Bell offers MTS customers a free iPhone 5 if they switch, but MTS says it’s a bad offer

Manitoba, like Saskatchewan, B.C., Quebec and Ontario, is a new battleground for carriers to duke it out. A couple day ago we saw Bell target Tbaytel customers by offering the “phone everyone is talking about for $0.” Now, according to a report in the Winnipeg Free Press Bell is at it again, but this time it’s regional carrier MTS.

Bell is apparently taking advantage of MTS’ declining market share – now sitting at 53% – in the province and going for the jugular. They are offering up the iPhone 5 for free to those customers who make the switch.

Sounds enticing for those who want the iPhone 5 a cheap price. MTS also carriers the iPhone and Kelvin Shepherd, president of MTS, says his customers should think twice before switching as his network stronger, faster and more powerful” than Bell’s. “If I wanted to tell you the bad things (about such an offer) I would tell you that a free handset on a network that is not very good in Manitoba probably does not equate to a really great offer. Our strength is we have 97 per cent coverage in Manitoba, Bell has less than 60 per cent. We have LTE (long term evolution, faster and more powerful than a 4G network), they don’t. We have more than 100 stores, they have a lot less than that.”

Source: WFP

(Thanks Chris!)