Google to begin shipping Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 tomorrow, no pre-order period


  • deltatux

    Not a fan of the $20 shipping. Hopefully local retailers can sell for that price. If not, I guess I’ll have to eat the $20 for the Nexus 4.

    • l forgot my meds

      Just get a real phone.
      Just get a iPhone.


      I will go with the Nexus 10 but not the Nexus 4,S3 is a way better LTE or Note 2

    • Dan J

      Not sure why this is getting downvoted. The $20 shipping really does suck. Google should be offering free shipping for this, especially when nearly every other online retailer offers it for purchases 10% of the cost of this phone.

    • deltatux

      Not sure why people thumbed down about the shipping cost? Is it wrong to also want to save that $20 and rather have cheaper shipping option or to go to the store and not pay shipping fees at all?

    • Geoff

      I’m guessing that the reason it’s getting downvoted is because Google is selling a phone that is worth around $700 for only $359 and you’re complaining about $20 in shipping.

    • ThePriceIsWrong

      I don’t like the $20 shipping fee, but the phone still rocks and I will still get it.

      Stil better deal that anyother phone this season at $430 all included for the 16GB version.

    • Rio

      They are selling these for half the price of any other competitive phone at almost cost and your complaining about 20$ shipping?

  • haxor99

    Can’t wait to hear how cool the Nexus 4 is from real consumers! I hope it’s the best nexus phone yet.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I can’t remember a time when the latest Nexus was *not* the best Nexus yet.

  • nexus410


  • Cg33

    Will any retailers have it in Canada Tomorrow?

    • Bossman74

      I’m wondering the same thing ?

      And if you buy it from a local retailer, does Google handle the warranty or is it LG Canada ???

      So many questions, and so little time before tomorrow 😉

    • Nexus 4

      Google handles the warranty if you buy it from the Play Store (same as tablets). LG will handle the warranty if you buy it locally (but no carrier or shop has even announced that they will be carrying the Nexus 4 or not, so Google Play is your best bet. The $20 shipping is worth it since Google handles the warranty).

  • MattyMattMatt

    Yes! I need people to get them in hands so I can start reading the response, because some of the reviews have been not too favourable in some departments (see Ars Technia).

  • tanmay K

    Any one knows if carriers like Wind will be carrying this phone ? I wouldn’t mind getting it on the tab.

    • Ray

      From personal experience, it’s never a good idea to buy on tab when you can just buy it straight from Google Play. As a former Wind sales rep, I had people buy the Galaxy Nexus for 199 on the 40 plan on the tab and are technically stuck for 3 years. On the other hand, people who bought the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play got it for approx 300 and updates straight from Google.

      I think T-Mobile will offer the Nexus 4 but that model will have no wi-fi calling.

  • Samuel

    Does anyone know at what time the order website will be online so we can be one of the first ones to order it ?


  • COB

    Does anyone know what time it is going on sale on Google Play? I don’t want to have to wake up at 3 am for it.. haha.

  • General Gustov

    Any word on what carriers will the Nexus 4 ?

    • General Gustov


    • Tom

      You ask which carriers will have it?

      Unlocked, support new entrants as well as incumbents, and has tiny profits margins – not a chance any of the incumbent carriers will have it.

      More likely they will try to kill it any way they can.

    • EvanKr

      I doubt there’ll be too many given its $300 starting price, and the fact that carriers pay full retail value from LG. However, there are quite a few average Joes out there who wouldn’t do their research and would buy it on contract.

      If anybody WERE to carry it, it would probably be WIND or Mobi given its AWS compatibility.

  • beuh_dave

    If the Nexus 4 pre-order would be as badly organized as the Nexus 7 pre-order, maybe it’s for the best. Nobody knows what time the Nexus 4 will be available on the play store. Some estimate 3am (Toronto time) which would be midnight in California. Other say that it will be up for sale when google employees get into the office on Tuesday morning. Let the waiting game begin.

  • selfdestruct

    as far as ive read no canadian retailers will be carrying the phone as its subsidized through google (to buy from LG its prob a $600+ phone)

    Im still on the fence on the N4…

  • Johnny

    Does it ship from the US only? I wish it could ship from somewhere in Canada so as not to pay custom fees and stuff..

    • 45

      I didn’t have to pay any custom fees when I had my Nexus 7 shipped from the Play Store to Montreal. It took about a week or so, and was delivered by UPS. No extra costs.

  • Tom

    No question that the price is ground-breaking, but I will wait a bit and read some more reviews (interested to see what Mobile Syrup will say).

    As someone else pointed out, the play store experience was poor with the N7, but that was the first time they sold hardware in Canada – hopefully they’ve got the kinks ironed out.

    I hope MS will ask Goog what the service policy will be. If my phone breaks on warranty, will it be like with Robellus where I have to wait several weeks with just a flip phone as replacement?

    • COB

      As per their support page, they will send you packaging and a shipping label, and you will send them your broken or damaged or what ever phone, and they will send you a replacement, and you keep the replacement

    • caribouroader

      I had my Nexus 7 replaced twice by Google…their customer service was fantastic.

    • caribouroader

      ….not so much the actual product!

    • some guy

      Welcome to mass production my friend.

      Even the Holy Apple has failed to avoid an iPhone launch plagued by hardware defects. Mind you, they subscribe to the concept of ship defects and swap later. Which makes me wonder how they lasted this long without consumers ripping them a new one.

  • hoo dat

    I have never been less enthused by a Nexus launch, for two reasons: 1) LG, enough said, and; 2) I’ve reached “Nexus Phone Launch” burn out. The N4 just isn’t as different from the competition as the other ones were when they launched. Plus, the competition’s much stronger this time around.

    • spanky

      @hoo dat Name a comparable phone for $300

    • hoo dat

      It doesn’t matter how cheap it is it’s still a glorified LG with all the issues that come with that. To be honest, I’d have a tough time accepting one for free, reliability is the highest consideration when I’m choosing a phone and seeing as LG has done nothing but let me and a whole bunch of other folks down over the last couple of years I doubt I’ll ever consider buying one again.

    • Geoff

      Aren’t the issues that have arisen from LG mainly been lackluster software and late Android updates? Because I think both of those problems will be handled with this being a Nexus device. I also remember something about the original Optimus being a lot slower than you’d expect considering the specs, but this phone is being unanimously touted as a very fast device.

  • Marz

    To those asking, no Canadian carriers will be selling this phone directly to consumers as of yet. It is only available to us direct from Google. Google handles the warranty if you buy it from the Play Store. They have not confirmed at all what time they will go on sale yet.

  • beuh_dave

    A member on XDA-Developers called Google 4 times and spoke to 4 different reps. 3 of the reps confirmed the midnight launch (California time). So, set your alarm clocks for 3am!

  • tanmay K

    @Ray.. Even if you buy it from say Wind, you still get the updates from Google directly. Also, the tab explanation does not make sense. If Wind has it on tab for 300, I have an option to pay it up. I i do it after a year, I spend 4*12 = $48 less dollars on the same phone.

    Not sure why so many ppl here hate the option to but it on tab. To me it sounds like a win-win situation. I get the direct updates from Google, and an option to pay it out hopefully at a lesser price.

    Of course this takes into consideration that Wind is selling it at the same price as Google.

  • ActivesiN

    cant wait to order my nexus 4!

  • ceribaen

    A post above made me just realize something and needs to be reasked I think.

    Anyone with experience ordering the Nexus 7 — did orders off the Play Store require a duty payment? Or does Google have Canadian based shipping locations.

    • poopypants

      I bought the N7 (Canada) and it was just the price of the device + shipping + GST + your provincial taxes. No duties or hidden charges.

      Shipping was via UPS, although it never specified when ordering.

  • North Star

    How poor does one have to be to purchase a $359.00 phone on the tab. If you can’t afford that amount outright … you should probably not have a phone at all. But, I guess that’s why your on Wind in the first place.

    • jonnny

      Its not about being poor, its about getting a free phone.

      If you can get it for free, why not?!
      I signed up for a tab…and I am “stuck” for another 2 years….but that doesnt mean much. I will be buying the nexus 4. I just wont get another free phone for 2 more years. I will (try) to sell my Nexus S and get back a little money.

      Even if you want to leave Wind, you are usually better off unless the Wind price is much higher than the price you would pay to buy it outright.

  • Jimbo

    Duty is usually just = to the tax that the government lost out on the sale. If we are charged 13% on the purchase, then there should be no duty. If we are not charged 13% then that is what the duty should equal.

    6 of one, half dozen of another.

  • Dan J

    Grrrr.. I’m torn. I REALLY want this phone, but $430 (after tax and shipping) isn’t exactly chump change. I’d like to offset the cost by selling my unlocked GS2 but I highly doubt it will get that much.

    • Tom

      You are right – when you add shipping and taxes it starts to add up. And while the 8GB model would be fine for a lot of people I know, most of the people here on MS would require the 16GB model. So, it is simultaneously very inexpensive for what you get, and still rather a lot of money!

  • jay

    Can’t wait call of duty is almost here.

  • new_tradition

    How long would it take for your shipment to come anyways? Anyone bought a Nexus 7 able to share their experience?

    I’ve decided to just go for it and order the 16Gb. I’m off Tuesday to boot, so I’ll stay up tonight if need be, haha.

    • 45

      It took a little over a week to get it. I ordered it on a Friday, and got it on the second Monday following.

  • fred savage

    i was thinking about buying this phone right away. maybe i’ll wait for a while until the price goes down.

    • COB

      The price likely won’t go down…it is already a very low price for a phone with those specs.

  • hunkyleepickle

    not to jump the shark, but sure seems like Google is setting an example with this launch. We have a definite date, price, and fairly accurate indication of when this device will be in our hands. Thats more than i can say for everyone else, with the exception of apple of course. Imagine if Nokia/Microsoft had done this with WP8, i would likely be rocking a Lumia 920 right now! Oh well, sorry Rogers/Nokia/Microsoft, i’ll take my money elsewhere….

  • nexus410

    UPDATE: for those Canadians wondering about border duty/custom fees..i just spoke to a customer service rep from the play store and they said ther will NOT be any duty charges as they ship from a local warehouse here in CANADA!!

    • Johnny

      YAY!!! thanks for calling!

    • caribouroader

      I beleive it is in Thunder Bay, where I had my defective Nexus 7 returned to with a prepaid UPS shipping label from Google.

    • Johnny

      I just called as well to double check and the rep told me it would ship from the US and only the shipping price would be included..not the taxes nor the custom fees if any (which will be substantial if shipped with ups).

    • pkosta

      the lg warehouse is in toronto at 400 hwy and south of finch

  • in Calgary

    I’ve been really wanting the Note 2 but Wind won’t sell it to me as an existing customer. I think I’ll get this instead.

  • jonnny

    Anyone know if the wireless charging base will also be available tomorrow? Or what it might cost?

    I am hoping it will cost about $30. Tho it wouldnt surprise me if they tried to charge a couple hundred.

    • Tom

      They can’t get away with charging ridiculous amount for charging base – the N4 conforms to a wireless charging standard so you can buy an compatible charging base. The Nexus 4 has no proprietary connectors.

  • Coop

    What a great time to find out my Google Wallet has been frozen 🙁

  • jay

    Cellphones are expensive because of the carrier in the world. They want our money. If the phone would be 299$ with no contract how much should it be on contract? 99$??? Who will sign a contract? That’s why keep the price high than people will sign contracts

  • Kern

    since theres only one version of the phone (not size, dont get confused) cant you potentially order one in the states and bring it over?

    it’d save $9 + tax

    $350 + $20 = $370
    compared to the $430

    thats $60 of savings, around 20%

    • Johnny

      You’d still have to pay the GST and PST, if any, when going back to Canada unless you were to hide it in your trunk and say nothing.

  • Terence

    Does anyone know if the $25 credit we got from buying a Nexus 7 will apply to the purchase of a Nexus 4?


    I hope for the sake of everybody who is getting the Nexus 4 that LG has made a much better product then they have in the past because their past mobile devices are complete garbage. It is good that Google and not LG will be handling updates for it because we all know LGs track record with updates. Either way I’ll stick with my Galaxy Note 2, it’s a much much better device then the Nexus 4. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

  • Mike

    can’t to pick this up from Robbers for like 599.00

  • Ivan

    I want. But I very recently found out that if I had waited a month to buy my N7, I could have had a model with better memory for the same price. I really don’t want to find out, in a couple months, that I could have waited and got a 32g N4 for the same price.

  • Peter ~

    Any overheating issues with the Nexus 4 ? I know some of LG’s phones have had this issue. I have a nexus S from Samsung. No issues whatsoever.

    • stylinred

      none of the reviews mentioned any heatings issues, that ive read

  • pkosta

    it’s 304 am est nov 13 and still no buy option on nexus 10 and nexus 4

  • ile2010

    A rep at Wireless Wave has informed me that they plan to sell the N4. Check for yourselves if you’d prefer a local option.

  • John

    It’s 8:45am and it still says:

    “Coming soon!
    Available for purchase on Tuesday, Nov. 13th”

    Come on Google, make it available in Canada NOW!!!!

  • JT

    Can we go to a retail location to see it physically? I want to hold it in my hand before deciding whether I want this or not!

  • John

    Someone called google and confirmed that the Canadian release will be at the same time as the US release.

  • Jay

    Yes for those asking/worrying; Google will handle the updates and not LG. But it really doesn’t make a difference. In my opinion the best part about owning a Nexus device is the dev support. When I bought my Galaxy Nexus I had it stock for 1 day before I flashed a new ROM.

  • monsterduc1000

    Hopefully there will be an announcement of the 32gb lte version of the Nexus 4 for $409 cdn in the near future =D

    …OR a NEW Nexus 7(+?) with a quad core A15 chipset and top-o-the-line gpu with 32 (or hopefully 64gb) for say…$359 cdn!!! (I would even think of grabbing one of these bad boys for around $400 =D )

  • craig

    hmmm, it’s noon on the 13th of Nov and still not up for sale. WTF Google.


  • Brad F(anboy)

    I can’t remember a time when my comment actually made a difference.

    I’ll keep trolling.

  • Benjamin

    The reality is they still haven’t shipped it after a week.