CyanogenMOD 10.1 with Android 4.2.1 teased for Galaxy S III and Xperia T


  • S2556

    And it begins

  • aviking

    While I am happy that we finally got our Jelly Bean update today. I really want to get the 4.2.1 update so I can play around with photo sphere and it looks like this ROM will be coming sooner than later.


  • lol

    They’re not hardware identical… two different models… two different modems

  • john

    Can’t wait to get 4.2 on my S2X

  • TheQuestion

    What’s the advantage/disadvantage of getting a custom ROM like CM10 vs keeping stock? I have S3 and I tolerate touchwiz, but I really want Android stock… but is CM10/custom roms buggier compared to TW etc

    • Scott

      Yes, CM10 on the S3 is much buggier than the TW ROM. The camera app isn’t as good. Some apps have issues in CM10. There have been some BT issues as well.

      CM10 just isn’t there yet on my T999v. (Also, WIND hasn’t released an update to 4.1 yet)

      I hope 10.1 works better.

  • curtis

    Just give me jelly bean 4.2.1 TW. I only loved cm10 on my GS2. I don’t see why anyone would want stock over what tw has on the gs3..

    • Ali

      Does this rom work on the canadian SGH-I747m Telus s3?

  • John

    Touchwiz sucks thats why.

  • Ali

    Will this update work on the telus version of s3? Please reply.