Update: WIND launching the Galaxy Note II on November 1st, here’s the pricing


  • eshizzi

    It’ll be gone like the wind! 😛

    • Anon

      Not at that price…

  • mushfik

    Aww man! I just got the s3 from wind on September

  • Dexter

    Wind is the best!!

  • -_-

    Seriously?? $399?
    wind is super pricey with their top of the line phones!

    • Dexter

      What Wind is charging is closer to the phone’s actual retail price, other phone companies have zero dollar phones and make their money back by charging exorbitant amounts per month.

    • tech

      Dexter 40/month is good bargain either

    • chall2k5

      its still a $350 discount off retail and last I checked Wind still needs to make money so to% $40 a month is $4 multiplied by 36 gives you $144 after 3 years (assuming you dont use any additional PPU services) is still a $200 write down with the Wind Pay off Promise

      And to get a decent plan with the big 3 you need to spend 70-80 a month (over $1000 more over the full term)

  • $150 difference at Mobilicity

    Those who want to buy it outright (but locked) can get it at Mobilicity for $100 less, or an extra $50 less with the pre-order coupon. That’s $599 net for the phablet. Seems like that WINDtab on the lite $25 plan isn’t really worth it compared to an outright purchase. They must want more people on the $40 plan with WINDtab, where there is a $200 net subsidy so far for a phone price of $400. It will be interesting to see if people like this device or not.

    • 0defaced

      proof of price?

  • Mike

    Wait, so there’s a WindTab price, and a outright price, but the device is only available to new customers who activate on WindTab? So what’s the point of having an outright price?

    • If you cancel

      Those who cancel will have to pay the difference, although either $2.50 or $4 per month is removed from that difference due to WINDtab.

  • roman

    $749? You can have two Nexus 4s for that much.

  • Kid.Canada

    I have the Galaxy S 3 and I ain’t complaining once because it’s an amazing phone plus its the perfect screen size for me. Samsung, you make some great hardware!!

  • holler back girl

    hehehehe “Wind Releases”

    • Lame Jokes

      They didn’t even say that.

  • Link

    “The price points you can expect to see are $300 on the WINDTab with the WIND40 plan, $599 on the WINDTab with the WIND25 plan, or $749 on a no-contract model.”

    Is that 599+tax or 749-599=150+tax to pay when getting it with a WIND25 plan? I’m confused

  • Anon

    $400 on a 3 year contract or an unlocked Nexus 4 for $309… This just made my choice incredibly easy.

  • All I do is Wind!

    I’m Wind Mobile’s #1 but damn that’s a pricey phone, good thing i’ll be going with th eNexus $ 😀

  • John

    This will be sitting on stores inventory burning huge capital. No one is gonna pay $400 for a 3 year tab, or $749 outright.

    • A

      They will pay it for a tablet, whats the difference, you end up paying it anyways.

  • Bruce

    Too Expensive. I want this phone but cant afford it. I will just get the nexus 4. 🙁

  • Vengefulspirit99

    why are people comparing prices between the best phone on the market with a mid ranged device? you pay for what you get.

    • Anon

      Are you talking about the Nexus 4? Because if that’s the case, the Nexus 4 has better specs actually, and at half the price. The only thing the Note 2 has going for it is the bigger screen, s-pen, removable battery, and microSD.

    • Ron Mexico

      Lol you got that backwards son

      Nexus 4, low internal storage (not expandable), crap LG camera sensor, no LTE, no S-Pen, non removable battery. No carrier support.

      Good luck dealing with Google for warranty. It’s not pleasant 😉

    • Anon

      Ah yes, hope could I forget Wind’s LTE network. You’re right, that puts Note 2 way above the Nexus 4. And what shall I ever do without carriers there to delay updates to my phone? Oh, and by the way, the sensor is made by Sony.

    • RogersRep7

      I don’t understand why people complain about pricing and contracts anymore. These cost money for Samsung to build. Samsung wants to turn a profit on their inventions, so they set a price to them based on what they believe the market will bare.

      Carriers subsidize that price so that you’ll pay for their services, which they also want to make money on. If you cancel the service, you pay back the prorated savings you got by signing the contract. Why is this so hard?

      Oh wait. I get it. People want amazing expensive things and they DESERVE them. It’s been said a million times – you get what you pay for. You want to pay nothing, but receive amazing. Good luck with that.

      If you want a $700 phone, you have to pay the $700 one way or another. If you don’t want to spend $700, guess what? You don’t get the $700 phone. Try walking on to a BMW lot and ask to pay what YOU feel is fair to your pocket book.


      This is what most complainers sound like to me.

    • Cinema6

      @RogersRep7 Hmm, no woner you’re a Rogers Rep. Let me humble you down a little here, sonny. Our neighbour, The United States, has the exact same phones on cheaper monthly plans, and 2-year contracts. So explain to me why Rogers’ monthly fees are higher, last a year longer, yet the phone costs the same. How does Rogers justify charging hundreds more over a 3 year contract? Greed and oligopoly is the answer that you’re looking for here, buddy.

      Canadians are finally picking up their calculators, and reading mobile news. And, once educated, they slowly refuse to take Rogers’ B.S. anymore.

      Have a good day, bloodsucker.

  • bigshadyray

    749 no contract.. wtf? Only too new customers??? If it was 629 no contract I think that’s a good price.

  • Alen

    Honestly after yesterday I can’t justify getting anything aside from a Nexus4.
    I’ve owned the last two Nexi/Nexus’ (??? we really have to figure that out) and while the extra screen sspace would be nice…it’s not worth x2 the price.
    I want to hear what Samsung/Sony/HTC have to counter the N4. Until then you’d be a fool to purchase anything else.

    I don’t understand how everyone was bashing MS for putting out a tablet and messing with their “partners”. Google just owned the mobile market with value.

  • Its Me!

    You think this is bad…
    Wait until the arabs fully take over, say goodbye to unlimited…
    Then they will be Canada’s 4th wireless carrier and charging just as much as ROBELUS maybe a toonie less…
    Dont believe me, wait and see!

  • CluelessCompanion

    Rogers: $650 Bell: $730 Wind: $750 Mobilicitiy: $660 Looks like its either Mobilicity(HSPA+) or Rogers(LTE), evens out when you put in 10 to unlock it. Oh and umm how is it going to work on Mobi/Wind, GSMArena is showing no 1700 band on the phone?

    • Plan Shopper

      Wow Google’s ordering site is going to be busy come November 13. I hope I get one LOL. Nexus 4 ftw.

    • Jon

      Gsmarena is often wrong or don’t list all versions of the phone.

  • jay

    I have the galaxy s3 and I am happy with it. I hope we getting a nice software update to jelly beans soon. Than I am more happy

  • Ron Mexico

    If Rogers, Bell, Telus never got stock Wind won’t have any tomorrow either. What is listed is likely the date it was SUPPOSED to launch.

  • dv

    Their prices are outrageous…

    • Ron Mexico

      Wind hardware prices always are. Always the worst prices of all carriers in Canada. And their Tab(contract) is a joke too.

    • caribouroader

      Amen Ron,

      Not to mention their Customer DIS service

  • in Calgary

    So Wind is worse that the other carriers for jacking the off-contract price.

    I have the Holiday Miracle Plan – while the tab info on the site indicates any $40 plan, the release info specifically states their 2 active plans. HMP not applicable for tab.

    So, to switch to Wind40 + Voice (losing other features, which I don’t use) = $48/month

    So to get tab = $48/month – $40/month HMP = $8/month more

    Savings on tab = $350 or $9.72/month

    So I keep the HMP and pay $1.72/month more I guess.

    It’s sad = Wind has definitly moved to overpricing their phones to encourage retention over time by using the tab.

    • Zen10

      You can definitely get a Tab if you are on HMP. Where are you getting your information from? :-/

      You may not get it right away, since Wind is focusing on acquiring new customers, thus only selling to them, but you will get it eventually.

      Go to a corporate store. They’ll let you know how things work.

    • in Calgary

      That would be nice if it is true, so I will cross my fingers, but I thought back office and the corporate store rep both indicated that HMP not applicable.

      Well, I’ll wait and see what they say when the phone becomes available to existing clients.

  • DrBadass

    All I gotta say is Holy Shit.

  • mjolnir

    Nexus 4 it is lol.

  • Marcus

    Who cares, get some Win 8 phones

  • mhasni

    My heart’s set on getting the Note II since I laid my eyes on the Note I. I’ve been a Wind HMP ’10 customer all this time without a tab. I’m prepared to pay this much.

    But Google has totally disrupted things for me this week. My perception of how much phones should cost has shifted a lot.

    I’ll now wait to see how google will price the Nexus 5 and see if the price on the Note II drops to something competitive. If Google’s aim was to disrupt the mobile phone market, well then it certainly worked on me.

  • BoXX

    I was certain that I would get this phone on Wind (a move from Fido and Crapple). I am now reluctant to spend that much money especially after seing the Nexus 4 price. My biggest problem with a Nexus 4: non-removable battery.

  • Germaican

    You gotta love a Rogers rep, I can imagine what orientation is like or should I say brainwashing. There is no reason to have 3 year contracts not to mention how much they charge in price plans. So they can afford to continue to have a stranglehold on media.

  • Elsa

    like Michael implied I’m alarmed that people can profit $9804 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this web page Buck6.com

  • BiL

    For all those people complaining about Rogers 3 years term please do your home work they have the same flex tab as wind or any other company +++ YES i agree rogers plans are more expensive but they charge for the service they provide Dont tell me Wind has better service LMAO + dont forget one more thing wind started with 15$ plan went to 25$ then 30$ now we are in 40’s and 50’s with getting premium data 60$+ i am sure in next 2 years you pay the same amount as ROBELUS

    • SH31KH

      Hey BiL. When I mentioned being screwed by Rogers for 3 years, I did not imply a 3 year contract. I know that most carriers also provide a similar “Tab” to Wind Mobile, but ROBELUS still offer contracts!
      And yes, I admit Wind’s prices have gone up..but they are still much cheaper than what other service providers are offering. Wind, being a baby company still (at least in Canada), needs funds to expand..and those funds can, unfortunately, only come from increasing prices for the time being.
      If the CRTC allowed the foreign backers/owners to properly invest into Canada, then Wind would have been as big as, of not bigger, than ROBELUS! But that’s another story…

      If you’ve ever listened to any of Tony’s interviews, you’d know that Wind was introduced in Canada initially and mostly to provide service to mid-to-low income individuals/families!

      Wind has come a very long way in such a short amount of time. You must admit, Wind has done an excellent job thus far. And the fact is, it will grow even bigger and better within the next couple of years. Don’t you want better overall service AND pay less for it?
      Start backing Wind, and you’ll get that! =)

  • Ron Mexico

    As I said, not one store got stock today. Another successful launch by Samsung Canada.

    Samsung Canada is officially a joke now.

  • brrro

    @BiL that may be true or not but it’s still not the case. WIND and Rogers both offer different services at the end of the day. Also, WIND offers unlimited talk, Caller ID included in all monthly plans & the option for unlimited data until a certain limit with throttling but no overage charges.
    Like I mentioned, WIND is the better provider to go with, especially in the long run. You get everything you need, the phone you want & fair prices on both ends.

  • JC

    Nexus Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuur

  • ile2010

    $750 is too much for a smartphone by at least $150, if not more.

  • David

    I have a question about Android updates. I am very new to the Android world and my first purchase was the Nexus 7. I am now on the waiting list for the Galaxy note II and drooling over the Nexus 10 (Christmas is coming). If I buy direct from Google I get updates right away. Will android updates on the Galaxy Note II be determined by Samsung or buy my Carrier? Does choosing which carrier I go with change the update frequency and availability? Is there one Carrier that is better at updating than the other? i.e. Wind vs Telus, or Bell? If I root the phone can I still get updates?


    Just get the Unlocked International version for like $800 including taxes and delivery from Expansys. I got mine from them a week ago and it took a day to deliver to Ontario. I absolutely love it The international model doesn’t have LTE which you don’t want anyways as it greatly reduces battery life. I get 10-11hrs of continuous non stop use with the screen brightness Set at 3/4 power, and the LTE my friend has gets only 6hrs. So it’s not worth having a Web page load 1-2 seconds faster.Any questions just ask.- KID ANDROID

  • Link

    fetched one from Wind today, seems not having multi-window