WIND Mobile offers a $50 service credit to Nexus 4 owners with new account activations


  • Bobby

    No way, N4 has LTE on Robellus!

  • Nadim

    $25 for a sim card eats up half that credit.

    • Raid

      You’re gonna pay $25 for that SIM regardless.

    • john

      Not necessarily. What I did was get a Nokia 710 for free on their tab and it comes with a SIM card. Then I sold the phone on ebay for $215 and used that money towatds a phone I actullay wanted (eg N4). Doing that is basically like getting the N4 on tab for $150

  • vengefulspirit99

    A few of my friends are on Wind right now, and their service is not bad. It does get a bit sketchy at points, but if I wasn’t on a contract with Bell, I’d be with wind. I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of LTE speed for massive savings.

    • EvanKr

      I’d jump all over this, all WIND has to do is launch their service in Winnipeg. Please? 🙂

    • A Art

      Yup. It boggles my mind why people are willing to pay much, much more for much, much less. Robelus really did a very good job in telling the brainless masses that they abolutely need LTE, and should be willing to pay through their noses for that.

      But hey, I cut my bill by more than a half, and got an unlimited plan in return. I’m not complaining 😉

  • Tomato Guy

    The only big problem here is that Nexus 4 is sold out and on Google Play store and the only way to get it now is from people who hoarded the phones just to resell them later at $500+.

    • Shu

      It’s on and off at a Google store, but yes, it is pretty difficult to get. However, people who have the phone already are probably the main target right now.

  • KimJong-iil

    it is actually 25$ cos their sim costs 25$, but still better than 0$ 🙂

  • tendenzi

    Oh boy! I’ll just go to the Google Play store right now and pick one up to take advantage of this amazing offer!

    Oh wait… yeah. Thanks WIND for yet again, bringing the FAIL. It’s great they want to market the Nexus 4 like it’s a device they sell, and reward those who already managed to snag one, but for new activations only? Would knowing WIND’s audience be assuming that WIND’s current customers are the ones who heavily upgraded to this phone while still on WIND?

    Just give $50 to anyone who has a Nexus 4 at this point please.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Nexus 4 + Wish 40 = an amazing deal

  • Nemet

    If Wind’s customer service wasn’t utterly awful, it might be a tempting offer.

    • caribouroader

      Amen to that!

    • Xanth18

      I’ve dealt with WIND’s Customer service a couple times already in the short 5 months I’ve been with them… once to adjust a feature on my account and once to switch to the Wish 40 plan.

      It was a complete pleasure both times speaking with their Customer Service reps. Just because you had a bad time, doesn’t mean their service is bad… you got unlucky and got a bad rep. ALL companies have good/bad reps. Call back until you get someone helpful.

      But don’t condeme the company for it. Crap happens bud… deal with it.

    • john

      Xanth18: I don’t know if you work for Wind or you are just plain lying. Wind’s customer service is the WORST. I have delt with them a couple of times and even canceled my plan because of them. The only reason I came back was the $29 plan was way to cheap so I could live with crappy CS

    • Nemet

      Here’s what happened to me, and also why I will gleefully condemn Wind until they give me reason to do otherwise.

      I was hung up on twelve times by their agents in the course of two weeks trying to get a simple number port done. A number port that took over two weeks.

      Then they told me that they couldn’t unlock my phone, which I paid full price for, no tab, until I was with them for three months. I was told it was “policy.” I told them that was BS. They told me that I couldn’t do what I wanted with my property.

      Do not tell me to not condemn a company when they rightly deserve my condemnation.
      Do not attempt to think that I’ve just had a single bad experience and am venting like a teenager that’s been turned down for a date.
      It was a long string of numb-nuttery that has brought me to my extreme dislike of the company.

      I expect that any reasonable person would tell others about such difficulties, no matter which company it might be.

  • Pablo Moses

    Another Win/Win situation.

  • Dave

    That is awesome. Carriers should be giving the customer a little something back when they’re saved the expense of subsidizing a phone.

    This also knocks the effective price of the 16 GB Nexus 4 down to $335. For a phone that wipes the floor with pretty much anything else out there. Just got mine yesterday, and it’s incredible.

    Google will work out its supply issues eventually. Apparently, LG is switching over producition en masse from the Optimus to the Nexus. WIND just needs to extend this offer so more people have a chance to get the phone and take advantage of this offer. Or better yet, make it permanent.

  • Mark

    Are you serious? I just got my N4 in the mail yesterday and rushed down to Wind to sign up! No sign of this promotion! 🙁 Gonna call support now, they better give me my credit…

  • Guy incognito

    wait Nexus 4 uses micro sim? does wind offer micro sim cards.

    • aliwhatsit

      yes. Ever since the Lumia 710

  • ckizzle

    Not sure if this is really worth it. Sure it’s nice to have Google delivered updates but other companies (Samsung, Motorola (in the US at least)) have been good on delivering Jelly Bean updates.

    The reason I find it’s not worth it if I sign up for a 2 year contract with Fido and their pretty good $56 plan I can get the RAZR HD for $50 or Galaxy Nexus for free. Although, I’m paying more per month with Fido, the cost of the N4 handset is offset in the 2 year term (more or less).

    While the Wish 40 plan is spectacular compared to the $56 plan, I’m still not convinced of Wind’s network quality (especially inside buildings). I got my mom the $29 Wind plan a few months ago, and the call quality is noticeably worse compared to calling someone on Robellus.

    However, at the end of the day, it’s a breath of fresh air the Canadian consumer has options and can choose what they see fit.

    • Dave

      If coverage and speed are of paramount importance, you’re definitely better off to go with one of the big three.

      Personally, I’m more interested in having a better phone. If I can’t get a signal from within the depths of certain buildings or way outside of the city, it’s not a big deal to me. I think the Nexus 4 is a big step up from the RAZR HD or Galaxy Nexus. And if updates matter to you, Moto’s decent record in the states won’t help you any here. And Google has made quite clear that their fantastic Nexus support ends after two years, so that means the second year of the contract that’s subsidizing your phone purchase would be update-free.

      So yeah, it’s all about making the tradeoff that’s right for you. Or paying more to have your cake and eat it to. It’s definitely good to have choices.

    • Thomas

      I thought about switching to Wind before, but then Fido offered me a decent compromise – $40/month with 150 min, unlim evenings/weekends, caller id with voicemail, unlim text, 250 MB data and best of all, no extra charge for long distance. Previously I’d be paying extra just for caller ID.

      yeah, Wind offered significantly more for the exact same price (unlimited calling and data), but the indoor reception and coverage still keeps me away.

      For similar reasons, my sister who’s studying in the states chooses to get ripped off by AT&T rather than go with T-Mobile’s cheaper plans, because the AWS 1700 frequency just isn’t good for indoor reception.

  • Crank

    Nexus 4 isn’t an LTE device unless you enjoy half an hour in battery life, you cheap fandroid morons.

    • some guy

      Wow. U mad bro? U need to relax.

  • Rick

    Oh look folks, it’s tendenzi from Hofo another sad troll bashing Wind and strictly there to distort the truth-complete moron and spends his life in the Wind section simply to give his distorted opinions like Rocco. LOSER!!!

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Is tendenzi or Rocco worse than these three?

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • Megahertz

    I keep hearing that Wind’s customer service is awful but I have never experienced this at all! This is the only wireless company that I had never had to call! I pay $40.00 for unlimted everything on the Miracle plan so what would I need to call and complain about??

    Much different then when I was with Rogers and had to call them everytime my bill came in.

    Another reason why I don’t have to call because there website works the way it should. No java script and apache server errors when I need to pay my bill.

  • deli

    Wind probably doesn’t have to worry about giving away too many of those since getting them is quite a chore. I am crossing my fingers two of mine that have yet to arrive.

  • FormerAndroidUser

    Good move, would like to see them reduce the monthly plan price as well.

  • Ya 3ami

    Nexus 4 Sold out !!!!

  • fg

    Sweet. Maybe 3 years from now when the Nexus will be available on the Google Play website, I might consider it.

  • Rich

    I got a nexus 4 from the first batch and instantly ported to wind. I’m going to ask them if they’ll honour this now.

  • Rich

    they honoured it for me and my sister.

  • hoo dat

    If WIND had always been a “shrewd observer” you’d think they’d take much better care of their current customers. When it comes time to replace my phone, in approximately 6 months or so, if I hear the words “For new activations only”, or, “Only available on the tab” they’ll lose me as a customer for life. The market’s not what it was 3 years ago when I first signed up, the competition is much stiffer and the deals are much more readily available, WIND used to treat their customers well at the retail level, now they’re nothing more than a Big 4 wannabe.

    • Tropp

      A company grows via new activations. Wind will lose some customers (like yourself) here and there, but gain many more in return. This model makes sence, even if you don’t like it.

    • hoo dat

      WIND’s churn is high and will be soon running neck in neck with it’s growth. Look at the absolutely lousy growth numbers they’ve put together in the last couple of quarters. The new re-re-re-revised goal of 600,000 is nowhere near where they should be and long term 2-3 year customers are jumping shiop at the first opportunity. Growth through attrition? You think this is working? Give it a couple of years.

  • JimJones

    Offer expires December 31.

    Nexus back on play store January 1.

  • coop3422

    It’s a cool unique deal, they’re being creative and working off the N4 hype. As for myself, Wind won’t work for me. Too much snowboarding/biking in the mountains and too much traveling for work, roaming charges would hammer me. If you never leave the city though, I could see the benefit. Then again I pay $45/mo on Bell and have everything, my10, text, 1gb, vm/cd, 100ld mins, 200dt mins, so I can’t complain 🙂 haha.