RIM gives 120 enterprise and government clients opportunity to beta test BlackBerry 10


  • iphoneee

    where is apple maps?

    • Nothin But RIM

      It’s sending people to no phone signal and dehydration.

    • jimb

      rim is dead.

      this will all fizzle out like other programs they launched


    RIP BB7!!!!!
    bb10 is here

    • RIMservation

      RIP BB10!!!!!
      N4 is here???

      regardless of the specs, #of apps and how much money theyr throw at developers, if the phone is released at more than $450 BB10 phones will be dead on arrival!

      Koodo is dropping the price of the S3 as soon as they run out of S2x.

  • RIMservation

    BB10 is cominf around February, but the BB10 phones won’t be available for purchase until March, then the real hands on reviews will start and then…only then people will decide if the phone if worth it based on specs and price.

    Bottomline: BB10 phones and the future of RIM is just as promised: To Be decided by end of March.

    Call me at the begining of month 3 when I can touch a phone, until then is just RIM …as usual.

    • wildspin

      Judging by your posts, you are not the type of customer RIM will ever be interested to focus on plus … some of your information are totally wrong.

      You’re just a time waster here.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    RIM at $13.75

  • Down Like Pacquiao

    Time to short RIM. 🙂

    • QC_Al

      Absolutely!!! And I will buy every unit you short. I’ll come to find you in June or so and we can talk again. Sell Pacquiao! Sell!

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    You’re a moran* of the highest order. Final production units have already been seen in several places. Finalized hardware means they are already fully into production. The BB10 SDK has been finalised and sent to developers. BB10 is announced Jan 30th and units will be available for sale within the week of the announcements, mark my words. If you can’t see this, you’re too stupid to be allowed on the internet and I must ask you to turn in your computer to the nearest geekery.

  • Michael

    I really wish the best for BB10, they along with Windows Phone will bring back much needed competition to the market. However i do fear that they may face an uphill battle, while the features im sure will be impressive i wish they had updated the UI more from a visual point of view. Windows Phone plays very heavy from a visual point of view much more than Android and Iphone, thats one of Windows Phone appeal, its beautiful to look at, I wish BB had done more as its their rebirth so to speak, just like Windows Phone its a reinvention of its UI, however i do wish it the best and would love to see it along with Windows Phone taking market share from the big boys .

    With competition the consumer wins.

  • oldschool

    The hype around this launch is fantastic, despite it being a little far into the future. They’ve managed to get fantastic media coverage, and it seems like there’s a lot of people rooting for them to succeed, myself included. This could be a spectacular launch, unlike Windows 8, which fizzled on arrival due to no phones and nothing exciting.

    Hopefully RIM saw that and won’t repeat that mistake. I work for one of the big 3, and what I noticed from talking to client is they never wanted to leave BB in the first place, but the phones just weren’t competitive enough.

  • Dalex

    I’ve been checking out BB10 info and videos this weekend. I do admit that its starting to grab my attention. I love Android, but I’m all for giving RIM a try, especially since they are from here and usually build high quality products (they’ve just had subpar software with outdated spec phones).

    I don’t want Android and IOS to have a duopoly and Windows Phone is frankly horrible, so I’m rooting for these guys to be the valid the 3rd option.

  • Dan Brook

    They launched Jam-sessions to reach developers all over the world. They support the more accessible dev languages resulting in a simple development experience. A vast improvement from their prior SDK. They released Alpha devices to test the software and provded these devices to critical developers (Those that represent the interests of both Android and iOS users). They are launching programs to streamline enterprise users into their OS 10 release. All of this, not to mention other improvements, before the device is even launched. This can’t be anything but one of the best preps for the launch of, not just a new OS, but a new ecosystem. Granted we cannot compare to Android and IOS, as they have their own user-based and their own virtues, but we can say that this is a pretty phenomenal achievement.