Virgin Motorola MOTOLUX software update now available, fixes data connectivity issues


  • iphoneee

    does the update come with apple maps?

    • RIM is dying a brutal one

      Why is the Bold 9900 still like $600?

  • jeremy

    yea it was funny.. people would call in and say they couldn’t text message. had them turn data off, oh yeah it works now..

  • Alex

    My wifi connection doesn’t work anymore on my Motorola Motoluxe since yesterday (when I put the update). Can somebody help me please or let me know if I’m not the only in this situation.

    • Jamila

      So did anyone find a solution for that?!! I have the same problem here too 🙁

    • Tom H

      Virgin Mobile Customer Service Sucks!

      I experienced everything people have said here, as soon as I installed the upgrade no more wifi. It would show the network, but it would be a grey icon, not the blue that it is when it is working. Enabled Data for a few minutes then Disabled it and got the blue icon again. I know I will see a $5 data charge on my next bill. Some Upgrade. I agree that Virgin should stand by the products they sell and I think they should give all Motorola Motoluxe customers a $5 credit on their next bill for the aggravation and explicit costs this upgrade has caused us!

  • jason

    My wife and i both have these phones i also applied the update and neither phones wif works now only reason i updates was text messages wouldnt always send with data turned on. we leave data off i think i would have been better off leaving the update alone. next time im not going to jump right into an update till its a couple weeks old hopefully they fix this quickly

  • sygee

    lost my wifi, too. 🙁 )


  • DantheMan

    No wifi since update…

  • Catracho

    i just made the updates , but theres a problem , my wifi is ON , but it doesn’t work , what should i do ?????

  • Luce

    I also lost wifi when I updated. I restored my phone to make it work again. Aren’t updates supposed to make things better?

  • sygee

    Everyone call virgin.!!!

    When I called, they NEVER heard of others having the problem.


  • Nick in BC

    Lost my wi-fi too…

  • yannick

    when i call virgin…they don’t know what to do with the wifi problem….

  • Tom

    same as everyone else; restored phone to factory settings-still no wi-fi. some upgrade

  • fmk

    I also lost wi-fi when I installed the update yesterday, and my phone is with Bell Canada…

  • ralph

    so i was so happy about this new update “finally i don’t have to check my phone twice to make sure i sent a text” but i much rather be doing that than having no wifi at all…..

  • jamesqu

    Virgin told me it’s not their fault.

  • Roberts

    Upgrade diabled Wifi on both of our phones too…nice work. No fix yet, I presume?

  • Graham

    Yup my wifi doesn’t work either….Fail.

  • kieran

    My girlfriend and i both have the motoluxe. She has installed the update and her wifi doesnt connect but mine still works having not been updated. Does restoring the phone help at all? Any suggestions?

  • Brent

    Same issue here. I wrote up a thorough description, complete with photos of my settings, and sent it to Motorola support. I have tomorrow off and will call them in the morning if they don’t call me first. If I get anything from them, I will try to remember to post the results here. My trouble is, I don’t have a data plan, so they better post the fix or the previous version to a website and the accompanying instructions.

  • fmk

    I have wifi again!!! I don’t have a data plan, but I turned on data just for a second anyway to see if that would fix things (figured it was worth risking the few dollars… Settings > Wireless & network settings > Mobile networks > Data enabled checkbox).
    I checked for system updates, and then (even though it said no update available) when I shut off the data connection, it immediately connected to wifi. Hopefully my bill doesn’t get hit too hard by the 1 minute of data use.
    Another suggestion that I wish I had tried first, is to turn off the phone, take out and then put back the battery, and then restart it. I’m not sure if that would have fixed this issue, but my dad said that’s a common procedure for software updates on his blackberry.

  • sygee

    fmk’s thing worked. (hopefully, i dont have to do it every morning when i turn on the phone)


    • sygee

      Yep. Have to turn the data on/off whenever you turn on the phone.

  • geoff

    tried fmk fix and it worked, wifi working again, thanks

  • Roberts

    We did the same as fmk’s post and it says we have Wifi now but we cannot log on to Google or Facebook (or anything for that matter). Makes me sooooooo mad!

  • sygee

    Virgin suggested I call Motorola for help.

    Is it right for virgin to put the whole blame on motorola for this mess???

    Virgin has tweaks on the phone, has some business deal w motorola , and put up a notice for the upgrade on their website.

    V should standby the products they sell!!!

  • kayla

    how do you reset the motorola motoluxe?
    since i did the update my phone will not work!
    turns on loads, and shuts off.. then flashes with an android guy and a box with an arrow??? HELP

  • Brent

    We have tried all of the above recommended steps to correct the issue but none of them works permanently. I can’t believe that Motorola hasn’t 1.) acknowledged the problem and 2.) fixed the problem. We are seriously considering getting an iPhone 4s to replace this phone.

  • Brent

    I called Virgin this morning. They acknowledged that a problem does indeed exist with the Motoluxe phone and that Motorola is investigating it and will release another software upgrade to fix the problem. I called Motorola support and they confirmed Virgin’s comments. No ETA on when it will be released. I’d sooner wait a bit longer, knowing that they have thoroughly tested it, than to get something this afternoon that breaks another feature of the phone.

    Onward and upward!

  • kayla

    my motolux stopped working after i did the update so i did a system wipe and restored everything since than my phone wont get service and just says emergency calls only plug in usb charger but i plug it in and it does nothing helllpp ?

  • Lesley

    Hubby and I have both have these phones and lost Wi-Fi ability after the “upgrade”. I called Motorola and was told there could be an update tomorrow or next year!; that they couldn’t tell me what was happening.

    I called Virgin and they immediately filed a Warranty Claim (I’m still waiting to hear from their warranty department…) and yesteday I went to the local Virgin Kiosk and spoke with a Virgin employee who said there is an update supposedly coming on Dec. 14 or 15. But with no access to W-Fi, I wasn’t sure how I’d get the update. She said I should be able to connect to a computer with USB cable and get the update that way.

    Here’s hoping it happens and works…or I want Motorola to reimburse the cost of our phones so we can replace them with non-motorola phones…sfter this, I just can’t trust their customer service abilities.

    I want a mobile company that admits there’s a problem and acts quickly and efficiently to correct it AND/OR is willing to take the loss to provide a quality product to their clients!

    Good luck everyone…let’s hang in until mid-December!

  • sygee

    i think the update fixed the alarm clock. it used to only work 90% of the time. now it’s 100% (so far).

  • andy

    Same problem. My phone is through Bell. They won’t help, blame it on Motorola. Motorola is “sorry” and will have an update “any time, could be months.” Bell said to call Warranty who said it would cost me $150 to replace. These companies are useless, not sure how they get away with this.

  • Brent

    Apparently a new version was released: 1.7410302.1022.XT615. Can anyone confirm if they have applied it to their phone and if it fixes the WIFI issues?