Canadians to the CRTC: “GET RID OF THE 36 MONTHS CONTRACT!!!”


  • Notamerican

    Hear me out,

    I know it may sound crazy. but nobody handcuffed you and forced you to sign 3 year contracts. You know the penalties if you break, and you should take responsibilities for your actions.

    With some providers switching to a prorated termination, it just means more up-front cost, something people do not want.

    Expect phones to go up at least 150 bucks, like take the iPhone 5, 180 in price 700 retail. Then people will complain about that.

    There will always be those i****s who cannot afford say, an iPhone 5 termination, even if it was prorated, and I say more responsibility needs to come from the person signing.

    Look at all the amazing options out there; Nexus 4, Wind/Mobi, tab options.. You are by no means forced to sign 3 years.. Don’t blame the carriers for your decision. I outright purchased my S3, and it’s the most intelligent thing I’ve done.

    • Ron Mexico

      How much is the iPhone in the US or Britain? Yeah thought so. Your points are moot really.

    • Tom

      Yes, we were forced to sign 3 year contracts: many of us need the coverage of the incumbents and they all force us into 3 year contracts.

      They don’t even let you just buy your own phone by rigging the deals to ensure that you get even worse rates if you do so.

      If the CRTC was to free up the market for phones, e.g. we can buy from the carrier or buy elsewhere with no penalty, then I think it would make 3 year contracts go away w/o having to explicitly ban them.

    • Xenodice


      I know it may sound crazy. but nobody handcuffed you and forced you to sign 3 year contracts. You know the penalties if you break, and you should take responsibilities for your actions.

      With some providers switching to a prorated termination, it just means more up-front cost, something people do not want.

      Expect phones to go up at least 150 bucks, like take the iPhone 5, 180 in price 700 retail. Then people will complain about that.

      There will always be those i****s who cannot afford say, an iPhone 5 termination, even if it was prorated, and I say more responsibility needs to come from the person signing.

      Look at all the amazing options out there; Nexus 4, Wind/Mobi, tab options.. You are by no means forced to sign 3 years.. Don’t blame the carriers for your decision. I outright purchased my S3, and it’s the most intelligent thing I’ve done.

    • EvanK

      In Canada…

      Sign up for a 3 year: Get $500 off a $600 phone
      Sign up for a 2 year: Get $100 off a &600 phone

      In the US or UK…

      Sign up for a 2 year: Get $500 off a $600 phone

      Something doesn’t seem to add up here…

    • Keith

      Yes we are forced to sign 3 year contracts. Until carriers reduce the plans by a fair amount when we bring our own phones then we are forced into contracts and it idiotic to suggest otherwise.

    • Allan

      @Notamerican…I agree with you 100%. Contracts are agreed upon by both parties. If people don’t want 3-year contracts, then they should go for the 2-year, 1-year or no contracts…simple as that. Don’t need to waste tax money on a regulator to help dumb consumers.

    • Allan

      @EvanK…take a business course and you might learn something. Prices are decided based on supply and demand. Can’t really compare prices of just one product in another country and say things are unfair. For example, cost of education is higher in the States than Canada…I don’t hear you complaining about the unfairness about that.

    • J

      Brilliant. Most educated comment in this entire thread.

    • pacalis

      @Allan, I’ve taken those business courses and apparently you were asleep during the monopolistic pricing classes. You know, the ones where lack of competition, market power and price discrimination allow for higher profits and lower consumer welfare. And that happens across all plans.

      In short, you’re either getting gouged or your not playing. And that’s why regulation and the CRTC is so important.

    • some guy

      While I completely agree that we should have 2 year contracts, I would rather have a lower bill than 2 year contracts.

    • ToniCipriani


      Perfectly stupid and needs to be downranked.

      Providing “options” that make no sense is not called providing options.

    • Allan

      @Pecalis, you were obviously sleeping during those courses too, otherwise you would recognize that the industry is an oligopoly, and not a monopoly.

      Rogers/Bell/Telus invest large amounts of money into their infrastructure which is an enormous business risk, and they expect to be rewarded financially just like any other business that takes huge risks.

      Keep paying the CRTC and let’s see if you get your money’s worth, just like every other government organization.

    • puke

      I agree, people are stupid, 3 years contract are optional . Not sure why people are upset with this.

  • gtp20

    My brother lives in the UK. This past summer he got the Samsung Galaxy S3 absolutely free with a 24 month contract. He could have paid 35 pounts and had it on an 18 month (what was it here at launch? If think $179 with 36 month contract?)

    Also, the contract was for a plan with unlimmitted data and calling. He just messaged me that his monthly bill is 26 pounds.

    We pay such a high amount for our cell phones people here don’t even realize. I’ve purchased my last 4 cell phones outright. I wouldn’t buy a computer with a three year contract with an internet service provider, so I won’t do it for a cell phone. Maybe if any of the big three companies had any sort of customer service it would be a different story but they don’t.

    • Notamerican

      Why not go with Wind-Mobilicity if you want similar price, and similar land area coverage? They cover about the same land mass as UK, and UK has twice the population of Canada.

      It’s like comparing Apples to Oranges.

      As much as people put down the big three, if Canada had a population density 90 times what it does, you’re argument would be more valid..

      But we’re half the population, and 45 times the land mass.

    • Tom

      “But we’re half the population, and 45 times the land mass.”

      That’s crap. Look at the coverage maps. We might have 45 times the land mass, but even the Bell-Telus network which is the largest in Canada, only covers a tiny portion of that.

      The Canadian carriers cover the populated areas, same as the carriers anywhere else.

    • Patrick

      Stop to compare other country for only one thing. You need to compare also the number of tower a cell company need to reach a full country coverage, the law and taxes of the country for cell company. If you are not happy with the discount you get for a 3 years contract you can buy your phone on the internet fully unlocked but are you willing to pay 400$-500$ for a phone you can get for free just by being 3 years with a company? I saw people upgrading their contract from 30$ to 50$ à month for 3 year just to get à free phone that cost 300$! People want everything for free so they have to pay the cost of that cheap minding!

    • Keith


      Land mass has nothing to do with why carriers do not reduce our plans if we bring our own phones–that is notthing but big 3 collusion to force us into 3 year contracts.

      If our monopoly-spoiled, fat carriers cannot supply reasonable service then abandon all foreign ownwership restrictions and see how fast things improve.

    • Allan

      @gtp20…phones might be cheaper in the UK. But compare the actual cost of living versus here in Canada and it might paint a different picture.

    • EvanK

      Not only is it 3 year contracts that have to be done away with, but also “tabs” that only get paid off after 3 years. Give BYOD customers lower rates, where’s no device subsidy so don’t make me pay more than I have to. Make caller ID a standard like everywhere else in the world, and don’t give me the “outside your area code’s considered long distance” crap either, why is Canada so far behind on this kind of stuff? And even though the telcos emit all these features, we still pay WAY more than the American or the British?

    • johnny

      we are not even comparing apple to apple here. Freedom of speech and choice is not being compromise here. If you have the money to buy out the phone out right, you can choose to go on a month to month commitment. If you don’t have the money than you have to play by the rules set out by the carrier.
      Please take population density into the price of the device and the number of carriers available in the market. Cell phone is much more affordable these day compare to 10 years ago.
      We are in general like to b***h about thing we can’t own but like to have full control over it. This will never happen, so don’t hold your breath.What i’m saying at the end of the day is, if you don’t like the price and the commitment than don’t commit. No one is holding a gun to anybody head for a commitment, don’t like what you see, just leave.

      CRTC is a watch dog to insure consumer is protected from deceitful operator.

  • Ron Mexico

    The CRTC will never ban 3 year contracts, the Big 3 give them too much money to look the other way.

    • dstruct2k

      We also never thought the CRTC would listen to the Canadian public… But now they’re using Twitter.

  • John Stewart

    Stop asking for no 3 year contracts! It allows people to get phones at lower rates. If you don’t like 3 year contracts then just buy the phone outright or pay of the remaining balance of the device and end the contract.

    We aren’t penalized for cancelling the 3 year contracts early (As long as device balance is paid on full) so who cares about them? Focus time and energy on the monthly rates that are increasing while decreasing what we get!

    Data caps and usage limits are far more important then 3 year contracts!

    I do not want a 2 year contract and have to pay more for the phone when I plan on having cell service for the rest of my life so 3 years isn’t an issue.

    Thanks for wasting vaulable time that could have been used to address real issues with out telecommunications. The Big Three must be rolling around laughing at while they rip us off we only complain about contract terms. What a stu pid society I’m surrounded by.

    • Ron Mexico

      Lol you’re not very bright either are you?

    • EvanK

      I agree with you in that if you don’t want to endure a contract you should just buythe phone outright; that’s what I did and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

      HOWEVER, those wishing to sign a contract shouldn’t be forced into 3 years. American/British carriers offer the phones as the same prices on a two year contract.

  • SrslyGuys

    So once you complain and 3 year contracts are gone, the complaining will start on outright pricing, which is already available to ANYONE. Then once the carriers are forced to lower device pricing and raise plan prices to offset, the complaints will keep coming.

    1043 people submitted complaints out of the 20+ million wireless subscribers. I know all the commenters on here clearly know what’s best for every consumer in every situation, but 3 year terms aren’t necessarily evil. Downvote away, and no, I don’t work for or with any of the phone carriers.

    • Tom

      Yes, 3 year terms are not evil.

      But a system that coerces everyone into 3 year contracts, rather the it just being one competitive option, is evil.

      All we want is competitive options, so we can choose to get a 2 year contract or buy outright, and have it properly reflected in our rates.

      If I buy outright then my final (after haggling) rate should be reduced to reflect the lack of a subsidy.

    • EvanK


      And even then, we should be able to get devices outright and on 1/2 year contracts at REASONABLE rates. I don’t want to have the option of $100 on a 3 year, $500 on a 2 year, $550 on a 1 year and $600 outright.

      Go ahead and offer it at $100 on a 3 year, but then give me the ability to get it at $150 or $200 on a 2 year.

  • TomTom

    Look at this price structure:

    M2M – $750
    1 Year – $699
    2 Year – $550
    3 Year – $99.99

    Looks pretty legit, doesn’t it…?

    No, no it doesn’t.

    • Notamerican

      Even so with your price structure, under a prorated termination on a 3 year, what difference does it make?


      Then if you do keep the phone 3 years, you get a larger deduction,

      And if you don’t, you pay the prorated termination.

      That’s what I’m leaning toward. 3 year terms are not all bad if there is prorated termination.

    • Patrick

      Take the 3 years and quit after one you will pay 99$+ 2/3 of 650$ so you will get 216$ discount. If you cant use your brain to get the best don’t ask government to do it for you!

    • MattyMattMatt

      This is what they need to fix. Give everyone a $15/mo reduction on the phone. The longer you sign for, the higher your rebate and possibly the better your deal. Bell gave me a lot of extra stuff to sign a 3yr instead of continuing on month to month and I took it. Flipped the phone on kijiji and kept using what I had. Why not? Made 500 off the phone, which is enough to buy a new phone if I want one. My monthly bill ended up quite a bit cheaper too, because I now no longer go over my monthly use. You get good deals on three years, but you need to negotiate and that is something else they should fix.

    • ToniCipriani


      That is if you have access to retentions, i.e. already a customer. A new customer walking into a store will never have access to those and forced to be on exorbitant rates.

  • Notamerican

    What is the population density in USA or Britain..

    10x and 45 times Canada.

    It costs significantly more to build a network that fairly well covers all of Canada’s spread out population.

    That’s why Wind keeps prices down. Don’t tell me you think if Wind’s network improved, they wouldn’t have to raise prices too. We’ve already seen this from them.

    • Ron Mexico

      Keep drinking the Big 3 Kool-Aid bro

    • Dor

      A vast percentage of Canada is bare, inhospitable land, with no infrastructure, nor cellular coverage, and will not be getting either in the foreseable future. Have you even looked at Robelus coverage maps?

      Your argumant is invalid. Thank you for playing.

  • TorontoJames

    InB4 the Big3 PR team!

    You know they will be posting here, trying to convince us that the 3-year is the way to go!

  • Notamerican

    @ TOM,

    Did you know if you need the reliability of a big 3, and you go with Bell, they give you 10% off your rate.
    Virgin gives you a 10% credit to use for a future phone.
    Koodo willingly does month-to-month
    Fido also has great rates like the 56, that you can take advantage of by buying your phone.

    • Tom

      These are all discounts off the published rates. No one here is taking the published rates.

      They do the same thing with graduated data plans. These are great for consumers, and some of the incumbents actually do offer them, but if you actually try to sign up for them you will find that it’s never worth it.

    • nely

      Danm that big 3 Kool-Aid must be darn good for you to be posting up about them like this!

  • TouchMyBox

    Ideally this would be something that the marketplace would sort out and people just wouldn’t agree to 3 year contracts and thus carriers would stop demanding them. Unfortunately Canadian consumers are suckers and will sign anything so I guess it’s better if the CRTC steps in. American carriers subsidize phones significantly on two year contracts, while Canadian carriers might give you a $50 discount on a $700 phone if you’re lucky on a two year term.

  • Notamerican

    To you guys who say the Big 3 network doesn’t cover all of Canada, sure you’re 100% right..

    But like I said, it does cover where the population is, like in small communities of 500 people.

    If you want coverage in a higher density population areas only, go to Wind/Mobi, where the density is similar to UK’s

  • Tom Gray

    a $700 phone one a one year contract cost 650, 2 year costs 600, 3 year cost $99 make sense to you? doesn’t make any to me…

    I agree with the killing a 3 year contract but than again I don’t agree. if you choose to sign one because you cannot afford the phone, then aim for a cheaper phone if you don’t want to be stuck in a contract. What carriers NEED to stop doing is forcing people in to contracts by saying “Sorry, Contract sales only” and disallowing people to purchase full price.

    • pacalis

      Some of these be a “smart consumer” posts are missing the point. The whole world is getting better access to technology than we are (i.e. cheaper rates, faster renewals). As even the Harper government has realized, if you look at most measures of national competitiveness in knowledge based industries, Canada is hopeless and slipping.

      Now you can continue to let the big three appropriate and gouge us because we have other sectors of the economy that are doing well, or you can provide Canadians with the same level of access to information technology that someone in the US, UK, India, Vietnam or Norway etc… gets.

      So it’s not about adjusting individual purchases because the whole structure is wrong. You can’t get a reasonable deal relative to global standards at any price point. And that means that people are not participating, or under participating in innovation. I truly welcome the CRTC andam very glad that this is the leading headline.

  • Lazed

    What a silly poll. Why would anyone seriously answer anything but yes? Glad that it seems like some positive action may actually be taken by the CRTC.

  • Threecube

    I really don’t care if they offer 3 year contracts as long as they offer proper discounts on 2 year contracts too. $100 off a $650 phone for a 2 year contract is complete bullshit.

    • jplunks

      the Public will still ask for credits. Just think of it. The public wants 2 year pricing, yet they want to upgrade there phones earlier then the 2 yrs, if not, they will move to another company. Its the consumers right to but yet the company is forced to do fixed pricing on a 2yr term? companies would just stop expaning and find revenue in another form

  • Greg

    You will just pay more for the phone when you sign up. In the US they pay more.

  • jamie

    Sure eliminate 36 month terms! Enjoy spending $800 for your new IPhone! There are 24 month terms available just with a pro rated discount! Canadians enjoy the most reliable and advanced network in the world regardless of carrier! The Americans can’t make the same claim! The entire population of Canada is roughly the same as the CITY of New York or the STATE of California! No one is being forced at gun point to sign these contracts or buy a cell phone!

    CRTC do the right thing and stay out of it! The industry is already over regulated!

  • Rob

    I bet those 29 “No’s” were Robellus execs.

  • mark

    The 36 month contract is an option, 1 and 2 year contracts exist, but the cost of the phone is too much to give large subsidies on those terms

    • EvanK

      But then how can they keep those costs so low south of the border, yet here a $600 phone is $99 on a 3 year and $500 on a 2 year?

  • Guy In The Know

    No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head and forcing them to sign 3 year agreements. Customers choose to sign those contracts because everybody wants something for free or at a greatly discounted rate.

    Don’t like 36 months terms, then don’t sign the contract.

  • Graison Swaan

    Is there a country other than Canada that has 3 year contracts?

    • skippypaccino


  • Anton

    Without contracts and having all phones being sold unlocked…carriers would have to compete with good plans in order to keep a customer base since we (the customers) would then have the options of switching carriers overnight if we were unsatisfied with our current carrier

    • Ron-C

      Agreed! I don’t care if I buy a phone outright unlocked. It’s not like I’m getting the phone I really want with the carrier I am with anyways and I just go into the 3 year contract because you get something free or subsidized that you can sell it back out. It’s just better than signing without taking the offer of a device because you’re paying the same price month after month anyways no matter if you take a subsidized device or not. If they sold phones unlocked, I’d be picking up one of those and go with a better plan. You end up paying a more expensive plan just because the phones are subsidized but if the competing product is the plan not the phone, then the plans would be cheaper and reflect competition and promotions that allow people to use anyphone with the plan. I have a smartphone without data, and I want a better smartphone and I still wouldn’t care if I had data or not. But the carriers force you to get at least a $50-55 plan usually with data otherwise they would even subsidize it a tiny bit or they outright say, you can’t get this phone. The only phones in Canada sold outright unlocked instores right now are the iPhone 5 in the apple store and sony xperia GO in yellow in the sony stores. Why do our devices have to be locked anyways. It’s ridiculous.

  • Rich

    3 yr contracts should remain, but 2 and 1 yr contracts should be more viable with REASONABLE price differences between the 3. It’s insane that a 3 year contract is like -$500 and a 2 year contract is like -$50

  • corby

    I could care less about how long the contract is. Its the monthly rate the bothers me. Give me a great monthly rate and i`m in. Canada has the most outrageous rates in the world, why? Because we tolerate it.
    To those saying your being “forced” to do something. Look up the words No, Responsibility, confidence, you may learn something. Maybe look up Monopoly,dictatorship and price gouging aswell.

  • Yue Ma

    Can I say getting rid of CRTC instead ?

  • JDawg

    Wind, Moblicity, Public Mobile, The Big 3, The Big 3 discount brands (Fido, Koodo, Virgin). There really are plenty of options out there. And you want the CRTC to regulate? I love the arguments here.

    “My brother got a GS3 for $0 in the UK on a 2 year plan” – if that made any fiscal sense do you not think Wind or Mobilicity would be all over it?

    Seriously, there are options. Build your contract and phone and plan cost the way you want. Shaw decided to stay out of the market for a reason. Right now the market is tilting toward the consumer and away from profitability. Don’t get me wrong, the Big 3 are and will likely always make money, but don’t think the market hasn’t changed, and that you are forced into anything.

    • Saone

      I work for shaw and that is half true. They kept the frequency for their shaw exo, which is an awesome service, and once they have some cities covered they are going to release an app for phone cx to get to use their phone package through the app over data or the free wifi as an Internet cx. Could be great. I was passed they didn’t start a cell company.

  • COBwiggy

    To this “Notamerican” r****d, problem is, our rates are way higher for plans that we are tied into a lot longer. We pay more than any country in the world for our cell phone service. That is visibly a problem.

  • Derek

    Okay, I work for a cell phone dealer and I’ve been seeing a lot of posts saying that people shouldn’t sign up for a 3 year contract. The carriers kind of force you to sign up for three year contracts the way the have their pricing set up. I’m looking at the Galaxy S3 right now.

    3 year: $49.99
    2 year: $499.99
    1 year: $549.99
    Retail Price: $599.99

    Are you kidding me? Look at the jump between 2 and 3 year contracts. On top of that, I don’t even get the option of a 2 year contract for an iPhone(I’m an android user, so that doesn’t matter to me, but for others it does). Get rid of the 3 year contracts; it’s the 21st century.

    • Allan

      Judging from the price list, buying the phone outright is the cheapest option in the longterm…which is what I did when I bought a smartphone.

      Consumers need to use some common sense, instead of complaining to a federal regulator. No business is going to give you something valuable for free or at a low cost, if they don’t think they will make it back. Let the free market determine prices, don’t need more government control…geez people.

  • Dony


    I know it may sound crazy. but nobody handcuffed you and forced you to sign 3 year contracts. You know the penalties if you break, and you should take responsibilities for your actions.

    With some providers switching to a prorated termination, it just means more up-front cost, something people do not want.

    Expect phones to go up at least 150 bucks, like take the iPhone 5, 180 in price 700 retail. Then people will complain about that.

    There will always be those i****s who cannot afford say, an iPhone 5 termination, even if it was prorated, and I say more responsibility needs to come from the person signing.

    Look at all the amazing options out there; Nexus 4, Wind/Mobi, tab options.. You are by no means forced to sign 3 years.. Don’t blame the carriers for your decision. I outright purchased my S3, and it’s the most intelligent thing I’ve done.

    • Tom

      Look at that! The same guy keep re-posting his comment under different names.

      Your points have all been refuted above. Reposting the same comment won’t change that.

    • skippypaccino

      Yes but he iphone cost around 134$ to make. Lol Stop taking pitty on the rich. They are rich …they ARE DOING JUST FINE. This is how google is able to sell the nexus 4

  • Kelly

    You guys aren’t seeing the whole picure here. I did write a few comments in the CRTC forums. One of them is to get rid of the 3 yr contract and change it back to 2 yrs. It was NEVER 3yrs to begin with. Bell decided to make it 3yrs several years ago. I also said in a different forum, if the 3 yr contract remains, do not allow the carriers to control how they sell phones. Meaning, we should be allowed to buy a phone outright from ALL carriers and all their 3rd party stores. Best Buy will NOT allow anyone to buy a phone outright now. Some Best Buy Mobile stores will let you but you have to go on a month to month. As an existing Robbers customer of 17 yrs. I should be allowed to buy ANY phone outright from ALL retailer.

  • Dylan K

    3 year contracts would be great if you want the phone for 0, and the 2 year should be reasonable, not the $100 off of outright cost like it is now. I think options like this will do better than abolishing 3 year terms all together. Give us choice. We’re still in the dark ages here in Canada, barely out of the water. I don’t expect full on European pricing out of the gate from the CRTC, but things do need to get better.

  • bob

    Let say a phone is $600. I don’t mind if they offer it for free on 3 years. But then they should offer it for $200 on 2 years and $400 on one year.

    But the most important thing: if I bring my own phone, I should get a rebate on the monthly bill.

  • Cyrano

    my only concern is that even if i pay full price or stay with them 3 years, i still dont own the phone and have to pay some 50 to 100 to unlock it. i know there is some cheaper options out there, but still i paid full price and such already, no?

  • bicecream

    C’mon guys the most important part of this is to have caller I’d and voicemail for free!! Or included in ALL PLANS

  • Fartknocker

    I want to know who the 51 i****s are that voted no. I’m guessing they clicked no by accident?

  • Anthony

    Yes…no.more 3 years contract..robbers

  • YSM

    so happy im not the only person who found this weird in Canada! i hope the make the contracts 18months this will ramp up competition between carriers and the consumer will only benefit! for the price we pay we deserve better!!!

  • filjuliao

    the phone subsidy should increase linearly with contract length…makes sense right. The longer you are on the contract the more money they make off you so they try to entice you into the longer contract with a larger subsidy. But aparently the canadian education system has failed us once again. Robellus thinks that its fair to apply an exponential relationship to the subsidy and contract length relationship. They can escape the crtc but they will never be able to escape the laws of mathematics.
    Wind FTW!!!

  • Poik

    They say that part of the contract 1/2/3yr term is paying off what you owe on your phone. Okay so it that is the case why is it that if I:

    A. Buy the phone outright
    B. My contract expires
    C. I bring my own phone into the contract

    I never receive a discount or rebate for that part going towards paying off the contract? With Shaw if you buy the modem or digital box you get a rebate of 5-10$ per month because you’re not renting their equipment. With a cell phone you pay X no matter what and no matter how long you hold that contract.

    Aside from avoiding the whole clusterfrack termination process there is no benefit to purchasing a phone outright. If you get a GS3 on a $50 3 year contract for $0 your total paid will be $1800. If you buy your GS3 and use it on that same plan for 3 years you shell out $2450. Congrats on getting screwed. I think the contract should include warranty for hardware/software problems. Not abuse/water/etc issues but genuine phone problems. I also think Canadians get totally bent over when it comes to charges. Canada-wide, caller ID, text, and voice mail should all be free/included. Data should be charged at reasonable rates and phone subsidies should be phone subsidies not cash cows that are milked by provides as is the current case!

  • TAK

    They should out a cap on plan pricing. The carriers would just charge 33% more for the plans if they shorten them to 2 years

  • rkarsk

    I think this is silly.

    You are getting a subsidized phone. You are CHOOSING to go on a 36month contract. In return, you pay next to nothing for a piece of technology often valued over $600. Most companies have 24 and 12 month options availble, but are not subsidized nearly as much.

    Now, you could do an outright ban on 36month contracts but this would be dumb. Infinitely better would be to have cell phone companies subsidize 12 and 24month contracts more fairly – as right now it almost never makes sense to sign those because the relative subsidy is a small fraction of what you get on a 36month contract. And by small fraction, I mean less than 1/3rd of the subsidy for a 12 month, and less than 2/3rd of the subsidy for a 24month.

    Second: Don’t allow plan changes to be tied to contract renewals. There is nothing wrong with tying special promo plans to 3 year contracts, because in return for your loyalty (forced loyalty), you get a better deal. But simply allow people who are already locked in those contracts switch to better deals that new customers may be getting. It’s only fair.

    Doing the above will allow those people who rarely purchase a new phone to get a highly subsidized one on a 3 year contract. At the same time, those who would prefer not to sign 3 year contracts aren’t stuck with them just because the deals on 1 or 2 year contracts are non-existent.
    It’s rarely a good policy choice to just outright ban something. It’s the worst kind of paternalism to tell people “yes, you willingly entered this contract, but government believes you shouldn’t have had that choice”. FIX the other contract lengths and make them competitive. Don’t lobby to just ban everything you don’t like. Consumer choice is good!

    tl;dr don’t ban 3year contracts, make 1 and 2 year contracts more competitive. No sense in restricting consumer choice.

    • Keith

      That would fine but also add fair pricing to no contract pricing if bring our own phones becuase often carries do not have the phone we want.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Nexus 4 is such a stupidly designed phone. who puts a glass plate on the back side the phone? the inbred employees in Google/LG sure got the last laugh at you suckers who bought this phone.

    • passerby

      How cute.
      There are these things called cases. Even people who purchased a less “fragile” phone with its back built from plastic/metal/etc often do use cases.
      Excuse me while I enjoy my $423-after-tax-and-shipping phone which is unlocked, free of contract, works with all carriers in Canada, and supports LTE on the carriers that do support the technology.

  • Falooda Tablet

    When I worked for tmobile u.s provider their unlock policy was straight forward (2003-2005 era)…If u pay for ur phone outright u get unlock code and if a person signed a contract u get unlock code after 90 days of being a customer…go figure we in Canada don’t even come close to cell phone ownership options compared to rest of the world….

  • Slype

    If peopel had to pay for their phones up front, I wonder how many would be buying the overpriced iPhones? People think the 3 year contracts help them but with the companies that offer the 3 year contracts, you pay more than the upfront cost over the life of the phone.

    I think that three year contracts are good for people who don’t shop around, are easily scared by advertising or who don’t care about money. There is a reason why the Big 3 in Canada are among the most profitable wirless providers in the world and it is not because they provide good customer service or have excellent reputations.

    Want proof: Check out the Merryl Lynch report done in 2008 WRT to the profitability of Rogers/Telus/Bell when compared to developed 23 other countries.

  • terry

    To all of you spewing bs saying carriers will not let you bring in your own phone or will not give you good rate plans…get a clue.

    look around for 2 seconds and you’ll find that at the very least TELUS offers people who go on month to month the same promo pricing clients get with contracts.

    It simple, new clients, renewing clients and clients on month to month are the most at risk clients to pick someone else or leave, so TELUS offers them the same thing.

    Now if you’re asking to get free stuff then sign a contract.
    also expect priceplans to go up if you’re taking a 2 year contract..

    I’d make it simple, 2 year contract you get full discount on phone but no access to promo plans. 3 year pricing full discount on phone and access to promo prices. 1 year contract, half the discount and no access to promo prices. Fair for everyone. Cell phone companies are not there to be charity. You get what you pay for.

  • Joe

    If the CRTC needs to open a forum to find out what they should already know, then they are a big part of the problem in Canada!

  • K3

    Get Nexus 4. Contract free–unlocked–pentabands. End of story.

  • Zeake

    North america is filled to the brim with MORONS!

    Nobody can force you to spend money where you don’t want to unless it’s the law. (Parking, speeding tickets taxes etc.) If you don’t agree with someone’s price structure then don’t buy from them or subscribe to their service, simple as that.

    So I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. What the government should be focused on or concerned about is price fixing. That’s where the problem lies and needs adjusting.

    If all three NATIONAL carriers all come out with the same plan on the same day for the same price… something is definately wrong and needs addressing.

    • Kody

      Sweet jesus, finally an intelligent comment. I’m flabbergasted that 94% of people are voting incorrectly.

  • Ali

    Didn’t Quebec find the best way to deal with these abusive contracts?

    You can cancel at any time by paying the proportion of the subsidized phone. ex: You got a $600 phone for a 3 years contract, you can cancel after a year by paying 2/3 of the phone ($400)

    I think it’s the fairest system out there.

    • Keith

      That does nothing for those of use who want a phone not offered my our carrier or who do not want to keep it for 3 fracken years. Bell doesn’t have a phone I would even consider so I would like to buy a yellow Lumia 920 and have my plan reduced by a fair amount. Is that to much to ask. Then I will want to buy the Lumia 950 next year as well. I don’t want contracts of any length period, but of course they should be there for those who chose to go that route.

  • Matt Reid

    Unlock the phone yourself. there is enough info on the net to do this. As far as 3 yr contracts go, I’d never sign one. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that these phones are that expensive to make. If that were true Apple would not be making Billions of dollars of profit each and every quarter. Sprint has just began to carry the iphone in the states and they lowered the price and lowered the contract pricing. 2 years and you are out. T-Mobile is announcing a new no contract plan in January and allowing installments so you can purchase the phone and its not 600 bucks. Your Canadian resellers are ripping you off. They can’t justify it, they just can’t. I want someone to tell me how they try to lie their way out of it.

  • Gregg

    Take a look at ANY of the US Carriers… Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile… they all offer the top-end phones on a 2-year contact for 99 bucks or lower. In order to get the comparable phone at the same cost here, we have to sign an extra year’s contract. Canada is the only country in the world with a 3-year contract, and we have the highest cell phone plan rates. Something’s not right here…

  • Chuck

    This is straight from the CRTC website.

    “The CRTC does not regulate the rates, quality of service or business practices of wireless service providers because the market for wireless services is sufficiently competitive.”


    If you think the CRTC is going to help you out, you’re delusional.

  • bill

    with me, it’s not the lenght of the contract that matters, it’s more the plan i have. i just renewed my 3year contract. my new plan is similiar to fido’s $56 promotion except i got it for $45, now to me that a deal.

  • Dave

    “CRTC please be the good guys here and do the right thing.”

    CRTC and Robelus are working very hard just to make sure that all Canadians are …. screw. got da love this country.

  • accord99

    You forgot the catch, cheapest plan on Verizon is $80 a month and that gets you 300 MB of data per month. If on Rogers or Telus, you would pay less signing a 3 year contract and cancelling after 2 years then 2 years of Verizon. You might even pay less total after 3 years than 2 years of Verizon.

    If there’s a worst cell plan in the world, Verizon’s Share Plans are probably that.

  • Roymathieu

    I think they should take them off but we must be carefull! If you look at AT&T’s site you will see that the prices are pretty high compared to here. For example : Galaxy Note 2 = 299.99$
    HTC one x + = 200$
    Iphone 5 starts at 200$

    It’s not a big difference! And in Quebec, with the new law, three year deals are not that much of a problem anymore cause you only pay the balance of the phone and thats it. It’s actually a better move to take a contract and try to keep it as long as you can than to buy outright!

  • Charles

    Most 1st world countries have a max of 2 year contracts. Canada: 3 years. Does not make sense.

  • Max

    3 years contracts ? Fine … But can I also have a phone that will last 3 years ? The CDMA/GSM flip era is over, those phones used to last a long time but we all know that these new superphones are dead after 2 years … So 2 years would seem more reasonnable.

  • screamer

    If the carriers were some kind of smart and work together they build outside the city one tower for everybody and than save money what they can use to make contracts cheaper.

    That what they do in Germany and works fine.

  • Roymathieu

    Ok folks listen up!

    Follow my example ok?

    You want to buy the Galaxy S3. You can buy it outright for 650$ right? If you do that, you go see a carrier after and you say : I’ll take that plan on a 30 day ‘contract’.

    So you can stay 3 months or 36 and you payed your phone full price AND you pay for your plan right?


    You go see a big bad carrier and you get the GS3 for 49.99$ and take a 3 years contract and a plan.

    Let’s say that you do 2 years on your contract and want to leave. This is what you pay :
    650 – 49.99 = 600 (rounded up) …. 600/36 = 16.6666 …. 24 months * 16.666 = 400$ So you pay 600 – 400 = 200$ to leave for good.


    Thats how it works in Quebec and that’s how it should be across Canada!

    • Keith

      It doesn’t work if your carrier does not have the phone you want or are outside of Quebec. There are bettter solutions.

  • Sssssss

    I don’t get what everyone’s whining about. If you don’t want a 3 year contract then don’t sign up for one!

  • skullan

    To the people that say: “No one is forcing you into a contract to get that phone”.

    You’re right, however, why are us Canadians expected to pay the same price as the States, but have it be for 1 more year?

    Apple iPhone 5 16G on AT&T, 2year contract is 199. Apple iPhone 5 16G on, 199 for a 3 year contract.

    So, you’re not only stuck on a contract longer, but you’re also paying an additional $180->$240 dollars for that phone. ($15->$20 dollar phone subsidy for year 3).

  • Toto

    I’m surprised not more people asked for
    1. Received SMS should be free
    2. 911 charges should be swallowed by the provider
    3. Data charges should be capped. We all use smartphones now, don’t let the big providers STEAL our money when smaller providers can offer unlimited data/calls/text for under $30
    4. Give more opportunities for smaller providers to grow

    I come from Europe and I can confirm that Canada is a joke (right now) when it comes to mobile services.

  • Vic Singh

    HELL YEA…..

    Why is it a 2 year contact in USA when we have to suffer for an extra 12 months?

    It sucks!!!!!!

    CRTC have screwed the customers for Bell and Rogers by allowing these crooks to not compete fairly.

    Open the market to other players in the game… how about allowing a few American companies keep things interesting.

  • thorty

    They should sell the phones unlocked!
    AND YES, THEY SHOULD GET RID OF 36month contracts, thats just way to long!
    im from germany and when i bought a phone without contract from tmobile or O2 there where unlocked!
    IF I PAY 700$ for a Note2 from rogers WITHOUT contract, i dont think they should be locked!

  • Toto

    To those saying that no one is forcing us to sign a 3 year contract.
    Well no we are FORCED to sign a 3 year contract to get what are ‘basic’ services elsewhere in the modern world.
    It’s like they give you the choice of eating poo or drinking pee.
    That’s a lot options for customers, right? LOL

  • Abe

    Send this poll to the CRTC. The people have spoken!

  • Love Wind.

    28 million cell users and only 1043 submissions. Something is wrong here, the message did not reached everybody. CRTC should text every cell users in the country to take part in this survey just like election committee use to sent voting card to every citizen. (hope they have unlimited text, lol)


    Annnnnnnd the 3% are Big 3’s shareholders

  • MatAuc12

    When you sign that contract, you know what you are getting yourself into. Contracts are basically a “favor” that you choose to opt in or not. What’s up with people trying to control how convenient/beneficial a service a company offers?

  • Roymathieu

    Why would everybody that has not the same opinion as someone like General wong is either a employee or a shareholder? Look at all the examples that have been posted…its only common sense…

  • matthew

    Gotta start with baby steps. 30 month contracts should be the norm with regular subsidies we’re used to seeing on 3 year contracts

  • J

    This is how it should go…

    Buy your phone from the company you wish ie Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG etc.
    Go to your ‘service provider’ Bell, Telus, Rogers etc. and get a rate plan/service

    for example, you don’t get your TV AND its service at Shaw… why would you for cellular?

  • Terry

    I will likely get a lot of backlash on this, but I think a large percentage of people using the higher end smartphones are financially illiterate younger people (teens or twenty-somethings), who have no concept of debt, all have credit cards and will happily sign away 3 years for their next flashy gizmo. 🙂

  • Hoppy

    I don’t own an Iphone or superphone so I can’t say what the prices are like or if a 3yr contract is not the best route,but I do have smartphone from Bell/3yr contract and its fine for me.Cost of phone_zero. My bill comes every month @25.00.I dont see the problem there.I had 3year contract before this with the same plan ,and a few months before it was to expire..I got this new LG.They wanted to offer the current plan price on their website of $30 because my old plan doesn’t exist anymore (because its great value),but I insisted I retain my old plan if they wanted my business.So my experience has been phone,cheap monthly plan,predictable monthly bill

  • newBgeek

    Yes, get rid of the 36-month contract, but don’t replace it with a 24-month contract. That will only raise monthly fees. This is the reason the U.S. pays the highest contract fees in the world. Instead, eliminate phone subsidies altogether. Your monthly phone bill should not subsidize the cost of someone else’s phone.

  • David

    To all those people here who are bashing others for “complaining” about 3 year contract: If the reborn CRTC were able to get rid of that and bring lower prices to everyone then you guys should keep on paying those high prices and ask for 3-year contract even if they don’t exist at that time, OK?

  • farnicus rex

    no. we have the option to sign up for a 2 year contract and a 3 year contract. the price difference between the 2 and 3 year is incredible. if there is a comparable subsidy between the 2 year and 3 year, then it may be worth it to make the 3 year illegal. however, the subsidy is not even close between the two so it would not be in our best interest to outlaw 3 year contracts. the telecoms are not holding guns to our heads when we buy the phones so i see no reason to regulate it.

    the issue that should be considered is the unlocked phones and the outlawing of being allowed to charge for ‘1 month contract’ with a unsubsidized phone purchase. sometimes your current sp does not have the phone you want and switching sp’s is not a viable option. phones may not need to be unlocked per se but simply locked to all the canadian carriers. also, when buying a phone from another carrier without subsidy, there should be no obligation to have a ‘1 month contract’. this notion is absurd and could be considered ‘tied selling’ which is already illegal.

  • Rob Coghlan

    Getting rid of 3 year contracts are going to just make the devices more expencive

  • Kelly

    3 year contracts are not the problem.

    Price fixing and inflated rate plans that are continuously increasing while decreasing your features is the problem.

    Obviously I would love to only have to sign for 2 years to get a free phone, but we need to prioritize. At this point, I would rather sign for 3 years and see my monthly bill decrease by $15-$20 than sign for 2 years and get raped on my rate plan.

    Or, as others have mentioned, at least give me some kind of rebate for signing up with monthly service if I buy my phone outright.

    And have some kind of regulation about unlocking devices. Once my term is over, it should be done for free.

  • AWSGuy

    Who the F voted no? We have 184 Big 3 employees and shills here so far.

  • Jayk

    I cant believe only 1000 people submitted complaints! I was 4 of those people. Frig.

  • obvious

    Let’s get rid of 5,6,7 year car payment contracts

    Let’s get rid of Credit card usuage agreement contracts

    please people you all will complain about how there are no more $0 phones with $100 gift cards. What they should do is get rid of the “With activation on a 3yr agreement minimum $50 V&D”.

    Wireless has done this to themselves, customers expect free phones or at least heavily subsidized phones. in my opinion customers have no clue that phones cost $500-600. they actually think they can replace it for $100. 3 year contracts are phasing themselves out anyways just through competition with KOODO, virgin, fido, but trust me 3 year contracts are almost 100% of the time better than a “super” tab. Do the math people find the best solution for you and chose the appropriate option, don’t limit yourself.

  • alvin aquino

    a smartphone cost say at a mniimum of $700 for 16G at a mnin monthy service charge of $50.00
    fo 3 yrs term i am paying $ 1800 3 yrs term too much too liong and liocked for no choice very unfair
    i wanted to upgrade but it seems consumer ha the same problem

  • Garst

    I say no, they should not get rid of 3-year contract But I have a big but. They should force carriers to offer the same plans for people who want a shorter or no contracts. I’m not saying they can’t insentify customers to sign longer contracts with better subsidies on phones with longer contracts, but they should be legally barred from offering “better” terms only if you sign a contract.

  • Bob

    People keep saying let the free market decide but the thing is its not free market. Foreign ownership rules for example. If there is going to be goverment intervention it should be beneficial to the consumer not the big 3

  • Cell Hell

    All phones should be unlocked. We pay for it, we own it and we should have the right to use our property how we desire.

    3 and 2 years contracts should be eliminated. The contracts are criminal.

    All hidden fees should not be hidden or subtle.

    Existing companies should not be allowed to rebrand themselves as two companies claiming a different product when it’s a very close variation of the same thing.

    There should be limits set on fees for texts/data etc… No one should ever see a $500 bill for a month because they sent a lot of texts.

  • Paul

    Okaay . Big three listen up! Stop forcing people to go with your 3 year contracts . You could still do that but put your plans to 50$ Unlimited Mintues/Text/Data ( DATA THAT INCLUDES LTE ) And little three! 2 Years contract but 200+ minutes, unlimited text and 750+ MB DATA ( LTE ALSO INCLUDED ) for 50$.

  • SC

    Corporate trolls

  • RatedFun

    Don’t like the contract? No problem. Hello Tab! Those suck even more.

    Careful what you wish for. The Big three will figure out a way to empty your pockets.

  • Think

    you realize that the monhtly US mobile plans are a lot more expensive than Canada. stop complainig or we will be screwed like them. US monthly mobile prices have doubled in the last 4 years. Their prices are ridiculous, more like outrageous. major rip off. $100 for the cheapest plan on verizon, what a major rip off

  • Bardia Sonata

    What a great idea, I love government regulation. (I’m being sarcastic. If you don’t like the service, then don’t pay for it.)

  • Matt

    I know Telus offers the same plans to people who bring their own phones in, as they do to someone signing up on a three year term. Just buy a sim-card and the promo plans are all available for you to choose from.

  • AT

    If the CRTC do end up banning 3 yr contract, they need to make should that the carriers can’t just get around it by putting you on a 3 yr “tab” instead. Phone subsidy of any kind should not be allowed to go beyond 2 yrs. And there shouldn’t be any “subsidy cliff” that forces you to get the longest contract.

  • J

    Get rid of the Long distance charges as well. That is a total rip off as the system is all in place and does not cost any more. Stop gauging us because we are too nice.
    Get rid of the 3 year contract and the long distance charges NOW

  • RilelFreeman

    This is. Tough one. Shorter contracts are obviously better but to compare it to the u.s is ridiculous the top 4 carriers have more customers EACH than we have people in our entire country. They generate way more revenue than the Canadian carriers. On top of that most people you come across want the feature phone and don’t want to pay for it. They scoff at paying 150$ or 200$ on a contract. Everyone wants it for free. They reduce the contract length and guarantee the fees go up. Telus got rid of the caller ID, voicemail and activation frees (but started charging for the SIM card) which is good but if the 3 year contracts are removed you better believe they will come back.

    So there are pros and cons. Pick your poison.

  • Graeme

    can the CRTC even enforce contract length.

    • pacalis

      The CRTC can not go in and start pricing the plans. That is out of the question.

      What it can do is make the argument that because device renewals average slightly more than 2 years (yes even on 3 year contracts), that the 3 year contract is an unreasonable burden to consumers.

      Why? Well the big three know that most consumers will not see their contracts through 3 years, yet they price their plans so that the only reasonable subsidy is on the 3 year contract and make the $$ on end-term contract penalties. So most consumers optimistically think they can see the 3 years out, but realistically the data says they can’t and on average get hit with penalties.

      If you move it to a two year, most consumers will see out the contract and actually pay what they think they are going to when they sign up. Which is in line with the rest of the world.

  • Hafiz

    Contracts are optional. You can go month to month and pay the entire unsubsidized price for a phone, but it obviously doesn’t make business sense to have a $400 subsidy for a customer who has the option of leaving whenever, thereby generating a loss for the carrier. This question is silly, as contracts are not mandatory.

  • pats

    if wind had 3 year contracts i wouldnt mind signing up for a free phone. Existing customers would at least be able to upgrade.

  • ElNad

    Am I the only one to know that the 3 years contract was done because our Canadian dollar was 2/3 of a US dollar 10 years ago. So if the phone cost 600$ US, it was 900$ to buy for the Big 3. So a 3 years contract was understandable.

    But now, our money is 1:1 with the US dollar. The iPhone that cost 600$ US cost them 600$ CA. But, like cars, the price wasn’t changed.

    So now, the CRTC has to intervene. Remove the 3 years contract or force the sellers to give warranty on the phone for 36 months (they would have to change battery after 18 months anyway). Force them to offer a rebate on the phone that is proportional to the length of the contract. If they remove 600$ for 36 months, they have to remove 400$ for 2 years and 200$ for 1 years.

    No locked-phone or free unlock at the end of the contract.

    BYOD phone should receive an “official” rebate each month.

    Caller display should be mandatory.

    • Iconoclast

      Now there is a good idea… if they lock you in for 36 months they should have to offer a 36-month warranty. That seems reasonable.

  • Iconoclast

    I’m voted no on this. There is already an alternative.

    If you don’t want a three year contract, don’t sign up for one.

    75% of you whiners probably live in a Wind/Mobilicity service area. If you do, and you still sign up with Bell/Rogers/Telus, you are an i***t, and you deserve what you get. They won’t change until enough people vote with their wallets.

    What the CRTC *should* do is ban expiry times on pay-as-you-go plans… now there is a ripoff.

  • Bob J

    This poll is about as meaningful as asking a bunch of crack addicts if they want some free drugs.

    People are always going to want things to be cheaper, doesn’t mean they SHOULD be cheaper.

  • Bubble Snake!

    Only bacon can provide world peace.

  • Zod

    Maybe the CRTC should seperate out services from the loan?

    IE you’re basically getting a loan for the phone and paying it off over 3 years. Maybe greater transparency would help?

    More options to pay the phone up front or finance the phone over different periods. They could clear up how much the actual phone charges are (and make it easier to compare companies base fees without subsidies) and (if you need it) finance the phone over different periods.

  • KC

    To all those who said “Just buy your phone outright!”, I don’t know about you but a rational person wouldn’t be willing to pay 800 bucks for a phone that will break or screw up within 6 months. That’s why we sign contracts. Yes, we’re not FORCED to do it but really, what other choices do we have? And even then, with their crappy warranty services, we still end up getting screwed over when our phones bust, that’s why 3-year contracts need to go. If the carriers aren’t making enough money then they should try to focus on something like customer service or corporate culture to reduce costs and earn more business, not by having a customer base that’s only there because they’re locked in.
    Oh and to the guy who mentioned that we have plenty of carriers and plenty of options, so I guess that means you also consider 50 pairs of the same black boot-cut jeans “a variety of options”? lol please.

  • JB

    Canada has 1/10th the population of the US and a bigger more expensive network. We will never have the same pricing due to increased cost.

  • Discovery

    OMG guys!! if you put your battery in the freezer when it’s running low and still warm, it’ll recharge really fast due to low temperature and the chemical properties of a rechargeable battery. Crazy…

  • 4353245

    This demand is just going to drive up monthly costs. Look at the US, 24 month term pricing is ridiculously high compared to the 36 month promotional plans in market up here right now & you need to go on prepaid or month-to-month to get a good plan in the US.

    Nobody is forced to sign a 3 year contract. People want a “free” phone so badly that they sign a 36 month term. The carriers all have 30 day pricing available, but you choose a “free” phone.

  • 4353245

    I can see it now:

    February 1 : CRTC Bans 3 Year Contracts

    February 3 : Banks Offer New 3 Year Phone Loan

  • Josh Cameron

    I’ll admit it: I voted “no” on the poll. As a just-recently first time buyer of a cellphone, I’m thankful that we have 3-year contracts. I’m a second year student at University of Waterloo and I am guaranteed enough work every term to cover my cellphone bill. Tuition is a different story but there are loans and grants for that. Thus, my situation is stable to have a phone. However, I am broke and have no extra spending money that’d allow me to afford a smartphone outright (I do a variety of exec and management duties for work and extracurriculars where a smartphone improves efficiency). Thus, a 3-year contract was the only logical way to go since the companies greatly subsidize the cost of the phone.

    Thus, I think they shouldn’t get rid of them since they’re an extra option available for consumers. Instead, there should be pricing criteria enforced for contracts that more accurately reflect other countries globally. (eg. 30% 1-year, 75% 2-year, 100% 3-year)

    To conclude, I don’t agree with getting rid of three-year contracts unless the CRTC can enforce that 2-years can have subsidized costs equivalent to our current 3-year contracts since they are an extra option who can’t afford an outright phone.

  • SC

    305 Corporate trolls

  • Costa84

    Bell offered everyone I know an option to upgrade before they got into their third year anyway.

  • Fred

    One thing that I have not noticed in the comments above is the price that carriers pay for a device. For sure I could purchase an iPhone from Apple for $700+tax, but you can bet that Bell, Rogers, Telus etc DO NOT pay that price for devices. Any insiders have some info on this?

  • Justin Bieber


  • Mark

    A contract should not protect the carrier. If a carrier has bad service, that should be grounds for contract termination by the customer. A 6Gb per month data plan should be for 6Gb. If you don’t use it it should carry forward and compound. It should not be one sided where you loose what you don’t use, but they charge you for going over. Sell in data increments. $5 per Gb used.

  • tbone124


  • Masked Bandito

    You can tell who the ignorant ones are, they’re the ones that think land mass doesn’t matter and we should not have 3 year contracts.

    I’m glad I work for one of the big three. It puts me miles ahead of normal consumers in terms of understanding and knowledge.

  • John

    I’m the first to comment…..




    Yay meeeeee!!!!!