HTC M7 flagship to take on Galaxy S IV in early 2013: Rumour


  • Rich

    Liking the new designs from HTC lately.

    • eshizzi

      Definitely looking forward to checking out this handset. The bold red and black coloring is awesome, plus the specs are a killer bonus!

    • Bri

      It sounds nice!
      But don’t you all think that the phones are getting too big?
      I have a 4.5 inch screen display phone which is already quite big but 5 inch is going to be huge.. maybe too big…
      Definitely hard to do stuff just with one hand sometimes.
      Doesn’t mean that I want to go back to 4 inch display.

  • Frank

    Must have’s are …expandable Memory and removable Battery if they want to succeed.

    • Chris

      I disagree. If they give it 64gb like the One X+, then there are no real complaints. The iPhone is successful without either of those, why couldn’t HTC be even slightly succesful?

    • anona

      The iPhone is successful because of marketing and blind buying of the Apple name. Not to mention an easy to use OS.

      You need to compare Oranges to Oranges. You’re talking about the Android ecosystem. Features like removable battery and expandable memory are features Android users want when they look at the difference variants available.

    • Raid

      See Nexus 4. No expandable memory and they can’t even keep them in stock.

    • anona

      The Nexus 4 is also extremely cheap. Do you think the next HTC Flagshup is going to ship for $350? Again you can’t compare it.

      Besides, the Nexus 4 selling out means nothing if they only keep 10 in stock at a time. We don’t have the sales numbers.

    • Cal

      HTC needs to get their s**t together.

      They have tiny batteries powering their phones ie. Droid DNA, HTC ONE X, HTC 8X,

      LOW storage capacity. 8X 8Gbs or 16gbs, One X16gbs, Droid DNA 16gbs.

      TOO Many non-memorable devices. Eg.ONE V, ONE S, ONE SV, HTC One VX Desire X, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, HTC Desire C, HTC J, Windows Phone 8S.

      They already announced that Desire C and One V are stuck on ICS. Yes it costs money to update phones but if they didn’t have so many it wouldn’t cost as much.

      I’m not buying another HTC device unless I know HTC is 100 percent in it. The One X got a sequel in 6 months with minor upgrades, when everyone else in the market had just as good and sometimes even better than the One x+. From this post, we know HTC will probably put the One series to rest for 2012. They don’t have a single brand that’s memorable.

    • some guy

      +1 Chris, Except for the non-removable battery.
      Don’t need expandable memory if it’s got 64 gigs, but if they have a removable battery, HTC won’t alienate a large portion of users who want that.

      Phones don’t have to be 5mm thick. Make it a comfortable size, with a battery that can handle moderate to high use!

  • E

    I just bought my freakin one x+

  • Blake Lyons

    Oh sweet baby Jesus, that thing is beautiful and I want it.

    • Cody

      The picture they are using is the HTC Deluxe which we’re supposed to get details of a release later today! 🙂

  • nrj4life

    Not so much removable. They need to make their damn phones run for longer than up to lunch hour!

  • boojay

    No thanks. HTC had their chance(s). The Oppo Find 5 has stolen my heart. They offer everything HTC, Samsung, LG refuses to give us.

  • Qoma

    I’m no android fan, but that is an extremely nice looking phone.

  • Dern

    Here in Canada our 3 year contracts aren’t helping companies like HTC sell phones. If we had 2 year terms I’d probably buy this, but I’m going to be waiting until the Galaxy 5 comes out before I can get a new phone.

    • Haroon

      I feel ya Dern which is why we need to stop supporting our carriers. 3 year term plans suck. I don’t think anyone in the world has plans as expensive as Canada or terms as long as Canada does.
      This is why I buy my phones from kijiji. Buying a brand new HIGH END phone from a carrier (let’s say rogers or bell) is about $200 atleast with a 3 year contract and you can’t switch or upgrade to a new phone within 3 years unless you pay some premium amount of money. An early upgrade after 1 year is about $250-$300 + the $200 the phone is selling at.

      Instead what you should do is sell you existing phone for $250-$350 after a year and add another $150 to it and buy a new model after one year. That is ONLY if people want to upgrade every year. I personally like to keep changing phones atleast once a year so I pay that extra $250 from my pocket and add money from the old phone to get a new one instead of upgrading from a carrier.

      Another way to go is the NEXUS way. A phone for $359 that would normally cost $600 from another company. I don’t think it’s gets any better than this.

    • jplunks

      so why dont you buy the phone outright?? @Haroon consumers have a hard time understanding that cellphones are almost the same cost of computers yet they do not want to pay alot and not be locked in. I am NO FAN of contracts however when ppl say its the greed of companies, it works both ways. Its the greed of consumers that want to pay nothing and still have there freedom. If it was so important to have there freedom they would pay for it outright, but come on, who is going to pay $699 for a iPhone every yr or 2, or Buy a Nokia/HTC/Moto/LG/Samsung/Sony etc for $400-$700? its up to the these companies to lower the cost of the cellphones and when a update is needed the consumer would not have to go out and buy a brand new phone. If a laptop can survive 5yrs with updates why is it so hard for cellphones to even come close.

    • some guy

      @Haroon Except if you buy the phone from Kijiji, then pay your monthly bill to, say, Bell… They are still being supported.
      The handset cost is a drop in the bucket for the companies, so unless you are getting a monster plan for dirt cheap.

  • Geoff

    Please oh please let the back be made with a “grippy” back like the 8X instead of a metallic and slippery back like the One S (I was just playing with the One X yesterday but I seriously can’t remember how it was).

  • Paulman

    “Shut up, just- shut up. You had me at ‘aluminum unibody’ shell!” 😛

    I just bought a Nexus 4, though, but as an observer I have to say that this looks good 😛 Anandtech’s Brian Klug said that he thought very highly of the Droid DNA.

  • David

    I’m all for competition even though I’m a Samsung fan. It brings the best out of companies and sure beats litigation, ahem.

  • Haroon

    This phone looks amazing. But now I wonder what the M7 will be like. I will be getting my Nexus 4 soon. If I like it, I’ll keep it. Otherwise, I might go with the Galaxy S IV(only if it is made of premium material), the Galaxy Note II or this new HTC M7.

    I have used the Galaxy S, currently have the SII (which I think is a really good build quality phone) but I skipped on the Galaxy SIII just because it looks way too cheap and plasticy (even though its not cheap). That’s why I bought the Nexus 4 (just for the premium build quality).

    I hope Samsung surprises us with some high quality long lasting material this time.

  • Stuntman

    My favourite colour!

  • Steve

    I have the HTC One X and I love it. The thing that irks me the most, though, is how SGS3 has JB before the HOX. I’m also guessing that there probably won’t be too many updates coming down the line based on HTC’s history. Wish the next Nexus would be an HTC build.

  • dandroid

    HTC’s main problem is that they can’t seem to settle on one main flagship for longer then a few months, and it’s so clearly their focus so customers know that even if they get a good phone now that next one is surely coming very soon as oppose to getting say an SIII and knowing it won’t be upgraded till at least a good 8-10 months later.
    they do a good job with build quality and specs but lack having the little things ( mirco SD ) removable battery etc

  • John

    Most important aspect, battery. It better have a big one if they plan on having non-removable batteries.

  • Ilya Sverdlov

    I wonder if this one will support Wind Mobile frequencies. One X Plus is a huge disappointment because of that – I’m not paying Robelus a cent, so I can’t use this hell of a phone.

  • Hank

    Well I saw those pics weeks ago but now I know a few more rumoured specs

  • Paul

    That actually looks sick!!!! If this is real, my next phone is definitely gunna be an HTC, especially since they are generally known for solid build quality!

  • Donald

    microSD and removable battery. Then I’ll consider it.

    Also, 5″? Really? Hopefully that just means less bezzle not a bigger phone because phone sizes are getting rediculous. The 4″ S1/iP 5 are nice. 4.2″ S2 is great. 4.65″ S3 is big. This is looking gigantic. Can’t they separate their massive phones from the flagships?

  • jonny

    like the specs, dont like the color.

    now lets see the price….

    Nexus 4 has made me much less willing to drop big bucks on a phone.

  • LOL

    After trying the HTC One X and the GS3, there is no competition. HTC wins hands down in both screen and build quality. I’ve had the Galaxy Nexus, which is a great phone but I cannot stand Samsung’s plastic phone body anymore. Also, SuperLCD3 will definitely be superior to AMOLED. Sorry Samsung, focus more on build quality next time!

    • E Stewart

      I have to agree. I got the S3 on launch day, and I have really liked it – best phone I’ve ever had by far. But I can’t help but be somewhat bothered by its cheap plastic feel, especially compared to the other devices available now. I will be looking HTC next.

  • drone

    “See Nexus 4. No expandable memory and they can’t even keep them in stock.”

    Why are people so dumb? Do you honestly not realize why that phone is selling out that fast? I’ll save you the trouble—it’s the price. Or are you insinuating that the HTC flagship phones should also drop their prices to that range?

  • EddieWinslow

    Red is so darn sent on a phone

  • kayn

    Even as a high end Galaxy line loyalist for the last little while I would buy into HTC again with this phone. And then ditch Sense immediately while looking for my micro SD expansion slot.

  • AWSGuy

    Every time I have tried to give HTC my money, some bonehead at HTC decided to goof it up. Last time it was a 16GB phone with no sd slot and a tiny battery. I am skeptical this time. HTC please make smart decisions!

  • yoyoking

    i’d trade my girlfriend in for it!!

  • monsterduc1000

    Ummm…So other than the 13mp camera, it is no different than the HTC Droid DNA (check out GSMArena for specs). And this makes it a Flagship device? A better camera? And guaranteed minimal update support…don’t forget about that. That has flagship aaaallll over it 😛

  • screamer

    There are always the same rumours could even change the specs with the galaxy s4

  • screamer

    For the cheap look on the galaxy well dropped my phone since then I use a otterbox. So how can see the phone anymore? The other thing look more inside and the galaxy rocks. Anyways phones are so expensive because the carries don’t want them cheap. Want people to sign contracts for three years. When one has a special offer everybody have the same price. Don’t need to talk about incoming calls…what a joke spend more than 50 $ a month for a contract. Even wind is not okay they have no coverage at all

  • NienorGT

    Looks like all this “One” branding is dead…

  • MattyMattMatt

    I dont need expandable memory if they give me 32gb or more out of the box. I dont need a replacable battery if the thing is approaching 3000mah. If none of this holds true, leave me be, your phone isnt worth my time.

  • Jer

    HTC doesn’t care about batteries, and for that reason only I’ll probably never care for HTC phones.

  • Soldier Blue

    I was incredibly hyped for the Droid DNA – it’s the first 1080p display phone.

    Except they gave it a mediocre battery even knowing the screen would probably suck on it harder than 720p displays. So basically the phone is unuseable.

    But how is this M7 flagship any different? I don’t see any new specs. At best they could give it a microSD slot and a 2800mAh battery to compensate for the screen. Then it’ll only be slightly better than the Oppo Finder 5 which is coming out NEXT WEDNESDAY.

    So I dunno, this sounds pretty weak, because the next Galaxy device will definitely have an Exynos 5 and I’m pretty sure that will supercede the S4.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui


  • fandroidno1

    Aluminum unibody! Take notes samsung on how to build a quality phone. Too bad HTC can’t stick to a single line of phones and offer proper software support for the life of that phone.

  • Wafa

    Nice one

  • D

    i’ve read a couple reviews that have said the dna battery is lasting longer then the note2 battery. It’s saving come when idle, i don’t know how?

  • D

    correction only when idle… otherwise it gets crushed by the note2

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    If HTC wants to make any impact, they will need to have battery life close to that of a Motorola RAZR HD, not the RAZR HD MAXX, the regular RAZR HD. And they will need to have a uSD slot. Along with the rest of the Droid DNA features (Quad Core Krait, 2GB RAM, 16GB Built in Flash storage (if there is a uSD slot, 32GB internal without a uSD slot)) and improve the graphics processor (if possible), and increase the resolution of the camera to above 8MP.

  • Tyrone

    I want to see what battery they will put in cause lately all HTC is doing is putting mediocre batteries in their phones. They look nice but is that one thing that blemishes a beautiful phone.