP RIM :D:D

    and 2nd you should all thank to wind for bringing i the competition only if you choose to understand what i am saying.

    happy holidays (party hard)

  • Crank

    Folks, how many times do I have to tell you? The 6 GB/$30 add-on for Choice plans still exists!

  • Crank

    Also, pay-per-use data on Virgin Mobile is reasonably priced. If you’re really disciplined, you’ll spend $10 extra for 100 megs. If you go crazy, you’ll send $30 for 3 gigs.

    Or you can buy 6 GB straight-up for $30 and never worry about hitting your limit again unless you’re a streaming/youtube/hotspot fiend.

  • Alex Perrier

    Thumbs up if you miss me. Thumbs down if you don’t miss me.

  • Gene

    I have wind. Haven’t dropped a call in 2 years. Robelus is counting on i****s to line their pockets. Keep feeding the pigs. Have a nice day

    • skullan

      Turn off away data and step out of a Wind Zone and try to post this post.

    • Gene

      Lets see… with Wind, if im outside of Toronto, Oshawa, Missisauga, Brampton, Barrie, London, Woodstock, Niagara, Windsor, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Whistler, Ottawa-Gatineau. I wouldnt have coverage…So for the 1-2x a year i’m in quebec, I will survive.

      Thanks but i’m good over here. Have a nice day

    • Plan Shopper

      Hey Gene, on your way to Barrie, London, Woodstock, Niagara, Windsor, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Whistler and Ottawa-Gatineau, you will be out of your coverage area.

      Canada is a big place and has lots to enjoy. Try leaving Toronto for once. You just might enjoy it. Oh, but leave your phone behind because you can’t afford to use it.

  • Toto

    $25 with at least 100Mb data inclusive, THEN it’s a plan worth reporting

  • Crank

    Toto, the same plan with 200 megs is available for $30/mth.

  • EAK47

    OMG people are so cheapass.

    Ask for included data in it, then you’ll ask for more minutes, then you’ll ask for a free Galaxy S3 with that plan, it’s a pretty good start.

    Go backwards one or two years, what did you get for 25$? 50 local minutes + evenings at 9PM + 6.95$ access fees and a shitty flip phone.

    Now you can get a free decent Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X and a plan that matches with other first world countries

    • Darth Paton

      somebody already beat you to that comment my friend….

  • Falco

    With Wind, Mobilicity, etc,. they’re useless unless youj stay home 24-7 or like incurring roaming charges. On the other hand, the cheap plans from the established carriers are useless unless youj don’t talk or do data. I use At least 2 gigs of data per month. I think these promo plans are just a way of getting you hooked so they can start selling you the additional stuff. The question that always comes to mind is why don’t they do something for the long term existing loyal customers who have got hooked into 3 yr contracts?

    • Wilbour

      Wind and Mobilicity are in a different league. You cannot compare with the big 3. Students who never leave home love Wind but grownups who travel to the next town cannot keep paying roaming charges. Free to change service once a month? Keep changing as their service improves. Play the game.

  • ceribaen

    For those talking about the 6GB/30$ choice plan.
    Is there any thing specific you have to quote to get it?

    Checked at a kiosk the other day and they didn’t know anything about it, going to try calling today since I’m on the Choice 25 now and wouldn’t mind the extended hours on unlimited calling.

    • ceribaen

      According to the rep I just got, the 6GB/30$ Choice plan is not available since last month

  • Crank

    Just call em up and say that someone you talked to promised you’d be hooked up with the September 6gb/$30 deal. If they’re good, they’ll take a minute or two to look back in their deal history(or pretend to!) and discover it didn’t expire.

    • ceribaen

      Trying a second rep.
      Also said he can’t find the 6GB/30$ anymore.

      Trying to push either the Smartphone 60 or Unlimited plan with 2GB for 56

  • cheenachatze

    It’s beginning to look like Christmas..

  • ceribaen

    Also apparently by some quirk… that new Choice 25 plan DOES NOT include the Pay Per Use Data for Canada.

    • ceribaen

      So just make sure you ask and verify that they’ve put it back on your account before getting off the phone if you make the change.

      Also the rep wiped out a bundle I had with it, but seems like I don’t need that bundle anymore either (was the mobile tv + text one).

  • Lazardus

    Contacted Fido about this plan. If you have per second billing you will lose it if you switch so take that into consideration! Also they have this deal until Jan 1st.

  • ceribaen


    So made one final attempt because I needed to get the data usage from having the mobile TV bundle on sorted out (since service zone was counting against my total usage).

    Got escalated to Solutions department, the guy there said that the 6GB/30$ has been removed at their level even currently but expects it to be back sometime in Jan or Feb.

  • Crank

    Ouch. Bad luck caribaen.

  • Kevin

    for the data with virgin and fido the overage is 5cent/1mb, while koodo’s promo plans only are 2cent/1mb. if this matters to anyone.

  • andyb

    My son just got a $50 plan with unlimited national calling and 6 gigs of data from virgin.Had to get a thunderbay phone number but he has it redirected to call his other local number

  • gorgee

    thanks! just saved me some money!!