Update: Microsoft’s Surface Pro launching in January, priced high


  • D

    Never at these prices. Sorry MS

    • Spinmaster

      The problem is that MS BELIEVES that people will be willing to pay a PREMIUM for their products.

      At those prices even if you are not a mac person, you could buy a MacbookPro wich has a tremendous value and Re-selling price.

      These things will be selling used for less than half by the end of 2013.

    • Spinmaster

      At those prices the Screen should read “END” not start.

      Well that’s what: like 11 strikes for Microsoft! the only successful hardware launch that they had is the Xbox 360, and their keyboards and mice.

    • Joe

      There are a lot of people that do real work, not the pretend kind of work you say MAC users doing in Starbucks to try to look cool

    • wes

      This is not a premium price. It’s equivalent to a Macbook Air, but the MBA costs you 1k. This is cheaper and NOT apple product. I want one, but don’t need one. I guess when mine breaks and I have the money, I’ll buy one, just not right now.

  • Sean

    These are standard specs and pricing for ultrabooks so in that respect its at a pretty good price and includes a touchscreen

  • Bongo

    They should match it up with the iPad @ $699 and gain market share instead of selling it up in the $899 range….

    • Matt

      Because the iPad has OS X running on it right?

    • Joe

      They could but it’s not competing with an iPad, it’s more in line with an ultrabook that can be a laptop or a tablet running real applications.

    • EvanKr


      Technically, iOS IS based off of OS X, but saying that they’re the same OS is quite a stretch. Just like how Android is based off Linux, but obviously a PC running Ubuntu or another Linux OS will outdo it in terms of functionality any day.

    • anonymous

      The iPad is a toy compared to Windows 8 Pro. You can compare the iPad with the Windows RT, not with the Windows Pro.

    • MattyMattMatt

      This thing is cheap for what it is, but honestly, I would recommend the Toshiba convertible or the VivoBook over this… screw it all, I want the Transformer Book, but no release date yet 🙁

  • NOOB!!!

    BS Pricing………. DOA!!!!!!!!!!

  • iJellyBerryOS8

    Priced high? This is an ultrabook first and foremost. The price is perfect.

  • tmcquake

    Stating that the Surface Pro is priced high is very misleading. As Microsoft explained during their surface unveiling event, the Surface Pro is designed to be an ultrabook and MacBook Air competitor, not a tablet competitor, which makes it’s pricing very competitive and reasonable. The Surface RT was designed to compete in the tablet market, which is why it is priced closer to $500.

    I’ve been seeing similar headlines all over the internet this morning and it surprises me that people are acting so shocked about the pricing when the intended markets of the two Surfaces was explained by Microsoft in October.

    • Matt

      @tmcquake – so MS strategy is to use a tablet to compete with laptops. That’s like saying I am going to price a prius like a luxury SUV because that is who I feel I am competing with. Sure, you can price it competitively but doesn’t mean it makes sense. It comes with no keyboard, made for touch, it is a tablet! This is how users will see it and this is a non starter for anyone but the MS fans.

    • hoo dat

      Explaining pricing is like explaining a joke; if you have to explain it then it didn’t make sense in the first place.

  • Matt

    A surface RT with limited app ability (read legacy windows apps) and a pro tablet that is higher priced than the over priced market leader. Not to mention the OS likely takes up 20GB of that storage space. Not for me.

    • Matt

      Way to spread FUD around “Matt.” Priced higher than the market leader? Seeing how this is competing against the MacBook Air it doesn’t seem to be priced higher than it!

    • Matt

      How am I spreading FUD, if I go buy this what do I get? A freaking tablet, that is no FUD. Because MS said they are targeting ultrabooks has no bearing on anything. Because they prepared you in advance to expect it also has no bearing. It is simply a way for them to say we want more money for our tablet. If the keyboard was included in every box then maybe but to the average consumer, they will see this as a) tablet they never heard of and b) expensive vs other tablets they have heard of.

  • Ryan Robinson

    As promised, it seems to be comparable price to other Windows 8 ultrabooks with similar specs. I’m thinking that the purpose of the Surface is not so much to sell a lot of them as it is to set a high standard for the platform as well as to gain media attention for the platform.

  • Rory

    Have to admit I had interest in this item but definitely not at that price point — just don’t need it that bad.

  • Bilal

    $899 is a fair price for what is on offer here.

  • Ridiculous Price aka Highway Robbery

    Lol..Will be DOA at these prices. maybe Ballmer ad Gates will buy one ..Oh Wait a minute they get it for FREE ! ..so you can count them out too ..lol

  • blackprince

    Me: Wow that’s priced lower than most thought at $899 rather than the $1000+ some of us had though

    Cheapskates: Why has MSFT priced this so high, my highly limited brain and wallet cannot handle this

    Tech Journalists: Lets bash MSFT over the price of their Ultrabook because its fashionable and will make all the iFans wet themselves

  • Tony

    The problem is,the market is too uneducated to realize this is an ultrabook that can double as a tablet. Add the price of an ipad and macbook air and tell me if you even get close to 1000 dollar total.

    The comments on here are evidence on how uneducated the market still is,exactly the way apple wants its sheep to remain.

    • Matt

      I would still consider an ASUS transformer a tablet even though it has a keyboard and USB slots. This is not an ultrabook, if a user buys it what do they get? They get a tablet in a box.

    • Tony

      Matt, you are the perfect example of the uneducated market.

      Core i5 processor is hardly a tegra 3

      Windows 7 applications are hardly Google Play Store apps

      Diablo 3 is hardly Angry Birds

      So this is not just ANOTHER tablet. It’s filling the gap people have been asking for years…

      “do I get a tablet or a laptop?” Answer is: MS Surface PRO

      Anymore questions?

  • Disappointed

    At that price, I’d rather a Macbook Air or an actual ultrabook; this thing gets Windows 7 functionality but it’s pointless without a keyboard/touch cover.

  • ile2010

    Yes, the price is high. A grand isn’t chump change by any means. However, this device isn’t a toy. For what it is, the price is reasonable. The ATIV Pro is $1299.99 at Best Buy. Sure, that one includes a keyboard.

    Let’s assume that the Canadian Surface Pro 128GB price will be $1019. The Type Cover is $139.99. That’s $1158.99, or $141 less than the ATIV.

    If you really want a Windows tablet that runs legacy apps, the Acer Iconia W700 is your cheapest non-Atom option at 749.99.

  • applefannnn

    Macbook FTW

  • Alex Davies

    $899 – $999 is actually a REALLY GOOD price for what is on offer here! People who are shocked, and think this is too high, have obviously been hitting the crack pipe.

    The Surface Pro isn’t really a tablet, it’s a full-powered Ultrabook (i5 CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 64GB or 128GB SSD, 1080P screen and it runs full Windows 8) in a convertible form-factor if you combine it with the Type-cover keyboard.

    Please tell me what other vendor has an Ultrabook with these specs (including a 1080p screen) for $900?

    Samsung has the closest competitor to the Surface Pro, with their ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T (it has an i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 1080p screen with Pen and a 128GB SSD), and it costs $1149 with no keyboard, so it is $150 MORE than the equivalent Surface Pro.

  • Brad F

    so that means i can play crysis on this?

  • DY

    Good device … Bad price point .

  • wes

    No buy for me!!!

    • wes

      hmm… didn’t see that it came with a touch cover… Something I’d think about now! Was willing to shell out 800$ for the Pro, but thought it was 900+touch cover. It’s still on my want list, but not on my “OMG” gotta buy this today list.

  • DS

    I think the price is reasonable for what you are getting, but still think people will either buy a cheaper tablet or a traditional laptop/MBA instead. Then again I thought the iPad was a stupid idea when it first came out so I could be wrong!!

  • Dave

    The problem is simply that what Microsoft has finally delivered didn’t live up to the hype and expectations they established.

    They’ve got a mediocre tablet that’s priced at the top-end of the segment that everyone thought would be able to run legacy Windows apps, but of course it actually can’t.

    And they’ve got this other thing now. It looks like a tablet, but it actually can run legacy Windows apps. The problem is that it’s priced just like any other machine that runs legacy Windows apps, 50-100% above the top end of the tablet segment.

  • skazzers

    I’d rather buy an Ipad at that price point.

    • wes

      You obviously dunno what the diff is btw ipad and surface pro. W/Pro you can play Diablo 3, on ipad you play Cut the Rope. Have fun with Cut the Rope.

  • jellmoo

    I think it’s going to depend on how they market the thing. Market it as an ultra powerful tablet and it will crash and burn. They won’t be able to justify the cost versus tablet capability.

    Market it as a new type of ultra portable/ultrabook and I think there is a lot to like. It’s in the same price range and spec wise compares very favorably to the MacBook Air, as well as other premium make brands.

    For people looking for a tablet (email, browsing, video watching and Angry Birds style gaming) this is a terrible choice. For somebody looking to have a very portable computer geared towards productivity and *some* PC gaming, this is great.

    • Joe

      The Surface Pro is not for the average consumer. It’s a full blown PC that’s marketed for business/prosumer. Enterprise companies have been salvating for the Surface Pro. Easy to intergrate/manage on their infrastructure, small tablet footprint with a typical Enterprise laptop solution in an i5/4gb ram configuration. A lot of companies have even been holding off to consider replacing off lease laptops with the Surface Pro.

  • Onward

    I have no interest in Surface RT after testing it.

    I was/am interested in Surface PRO.
    * pen and handwriting recognition
    * Intel Clovertrail
    * No moving parts

    * the touch cover is worthless, the skinny button keyboard costs about two hundred
    * can’t install Linux because Microsoft is blocking it until now, even though they promised they wouldn’t. This is a dealbreaker
    * they prohibit every browser but IE in RT mode, and for security I NEED to be able to delete it

    Things like prices, SSD price/size/performance/longevity, battery capacity will predictably improve over time and it’s the same for everyone. Hopefully they tighten up Win8 with service pack upgrades to have a smoother, more intuitive interaction. I’d like to see a pressure sensitive Synaptics kb/touchpad solution.

    • arrow22

      You can run Chrome in RT mode on an x86 chip. And deleting IE will not increase the security if your system (this isn’t IE6)

  • jPhoneUser

    good. time to learn win 8 programming and get this one for free soon for making an app. just like playbook.

    msft isnt announcing how many of RT they sold so far. so i dont believe it did good sales.

  • arrow22

    This is a Macbook Air competitor that is lighter, thinner, features a better display, has multitouch and stylus support, and with the keyboard sells for the same price with the same storage capacity. Not a bad deal at all.

    Reading these comments, I almost think Microsoft should have released a more traditional keyboard “dock” so that it resembles a laptop.

    • some guy

      Only problem is even the Macbook air is way over priced.
      It’s a $600 laptop for double the price.

  • Joe

    Can’t wait to get the Surface Pro. For what it is, price is reasonable, of course I’d always go for a cheaper price 🙂

    As someone who travels a lot, I’d rather have a Surface Pro than an Ultrabook, best of both worlds, Tablet for consuming media, and a laptop for doing real work.

  • hoo dat

    It may well be worth the money that they’re asking but they’re trying to compete in a market segment that is definitely on the downswing when it comes to retail pricing. Why on earth didn’t MS just go for broke and design an ultrabook in the first place? As a tablet it’s just not competitive not matter the specs, this is a price dominated market. As an unltrabook it might just stand a chance.

    Just as a fun comparison, I could get 6.66 BlackBerry 32GB PlayBooks for the same money, giving me 213GB of memory.

  • Dak

    Will they be offering a bundle of Surface PRO and Surface Phone, at a joint launch in 2013 or will they spread the launches out to get more press?

  • arrow22

    Seems many don’t get it. The Surface Pro is basically a MacBook Air competitor that is lighter, thinner and has a better screen, along with multitouch and digitiser. With a touch cover, it even matches its price.

    So its more portable, better screen with more features. What exactly makes this priced “High”

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I want to add an important point but can’t. Or, is it can not?

  • gwydionjhr

    I’m in the market for a new laptop. I want a 1080p screen and a hybrid design, that means I’m looking at
    -Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro is more expensive
    -ASUS Taichi and Transformer are both MIA and projected to be more expensive
    -Sony Duo 11 is right in there, but I’ve been unable to find a device to actually try it.
    -Dell XPS 12

    The rollout of hardware by the OEMs has been nothing short of tragic. When the Surface Pro takes off they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Alex Davies

      I have seen the Sony Duo on display in all the Sony stores I have been to

  • lukeiphone

    This is technically a computer, not just a tablet.

  • some guy

    You could buy a moderate gaming laptop for that price and have way more functionality.

  • Mystic09

    I dont understand why this is considered a high price. I’ve been looking at ultrabooks lately and they all seem to be 1k+ for 128GB SSD with an i5UV
    And most of them don’t have touch screens or a pen.
    999$ would probably be better if it included the pen and the cover.

  • Christian

    I’d buy a better equipped, touchscreen ultrabook instead. The SSD options are way too small for the price, and the touch cover will never really compare to a good notebook keyboard.

  • TKG26

    With touch screen laptops running windows 8 pro for 600$ you really have to convince yourself its about have the smallest device running win8pro

  • M

    Wow you are kidding me.right? I bet you MS will not sell a lot of them.

  • Jenny S.

    Could we please stop calling it an ultrabook? Even with the keyboard, for screen size, storage space, and useable processing, it is a netbook competitor, not an ultrabook. So it can run all the programs I want to use, but it only has enough storage to hold 2 of them at a time.

    That said, I still want one. Everyone buy one at launch so I can buy one from one of you second-hand for cheap for my birthday, k?

  • jetbeck

    If these came with the touch cover, to make them almost exactly like a very portable laptop then those prices would actually be pretty awesome. Without the keyboard though they are just overpriced tablets.

    They needed to be that price and include the touch cover to really make a dent!

  • anon

    Things to Note:

    1) It has wacom digitizer. As far as I know, there are no ultrabooks, or Win8 pro tablets that currently have this functionality. If you’ve never used wacom digitizers, know that there’s nothing better for e-ink.

    2) Direct support from Microsoft. They’ve already committed to supporting RT until 2017. This version will be supported at least up until that time. This is a big deal!

    3) 1080p screen with very little gap (same tech used in latest phones). Anyone who has seen the surface RT screen knows that it’s only downfall is the resolution. It is an excellent screen in any other regard. With a 1080p resolution, the screen on this thing will be among the best in ANY device.

    The only bad thing is they didn’t include the keybaord.

    All this for a device that costs as much as a mid-range ultrabook. Worth it, IMHO.

  • Dak

    HDMI out should be there, everything works with it unlike displayport that will make you carry needless adapters

  • Carter Loose

    I want one but that’s just too much. Its not that bad if you compare others but its still expensive

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Waiting for service pack 1. Geek laugh ehhehehehe.

  • flsh

    I love apple lovers haha make me laugh!.. This price point is very reasonable! if office is free on this thing just as it is on the RT version than that alone is worth it for getting things done. If the people who like apple would shut up and try even the Surface RT for a week they would see how functional it is and how the PRO will be that much better. I have tried iPAD, others should try expanding to.

  • tommy

    I would have called the Surface RT something else to clearly differentiate it from the Surface Pro version. I don’t think your average consumer is going to understand the difference when they walk into a Best Buy and talk to an “expert”

  • Joe

    3 months later $299.99 lol

  • ile2010

    Best Buy (like other retailers) doesn’t sell the Surface, move along.

  • AD

    Self: As a Ultrabook competitor … this is at a great price.

    From a Hardware purchaser for my office: We have ordered MANY different modles of Standard laptops and some tablets from Dell before at Much higher prices for our users. this will run anything our machines run now, plus better specs.

    The only thing is I will have to wait to see how well they hold up in a corp. environment.

    Still want one but maybe when my laptop dies I will go in for one for myself.

  • Hank

    I agree with the opinion that is should come with a keyboard but that’s really not a deal breaker for me. The price is acceptable if I need one and I will just plug in a usb keyboard when I have this thing at home, not a big deal.

  • dave thans

    “we have absolutely no faith in our product so we are going to produce a small quantity for one region and hopefully when we say we sold out (of the small quantity) people will be fooled into thinking it’s a success and create demand.”

    Microsoft are the joke of the computing industry now.

  • kl

    it doens’t matter if its great or not, if on a tech website people can’t distinguish what MS is going for with RT and Pro, obviously the problem is with their marketing not with the product. Why they would try to sell RT vs tablets and then a Pro vs ultrabook yet call them both ‘Surface’ boggles my mind.

  • landragon

    899 is cheap! for a laptop that you can do actual work on I thought it was going to be 1200 minimum. Too bad it’s not coming to canada

  • disappointed

    Not only it’s pricey, the verge reports only 4 hours of battery life! Stop defending this failure guys, I had high hopes for it but this is ridiculous!

  • Dave

    “At $899 (USD) for the 64GB model and $999 (USD) for the 128GB”

    A total failure. What have you been smoking MS?

  • Toto

    MS Management lives in another world

  • guy

    this is LOWER priced than I thought. This isnt an iPad people. This is an ultrabook with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard. I expected more from mobilesyrup people

  • S2556

    Same specs as my current dell laptop I think, impressive.
    I will not be buying one though. I still haven’t jumped on a tablet. probably next year

  • No faith in humanity

    When apple over prices something, people line up for hours on end to throw their money at it. When microsoft competitively prices something, everyone starts whining and calls foul.

  • TB

    This is just like the zune. It came out in the american market only and when it failed, they opened it to Canada. When it came to Canada it was watered down and never got access to the marketplace even though they said it would. Canada got the Zune HD once it was acomplete failure… we are a good place to dump junk I guess

  • BreathLess

    At least include the touch cover and then more people might take a look. It seems like it wants to compete with the ultra book market but it doesn’t have a keyboard and its too expensive to compete with the tablet market.

    I just can’t see it flying off the shelves.

  • Oldschool

    What makes the price seem high is that Microsoft’s marketing team has not convinced enough people this thing is good enough to charge the infamous Apple tax.

    Apple’s marketing team has, that’s why they get to charge insane prices for garbage products. MS can charge this too, only diff is no one will buy it, whether its worth it or not.

  • David

    Still cheaper than a Macbook Air and it is MUCH better and cooler. Might save up for it, or wait for Surface II

  • $899 is reasonable

    $899 for a i5 Intel 3rd Gen surface pro laptop isn’t as high as you would think. The Aspire S7 is $1300. This is going to be an amazing laptop replacement. Hell a 64GB iPad is $819.00 but you don’t hear people complaining about the price even though it doesn’t come with a keyboard thinner than paper, or an i5 intel processor and USB3.0 port. How much Ram does the iPad have 1GB at most???

  • mhasni

    The price for Surface Pro is high for those looking for a tablet, but its right in the middle for ultra books given its specs:

    Lenovo X230
    Core i5
    12in 1366×768 Multi-Touch screen
    4GB Ram
    128 SSD (Configured)
    (Adding Camera + Bluetooth)
    $1299 USD

    Dell XPS 12
    Core i5
    4GB Ram
    12 in 1080p touch screen
    standard keyboard

    Apple Macbook Air 128GB
    Core i5
    4GB Ram
    11 in 1366×768 screen
    standard keyboard

    MS Surface Pro 128GB
    Core i5
    4GB Ram
    10 in 1920x1080p screen
    Wacom Stylus
    $999 USD

    Asus Zenbook UX21
    Core i5
    4GB Ram
    11 in 1366×768 screen
    standard keyboard

  • iPhoneAndroid

    Actually it should be compared against other Windows 8 devices coming out on the market, not against Apple’s offerings.

    That would be a far more balanced comparison. There’s stuff coming from Levnovo which looks very tempting when compared side by side against the Surface Pro.

  • simian

    Tempting enough that I might make a trip across the border to pick one up.

  • Dan

    High priced??? 899$ Its exactly the price of an 64Gb iPhone5.

  • gtp20

    So let me see…. $899 plus the ridiculous 13% HST plus Macguinty’s environmental TAX comes out to just over a grand for a tablet… ya right!

  • Drew B

    sorry 1000 dollars for this Surface pro and doesn’t come with the touch pad which is an additional 125 dollars or more Canadian !! Only for the thing to have a 4 hr battery life !! I’m sorry M$ must be off their rocker!@!! I realize this is no different than the 64 gig Iphone 5 Apple is totting at the same price but again both compaines are out of thier minds !!

    But this venture M$ is doing is quite funny !!! And than Leave us with the crap RT version !! Either way I was disappointed until I read the 4hr battery life so for that I’m very happy to pass on this junk !!

  • kbo

    I can’t believe how iDumb people are on these forums. Price out an iPad with top specs and you hit nearly this same price. Then try to run ANY full version apps on it, or any good software you already own. What’s that? You can’t? And the only way to make it productive is to spend another $100 on half working “lite” apps? Lets browse on SD card and store to it! Oh wait, you can’t. You’re stuck with iTunes and paying for EVERY good app you may want or need.

    Yeah that makes the $800 you spend on a top iPad worth it….. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Dostro

    And this price is definately not high for what it is