CRTC creates online forum for Canadians to weigh in on the proposed “national code for wireless services”


  • DoctorCell

    The Revolution has begun. Big 3 won’t stop us


    • Nowhere

      Jean-Pierre Blais should say to ROBELUS:

      -FYI: 3yr contracts are ILLEGAL in Canada just like in the rest of the world.

      -Either you align the plans to international standards (que to: Demographics are differenst, low population density, high cost of infrestructure etc,) or else I Open the doors to Tmobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc , etc, (que to crickets chirping in the room and)

      -Time to offer Data-only plans and opend the doors to Google Voice, Dell Voice etc.

      -$10 for 100MB?? but BELL adds TEN HOURS or Mobile TV to some of their plans and they don’t worry about Bandwith?

      -Time to declare and SHOW that the CRTC is ON THE SIDE OF THE CANADIAN CUSTOMERS!

  • tech

    Lets go people, sign up on forum and support threads against 3 year contract.

  • Phoenix

    I use Koodo, I guess this doesnt apply to me…

    • Ricky

      Should still leave a comment about why you chose Koodo over one of the Big 3, probably because of their pricing/contracts!!

    • stating the obvious

      Koodo is still Telus under the hood, don’t let the branding fool you.

    • Tyrone

      What you said was so irrelevant. Did it ever click to you that Telus owns Koodoo. I’m not sure if you were trying to troll or act smart.

    • Porilaisten

      So what if it’s owned by Telus? They still don’t have 3 year contracts.

  • Notamerican

    Or, hear me out, you could just not sign 3-year contracts… There are alternates.. I know it’s crazy..

    • howitzer

      thats dumb, if there is 3y. contrats offered its because there is plenty of people to sign them…

      The CRTC should focus on making cloud music streaming services like Google Music availible in Canada. Its about time

    • S2556

      You could do that, I have been doing it for 5 years now. You then have to buy devices outright which untill today was about 650 plus taxes. You get very good customer service doing things this way but you should be able to sign a (2 year) contract AND not get talked to like you are a 3 year old about something you know better than the person you are talking to. Let the canadian wireless reform begin!
      Posted from my phone so sorry if it’s choppy or misspelled.

  • Johnny

    Yeah, don’t post in this article. Click the link instead, it’ll be much more useful.

  • Brent M

    This is only a small step in the right direction. We need to petition against stupid foreign competition laws.

    Getting two year contracts wont stop them from ripping us off. They will just boost monthly fees or create some new way to scam us.

    If we want a decent mobile telecom industry in canada we need to allow people from around the world to compete here. This is the 21st century, we have the global economy now, yet Canada is still locked down like crazy.

    • ToomuchOversight

      Yes, why not open another door for foreign competition to come in and savage the Canadian economy. While we’re at it let’s allow the Chinese government takeover of our oil fields. Competition is good and there are a lot of Canadian telecoms capable of competing without the need for foriegn telecoms to come in and take our dollars.
      Look at the big picture and not just your own microcosmic needs.

    • Nowhere

      I don’t believe in “Small steps in the right direction”

      It’s been obvious that ROBELUS has the CRTC in the pocket and they have been “feeding”CRTC with micro-changes:
      No more Activation fees (What other industry CHARGES you for becoming their client?)
      No more SAF (Service Activation Fee); then Rogers calls it Something else, and keeps charging it
      No more SAF-plans or GRFF and suddenly their plans go up by $8
      etc etc.

      Just ban the 3yr contracts, no more “small steps” please CRTC!

      Read the article in the Globe and Mail about Jean-Pierre Blais; the guy has Courage, and he is willing to take the CRTC out of the pocket of ROBELUS. I think he is OUR guy!

  • John

    Give us 2 year contracts max on iPhone or smartphones, give us 18 month upgrades. Give us unlimited long distance in Canada. And I don’t want to pay more then $50 for unlimited talk and text with data.

    • jack

      i want to win the lottery too.

  • Insider

    Everyone complains about contracts but they also want “free” phones.
    The contract is there to help offset the handset subsidies that make your $159 iPhones possible.
    Years ago we sold the handsets at full price (up to $2,500) and everyone complained about that.
    A contract is voluntary not forced, you can pay full price ($659) for that iPhone and sign no contract at all. The choice is the customer’s.
    As long as the language is clear and the client understands what they are signing up for (please take responsibility for what you sign)I don’t think the contracts are the issue.

    • ToomuchOversight

      You are right on the money!
      The customers always blame the carrier for their outrageous bills. When you sign ANY contract YOU need to be informed. People always want to sign for the lowest monthly rate and think when you suggest a better alternative for their needs you are just trying to upsell them. When they go over their limits it’s always the carriers fault not the uninformed consumer who was trying to “save” money. It happens every day.

    • Nowhere

      Please explain why the discount of phones is $50, $100 on one and two yrs and then jumps to $500-$650 on 3yrs.

      Please explain Why Canada is the only Country where 3yr Contracts are not Banned/are available; Does this mean that the rest of the world buy $650 phones?
      Actually they either buy them in 2yr or Outright.

      Please explain why ROBELUS has Outright and 3yr contracts in their websites.No more 1 and 2 yr options!

    • Al

      That’s all fine and dandy until you do a few minutes of research and find that you can get phones for free and cheaper contracts for 24 months or less in other countries.

      There is nothing special about Canada that makes it legitimate to be a “rip off” when it comes to cellular services.

      The excuse is “the country is so big and the population so small” but last time I checked most of the people lived between in the area between Windsor and Montreal. Most of the rest live in a few big cities in the west. And the coverage still sucks in vast swathes of the country anyway.

  • David

    Stop trolling, Insider and ToomuchOversight. You’re betraying the entire Canadian population.

    • nely

      These guys have to be working for Robellus

  • Chew

    Maybe proportional subsidization should be required… What I mean by that is if a phone is $699.99 outright and $99 on a 3-year contract (representing a $600 subsidy over 3 years – $200 a year), the cost should be $299 on a two year contract, and $499 on a one-year contract. Thus leaving a decent financial incentive to anyone inclined to sign for 3 years, but proportionally, just as good a subsidy for someone a little leery of anything so long-term.

    Last I checked you get next to nothing off the price for doing a one or two year contract, even though it is technically an option.


    • Dan

      That’s a very fair and reasonable suggestion. As well, these 1 and 2 yr prices should be published equally with the other ones.

      This is something that can/should be enacted by the CRTC right away.

  • Buffy

    I have sold cellular for over 10 years and I always listen to what my customers say when they complain about their cellphone provider. I think the biggest thing is your salesperson. It really bothers me how people have been manipulated and misguided by salespeople who are under heavy pressure to meet lofty quotas. I will survive not meeting quotas in return for having loyal customers who trust me because I give them the straight scoop. Go to a dealer who lives in your community and has an honest reputation. Fly by night/here today/gone tomorrow salespeople have nothing to lose if they screw you over. I live where I work and have kids here, my reputation is a HUGE priority.

    • Dylan K

      Amen to that. My work is my livelihood, my schooling, and my passion (going to school for Telecommunications Engineering) and I give it to people how it is. Talk to someone who cares about their job and the people that they deal with and you’ll get better info and better service. I don’t upsell the larger data plans because I’m here to gut you of your money, it’s because you told me you youtube your face off all day.

  • Matt

    Contracts are not the issue, buy a Google Nexus and use any carrier with no contract. Shop around and drive competition.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    CRTC should look into stopping Samsung/Google from selling phones that offer such poor user experiences. Can’t believe how many complaints and sad stories I hear from Android users (especially Samsung Galaxy phone users)


    • Al

      Sorry, don’t think I got what you were trying to say… are you holding your phone correctly for the reception? or were you just lost using your apple maps and ended up here?

  • Yoda

    I have a suggestion–ban iPhones.

  • aregularonhofo

    In part you can thank Chris from Boycott Mobilicity who is pushing for overall changes with his group and we need to go further. Just read about Parkway the dealership on HoFo and you’ll understand how customers are being abused with no action.
    It’s not only the Big Three, it’s the whole Telco industry and all social networks have to be used to complain…at this moment Wind Mobile is the only company showing signs of improvement and not even the trolls can stop them.

  • Notamerican

    The real problem is the geniuses who willingly sign 3 year contracts, then get mad because they can’t upgrade after a year. Yes I believe there should be some reform, like a prorated cancellation; but would that really help the people who get an S3/iPhone 4s for $0 , and after 1.5 years break and have to pay $300+?

    Be smart about your purchases.

    It’s going to be the same thing in a year when contracts change to prorated, you will just find something else to complain about..

    Why get a High-Value phone if you cannot pay the bills (with data), or pay the ETF. Buy an entry level android outright. 3 year contracts are nothing new.

    NOBODY is forcing you to get an iPhone 5. You take the responsibility for the contract when you sign. You had all the opportunity to read the fine print. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is.

    As far as plans, don’t get $70/mn plans if you cannot afford. Get a basic phone. The subcarriers have some very reasonable plans for entry-level phones, Wind/Mobi isn’t bad if you live in the zones.

    Know your options, don’t blame others for your mistakes..

    • Xenodice

      1000000000000000% AGREE, SOME SMART PEOPLE OUT THERE! YAY!

  • Brett

    I grow very tired of people saying “Ban the 3 year terms”. Yeah you’re absolutely right, the US an everywhere else has two year terms. Well guess what? Everywhere else either has 350 million people to support the network or the country itself is less than half the size of Canada with similar populations.

    That’s what it comes down to…population density. 90% of people live in the bottom 10% of the country. But everyone wants “nationwide service” even though those 90% of people will never use it. Unfortunately, carriers still have to spend billions a year developing and maintaining these networks in some of the harshest environemnts possible. So you have a few options:

    1. Investigate your options. Telus, Bell, Koodo, Virgin etc. are now based on a device subsidy, not a specific term length. Meaning if you want to leave/renew, then you’re paying back a prorated portion. WHICH IS FAIR. If you’re planning on using a phone for a year or two anyways its actually cheaper to take a phone on term and cancel later, as all 3 yr rate plans are actually available to people walking into a store with their own device, or purchasing them outright. (Yeah, seriously!! Do your research!)

    2. Buy your phone outright or off Kijiji. Cell Carriers are trying to seperate the phone/service aspect. Carriers offer service and spend billions on networks for celluar phones BUILT BY SOMEONE ELSE. Imagine a corporation trying to make money?

    3. If you really want a cheaper cell plan or 2 yr term with a free phone, then move to the US or some other country where the standard of living drops drastically. Enjoy clogged roads, hospitals, lack of free health care etc and save the rest of us the trouble of keeping you protected from your stupid consumer decisions.

    For me, what it comes down to, is I’ll gladly pay a higher cell phone bill rather than dropping an extra 50 million people into Canada.

    Not trying to start anything I just really feel people don’t understand WHY it costs more here. And comparing Canada, a country of such size, geographical zones, and little population with ANYWHERE else, is apples and oranges. Period.

    • siv

      Your long response failed to mention why and how the three biggest carriers in Canada have the most profits of any mobile operator in the world. Cold hard cash. Yes, you are right, we are a small nation of ~35 million. But we need not be gouged for wireless service.

      Also, I’m of the opinion that Canada can and should be a country of 100 million. But that’s for another site. 🙂

    • Randy – 1

      Tired old excuses used to hoodwink Canadians for years. Finally, people are wising up and not accepting things blindly at face value any more.

      The old “big country, small population” argument is a total farce. The big 3 carriers DON’T offer “nation wide service” in the sense you imply. They, in fact, cover LESS THAN 15% of Canada’s land mass while still being able to cover 95%+ of the population. Giving Canadian carriers a population density closer to 70% that of the US carriers, not the one tenth implied.

      To your other points:

      1. Bell DOES NOT offer subsidy based cancellation; they seem intent on keeping the old model where cancellation fees can far exceed any subsidy received, until forced to change by legislation. Virgin does, but using the tab model, you basically receive miniscule subsidy, and only enjoy a reasonable subsidy if you keep the same phone for SEVEN YEARS. Talking about Koodo, Virgin and Fido as if they’re separate entitites from TELUS, Bell and Rogers is yet another farce. …only in Canada.

      2. Exactly HOW are the companies trying to separate phone from service? I don’t see any carrier offer separate tariffs for taking a phone subsisdy or not the way most of the rest of the world does. Bell gives 10% off, but only on base plan, not features or add-ons. TELUS has a time-limited promotional ONE TIME payment for bringing your own phone, and that’s it. Carriers, and their shills, always talk about companies hating the phone subsidy model, yet they do nothing to encourage change.

      3. Now your going from misleading to just plain ludicrous. Are you seriously implying that if our carriers adopted a 2 year term model like the rest of the world, that our entire social safety net in Canada would fall apart? I don’t think I even need to attempt to refute that.

      If these are the best arguments in favour of our higher prices, more restrictive contracts and lesser feature offerings, then I think the CRTC’s job will be even easier than it appears.

    • John

      That’s bogus. If they were being fair they would not be billing non-subsidized users a subsidized price plan. If they actually cared they would provide people the option of a cheaper plan with no subsidy. All of those items you listed are red herrings. Wake up.

  • Nathen

    I already signed up and let my voice be heard!

    Sign up PEOPLE !

  • billyjoe

    Ok tired of people saying get rid of 3 years contract. If you dont want it pay for your phone straight out. 3 years are for people who dont want to pay full price for their phone

    • Randy – 1

      Where’s the middle ground? What about people who want a reasonable subsidy in exchange for a 24 month commitment? Why is that concept not even on the radar in Canada?

    • Dot

      If the 1-, 2-, and 3-year prices are $600, $450, and $50, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out which way the Big3 want you to go. You are more or less forced to go for a 3-year. The pricing is not in customers’ favor one bit.

      I can not beleive that you would even consider siding with the Big3 after years and years of open gouging! They are not even hiding it. It’s right there – black on white.

      Please explain yourself.

  • Scott

    The problem is that years and years of 3-year contracts have trained uneducated consumers to believe that phone cost $100 and that they should be able to upgrade whenever they want. Any semi-decent smartphone starts at 300-400 and the iPhone 5 that people are signing up for, then complaining about, are $800 pieces of hardware. People want what they want (to pay nothing for the best phone and get it today) and don’t even bother to realize what they’re signing, and then complain when there’s a cancellation fee that’s legitmately there to make up the cost of the subsidy. This is the way that business works, people.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, ABSOLUTELY there should be much greater clarity and far more honest, open pricing options, etc. But I guarantee to that even with tiered 1-, 2- and 3- year prices people are still going to sign 3-year contracts, then complain about them, because they want something for nothing.

    I, for one, would like to see subsidies altogether. Everyone pays full price for every phone, they’re all unlocked, and you’re free to move your $800 iPhone back and forth from any carrier, any any time, that they want to. If you can’t afford that (just like with most things in life) you can get a $50 Nokia flip and deal with it.

  • Tyrone

    A while back I made a comment about this and it got a lot of negative thumbs down. Which person wants to be locked in for three years when the wants out in 1.5-2 years max.

    How many people do actually stay in contact for 3 years…those numbers are pretty low. Nice to see CRTC trying to change things.

  • Kelly

    Everyone, please join the CRTC forums and voice your concerns there. Posting them on here won’t do a damn thing! The CRTC aren’t going to read your comments here. But I want to thank Mobilesyrup for posting this for us!

  • T1MB0T

    Does any of this apply to wind? They are Not Canadian. Oops sorry windies its out.. like warren deke and nuke.. fagoo was always out.. but he be a twink

  • Is this Bb10?

    No need to ban 3yr contracts. The Nexus 4 has made them obsolete.

  • Etc

    Please make sure you “LIKE” the comments that you like on the crtc website because they have the option “view most liked comments”

  • daveloft

    Of all the things you could ask the CRTC for all you can come up with is get rid of 3 year contracts. What a waste of time.

    If the carriers were forced to get rid of 3 year contracts, the upfront cost would just go up by $200 and then the monthly cost would go up by $10 – $20.

    You would end up paying almost the same amount and you would end up with just 2 years of service, rather then 3. If you hate contracts that much then just open your wallet and buy your phone at full price.

    Personally I would rather see the CRTC focus on things like net neutrality, increasing competition, opening up spectrum, fighting price fixing, breaking up monopolies, banning the carriers from any involvement with mobile payments and ultimately moving towards making carriers nothing more than the dumb pipes they are.

    • skullan

      At least they’re starting to ask.

    • Derek

      Really? That’s what you think would happen? Strange how that hasn’t happened with the rest of the world that got rid of three year contracts. iPhone 5 on 3 year contract in Canada=$178.99, iPhone 5 on 2 year contract in USA = $199.99. An extra $20 for a whole year less? Yes please. It wouldn’t hurt you to read a little before you post on here.

  • Dexter

    Make sure you tell them what you want to see change or they’ll continue to listen to the wireless companies.

  • John Stewart

    I wish people would stop complaining about 3 year contracts. The cellular companies DO offer 12 and 24 month contracts. You don’t get as big of a discount off your new device of course.

    The big three now have no fee cancellation on contracts. You just pay off the device which you got at a discount on that three year contract. Having 2 year contracts as standard means I, and other people, can’t get new handsets at low costs.

    I would rather 3 year contracts and pay $149.99 for my phone;

    over a 2 year contract and pay $299.99 for the same phone.

    How about complaining about REAL issues like data caps, overage charges, high data fees with low limits. We are bing ripped off and with no way of compitition we’re stuck paying those ridiculious fees.

  • DoctorCell

    also All carriers should be forced to unlock your device after 3 months for a max fee of $35 just like telus do.

  • Xenodice

    Lets all have free phones!!! No contracts!!! No monthly bills!!! oh wait s**t who is going to do the tower maintenance, put up new towers, service the technical questions, and mostly where will i get my free free free free phones? Really people there a bigger issues out there then your cellular contracts that you are not held at gun point to sign. Guess what the cost of an iphone does not change whether you buy it out or sign a 3 year term. The retail store pays the same, and then has to wait for subsidies from your monthly plan to get that money back that you got as a discount. Do you think cell towers, land taxes, GOVERNMENT fees are all free to have the towers and services broadcasted are free too right? Is it mandatory that you have a cell phone? No, its a privilege not a right, which means it a want, not a need. and there are many options to get out of your “devil made” contract to get a new phone or new service, buy out options are available, capped etf. I’d like to see you go to a bank, sign a loan for 700$ (phone) + 1500$ (50$ plan on 36 month term) and use line of credit for a year, then say ahhh na i dont want this anymore, give me credit for the credit you gave me and Ill just walk away. IT DOESNT HAPPEND.

  • deistbeats


  • Cam C

    I saw a few decent suggestions in regards to dropping to a 2 year max on contracts( of course people will whine that the subsidies on phones aren’t good enough and the phones are now too expensive etc) but a large majority of stuff is just pure whining. Many suggestions are based on things that no longer exist ie: 911 / SAF fees etc. (if they’re grandfathered then they can update the plan to get off of their old plan they despise sooo much).

    Such an entitlement attitude among canadian consumers makes me want to puke in my mouth. I’ve been a cell phone user / customer since I was 14 and I’ve rarely had any rediculous contract issues, insane billing issues at all.

    I saw a guy suggest that the terms of service are told to the customer at the store in paper because people aren’t afraid of reading. Ha! Are you kidding me? 95% of people activating or upgrading will actually take the time to go over the fine print even if its in Bold like he had suggested. And then they’ll blame the provider when they dont take that time to read it and state they were never advised of a 30 day cancellation policy (which is standard pretty much everywhere in Canada for any telco service).

    Entitlement, blaming and whining about it later. Standard for Canadian cell consumers. A few suggestions I definitely can agree with (ie: 2 yr max terms / devices unlocked after term is over), but most that are on the suggestion lists and some of the comments here are laughable.

  • David

    To all those people complaining about other people complaining about high cell phone bills, 3-yr contract etc all I’ve got to say is if you’re happy about getting ripped off then go ahead let it continue. However if we indeed were successin getting the gov’t to implement the changes we wanted then you should also continue to pay high prices and sign 3 year contracts even they don’t exist anymore

    • Xenodice

      “I’ve got to say is if you’re happy about getting ripped off then go ahead let it continue. However if we indeed were successin getting the gov’t to implement the changes we wanted then you should also continue to pay high prices and sign 3 year contracts even they don’t exist anymore”


  • Xenodice

    So, as a dealer and with vieweing this post, I will comit to telling customers about the 2 year option, and that the 3 year free phone option is not smart, and I will post here on how many customers took what length of contract.

  • schultzter

    I read a lot of the comments on the CRTC forum, it’s like stand-up comedy!!! What a bunch of whiners we are.

    Just look at your options, understand what you need & can afford, and shop accordingly.

    Stop crying to the government to hold your hand for everything.

  • Roger

    hopefully they dont take this too seriously. The small opinion of the trollish internet variety should not dictate the course of the wireless industry standards. If anything, they should advertise this project so that more average joe’s can add their two cents.

  • Clint

    – Max two year contracts.
    – At the end of a contract, automate an autoshift of customers to monthly without forcing them to jump through hoops and stop charging us extra (ie.bill us for another 30days while transitioning to another company or quiting a plan.
    – Automate and Implent Customer protections (i.e. data overages, finding lost cells, early contract terminations, failed hardware yet still under contract with no phone, Fair resolution process, etc.)
    – If plans become cheaper, allow people to shift into the new plan without ‘restarting’ the contract’ for which they Extend the subsidy! (i.e. My subsidy would have expired on the 24month mark, but because I shifted to a better plan (for a bit more money) they tied me into a new 36month plan for which I pay out the hardware on month 35 instead of 24!!)
    – Fair hardware costs (even on subsidy). i.e. Its $200 on subsidy, but Bestbuy has a ‘sale’ for $0 on that phnoe, but the carrier then treats that $600 phone as you paying the FULL cost through the contract! You aren’t getting it for $400. You’re just being saved the ‘upfront’ charge.
    – No carrier ‘locked’ phones (regardless of being on the same network)
    – Full Warranty for life of contract. If your paying for the phone (subsidy) then it should be covered for usage. (i.e. phone fails..too bad. its your problem)
    – Force carriers (that have a market monopoply) to disclose why they need a massive profit on plans. (i.e. why are other carriers able to offer
    – Removal of termination fees that exceed phone subsidy costs and other fees related to activation/renewal/change of phones/etc.

  • Jeremy

    Most if not all of the issues consumers have with three year contracts would be resolved if the CRTC required the following changes to carrier policy:

    – Prohibit carrier locked phones.

    – Contract breakage penalty must bear a realistic relationship to the actual carrier subsidy. Perhaps a sliding penalty based on the months remaining in the contact in addition to the actual cost of the phone, without some ridiculous markup.

    – Strictly enforce the CRTC mandate that porting your number to a different carrier not incur a charge. Carriers should be prohibited from forcing you to pay for another month of non-existent service when you port you number to another carrier.

    – Prohibit the policy of some retailers that new phone model releases will not be sold without a contract for a period of time (many retailers will not sell newly released handset models outside a contract for 60 days, for example).

    Ultimately what I would like to see is the carriers are simply the conduit through which a customer connects their wireless phone. That should the goal and policy of the CRTC.

  • xenodice

    Move then where you pay health care. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Hey CRTC! While you’re at it make the contracts no longer than one year. Skip the two year one.

    This may be the most intelligent comment I ever posted.

  • squirrel_masher

    I only buy a phone on 3 yr contract when I want the same phone for at least 2.5 yrs and don’t mind the plan it locks me to.
    But do the math – if you can pay $10/mth less on your plan when you are not locked to a “minimum 1GB data” contract – you save $360, but you’ll have to pay more for the phone upfront.

    Otherwise think of it as paying off the phone by installments, the same as the TAB idea.

    If you don’t go for a long term contract, the carrier is also not incented to offering you a retention plan/discount when you threaten to leave.

  • matthew

    Every month I must check my phone bill because there is always some fee that has been tact on, if I dont check it then its money out of my pocket into theres for no reason. When I contact them regarding the issues Im put on hold and bounced around which racks up my air time only for them to tell me that it will be corrected. Lose,Lose. I am tired of these faceless companies robbing us. They are multi-million dollar companies because they are corupt, unhonest and greedy. We all know that this is happening and must revolt against these industries.

  • Mike

    If they start showing the prices after tax, my head will blow up.

  • Mike

    What the CRTC should also man date is make it illegal to sell locked phones when people pay full price or the phones. and when their 3 year terms are done that the company most unlock the phones for free.
    Phones should never be locked if the person pays full cash price for the phone.

  • kam

    I thought WindMobile is one of the better one but after a year I realized they will turn out be the be same as the same as the big three if they want to compete and fight for their survival!!!!! before they get eaten by them

  • kam

    This comments are not reviewed directly by CRTC. but thank you all getting the stuff off your chest!!!!

    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

  • camper

    Has anyone else in Canada wondered why all cell phone companies need to have Canadians on the most expensive cell phone plan whether if we activate a IPhone….$80 plus a month…really… Canada isn’t one of the most expensive cell places in the world…Canada IS the most expensive cell place in the world…..