Sony outlines upgrade schedule for newer Xperia smartphones


  • Sean

    I must say I am really impressed with Sony. When ICS was coming out they were releasing beta builds for devices. And with JB they are saying we plan on having it out in this month not “First quarter 2013” Also I am glad to see updates fr the Ion and S as those are still pretty awesome devices

  • Gurnblansten

    Why one should never buy Sony. S3 has 4.1.1 now will see 4.2 by February ans might, just might get one final full upgrade after they release S4. Pathetic and always behind a full release.

    • seroevo

      What exactly is so bad about ICE or so good about JB that not having it by now is “pathetic” and makes having a phone without for a couple more months a bad purchase decision?

      To fanboys it seems like every new version makes any previous version horrible. If it was so good 6 months ago why is it “pathetic” now?

      Besides, despite all the changes in JB, it seems I still can’t assign specific tones to contacts for text messages, or create custom vibrate patterns and assign to specific contacts. The two features I miss most from my iPhone.

  • SC

    Get a sony if you want to be left in the dust in updates

  • Thomas

    How about an update to allow unlocking of the bootloaders on the carrier-subsidized models?

    Due to 4.1 and 4.2 continuing to use the same framework as 4.0 (i.e. hardware acceleration blobs), it’s relatively easy to cook up a custom CyanogenMod 10 or AOKP ROM using source code (which Sony does a good job of supplying). However it’s impossible to load such a ROM with a locked bootloader.

  • Osama

    ya i need to unlock the bootloader so i can root my phone and get rid of these stupid ads.