Update: Microsoft Surface tablet now available, lineups happened in Toronto


  • ns.dev

    Looks like they provide refreshments. I don’t remember seeing those in Apple lineup pics.

    • RealDeal

      Despite popular belief, Microsoft is not nearly as evil as it used to be.

    • Mike

      iSheeps would line up in 10 feet of snow if they had to. Why bother providing them anything?

    • Matthew

      Actually the one time I lined up for an Apple product the staff handed out snacks and refreshments to us. I get that you want to bash Apple but come on…

    • TK

      come on, get over it, its microsoft surface news, if u wanna whine about Apple, go somewhere else

    • Wes

      that`s cause apple has taken the spot of being the evil company. suing everyone for their “innovations”….

    • ns.dev

      So an Apple “genius” now have been reduced to handing out treats. Way cooler coming from a red wagon.

    • Steve

      I’m sticking with my iPad but this is still going to be cool. At least its WAY better than android tablets.

  • ns.dev

    Also, what is the point of RT, waiting for Surface Pro.

  • OnTheSurface

    Things to remember:
    -the Tablet with Keyboard is $720
    -MS is Spending one Billion in Marketing
    -That buys a lot of “articles” free-samples ads and “hype” in the media.

    Why not spend that BILLION in pricing the thing properly, I say!

    Hope MS enjoys this 2 days of “hype” on the 28th the Nexus 4 and the Google tablets come out and people will see that a Bexus 10″ tablet with keyboard offers more value.

  • scunliffe

    Does 30 mobile app developers that want to test their Win8 apps on a real device count as a line up? 😛

    This obviously wasn’t a “massive” release.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I was in line but I had to bounce because I acquire diarrhea suddenly. I will try again tomorrow, god willing.

  • hoo dat

    I’ve never understood line ups for any product. The product will still be there tomorrow, next week, or in two months down the road. Not only that but you swan into the store, buy your product and leave, so much less of a hassle. PLUS, the way the tech market is these days you’ll probably get it cheaper.

    • IMO

      A lot of commenters here are anxiously waiting for an iPad competitor, and the first time a company can create even just a little buzz around a non-iPad tablet and you bash it.

      If this was a beloved Nexus 7 or upcoming Nexus 10 launch would you have same negative feelings towards the line-ups? If not, then you’re probably insecure and irrational about your love of your OS.

      Sadly, there is more interest in this launch then we’ve ever seen on any Android tablet to date.

  • mithos

    Im waiting for the Nexus 10 with true enthusiasm, yet I genuinely hope this poduct does well. why? competition!
    competition drives innovation!

    also, wow, my phone isnt adding caps or punctuation. 2.5 year old htc desire ftl

  • Simian

    Now if only this would translate into getting developers fired up to write / port ARM compatible programs for it…

  • tremsr

    The reason Apple has line ups is because they only let one person into the store at a time on release days. 😉

  • Sam

    Lineup! These are iSheep they got fed up of apple

  • Jm

    Surface Pro will be the one to get!

  • TouchMyBox

    If anybody on here was lined-up, how much did Microsoft pay for the gig? Are you a unionized or non-unionized actor?

  • Duuuuude

    “And…and which of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?”

  • Vince

    The pop-ups stores have stock but no one with a preorder has received one yet?

    • GTP20

      I got a real red wagon

  • Et

    +1 Tmesr . I lined up once for an iPhone , when my turn came , told the guy give me the phone and take the money and let me go , he would not. Told him I have somebody waiting outside to buy this phone from me , he still wanted to explain how it worked etc.
    I think apple store employee are told to waste customers time to maintain the lineups. Don’t know about Microsoft though

  • skinnypig

    Too bad there isn’t a bundle with the blue touch cover. I’ll wait and see if they have more colour combinations around Christmas.

  • Dro

    The Surface actually looks very slick. Definitely very portable to take it to class and take lecture notes. I like Android but would love to bring the Surface to class to show off 😀

  • EvanK

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the surface, but it looks a little odd to see all these people waiting outside a kiosk. IMO it would’ve been a smarter move on MS’ part to open stores in most major Canadian cities over 1m (Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton), and then consider kiosks in the smaller cities like Québec, Winnipeg or Hamilton.

  • Pat

    nice to see the MobileSyrup.com website on that surface tablet photo 🙂

  • Phil

    To criticize people for doing line ups is bigotry. It has no impact on any other person’s life. If people want to line up for any product launch, concert ticket, video game release, then leave them alone. If you think that people lining up is pathetic, well it’s a lot less pathetic than people passing judgement over them.

    • ns.dev

      What if it’s Twilight?

    • Slappy

      Leave Britney alone!

  • Dukey

    The author got it wrong, the credit is for Microsoft Canada mistakingly sending out emails that the Surface was delayed whereas it’s actually on time.

  • Chew

    Not a hint about this on TV news. You’d never tell from the fruit-flavoured mainstream media that anyone other than Apple had people line up for product.

    That being said, I’ve seen both Surface and Windows 8 ads on TV, so the messaging is getting out there but not in the form of free ads the way Apple gets a lot of its message out there.

  • drone

    Are people really that jobless to spend half their day waiting for a consumer electronic?

    It’s funny tho how you fandroids aren’t hating on these folk but without a doubt would had it been an Apple product.

    Pathetic double standard.

    • Glitch

      ^ Truth. And not to mention, half the f*****g comments on this article are just Android people bashing Apple for LITERALLY NO REASON. NO ONE BROUGHT IT UP BUT THEM. It’s like they have tourettes and they can’t converse without screaming obscenities about Tim Cooks mother or something, Christ. This site just needs to erase the comment sections altogether, IMO. 90% insecure douchebags (on all sides) and 10% legitimately informed tech people.

      Anyways, I’ve had a few people come into my store looking for the Surface today (unfortunately I don’t have it) but it’s cool to see MS generating that kind of excitement for something other then Xbox, to me anyways. I really hope this tablet takes off for them.

  • DT

    Hmm,$50 credit for a minor delay. Proactively given too. Take note, Google, I waited 3 weeks without hearing anything for my Nexus 7.

  • superfly

    because apple fans are mental.

  • drone


    I on neither side. I support all manufacturers—yes even RIM.

    I just can’t tolerate fanboyism… whether it’s pro-Apple or pro-Android.

    I love my Galaxy SII, but there’s no denying that when it comes to tablets iPad is leading the pack.

    Hopefully Nexus 10 changes that somewhat (price is key. Also, looking forward to perhaps a price drop for the Surface—would become really competitive then.

  • coolwin8

    Microsoft we need a Store or Pop-up Store(s) in Ottawa there’s 2 Apple Stores, Sonystyle stores…I’m waiting for the Surface pro and the Xbox 720 launching Christmas 2013!

  • Swizzlerz

    I used my coupon to get a copy of windows 8 pro with disks for only $20. Great perk for being a few days late lol… Im going to get it and with my busy life scheduled, I couldn’t take the chance of going to the store to purchase it. Thanks for the discount :D:D:D

  • Swizzlerz

    So $50 gave me a a copy of Windows 8 Pro with disks for only $20 😀

  • Edge

    Wow I can’t believe it. At that price, I did not think much people would be interested in it.

    Wonder what their return policy is?

  • DW

    Edmonton’s shipment of Surface tablets was delayed in Calgary due to snow. They dispatched another plane immediately from Seattle but it wouldn’t arrive until after noon.

    So they took people’s orders and phone numbers and said they’ll call them when they are in this afternoon. Gave everyone a $50 West Edmonton Mall gift card to say sorry. They didn’t wait around until 10am to take orders either .. let people know as soon as they knew.

    Great customer service – went over and above to deal with it. Not upset – these things happens – but its how you deal with them that defines you.

    Now to get that Lumia 920 over to Mobilicity ….