Sony Xperia go coming Canada this November via Fido, or unlocked in “limited edition yellow” at Sony Stores


  • Nirujan

    Looks like they’re trying to mimic the lumia 920 but not impressive at all. PASS

    • dongle

      “No word on the release date or pricing”..
      Don’t worry about it, its not needed.

  • Nirujan

    and the resolution sucks balls

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    good for going out to wasaga beach to look at the bikinis

    • dongle

      With that phone in your hand they won’t let you in!

  • TB

    Did I read that right? A phone we can buy unlocked that isn’t from Apple?

    It’s about time! Realistically* the only way to buy an unlocked phone in this country is to get an iPhone directly from Apple or an Apple Store.

    * Realistically means buying it from a known name (Apple for iPhone, Samsung/Google for Galaxy Nexus) Galaxy Nexus can’t be bought from Google outside of the US, and costs WAY too much from the carriers who still have it.

    • hoo dat

      I seem to remember reading that Apple stopped selling unlocked phones with the iPhone5 and you now can only buy carrier specific units.

    • caribouroader

      Only locked in USA..unlocked in Canada.

  • Nathaniel James

    I got to give Sony credit. They are trying really hard. #TeamAndroid

  • lukeiphone

    another same looking and functioning phone..

  • drone

    This is what is known as a “s**t” phone –not “Sh*t”, but “s**t”.

  • Osama

    @HFC: yes man, bikinis rock! (unless you are John Marshall who likes looking at square tiles on his WP8 instead…)

  • Dilkatron

    Gonna get this for snowboarding. Leave my S3 at home.

  • Steve

    To be honest, this is the best 3.5 inch android phone we’ve seen in a while. This might be okay for someone who MUST have a 3.5 inch phone, and nothing bigger.

    I’m scared for the RAM specs though, if it has 512MB RAM that is a total dealbreaker. If it’s got 1GB though.. might be okay for someone who isn’t too serious about hardware specs. The durability is a nice bonus too.

  • HB

    Sounds good, finally unlocked phones from Sony in Canada.

    I wish they also sold the white and black unlocked though 🙁

  • Rae Aberdeen

    annnnnnnnd this is why I am leaving Fido.

  • Henry

    Again, looking at the comments here tells me that most people here only cares about big screen, quad-core spec, and amount of ram. Sony’s target market for this device isn’t to be the number one most technological advance phone on the market. It is targeting consumer who needs water resistant, dust resistant and scratch resistant. This mid-range Android phone actually does pretty good in both Europe and Asia market.

  • jack

    this looks exactly like the xperia U

  • JC Fung

    Now, if only they would release the “Skyfall” Xperia T in Canada unlocked…

  • Osama

    @jc Fung: you can buy an Xperia TX (removable battery, non LTE) right now for 5 bills, but why? You sign a contract with Robbers for 3 years, pay 150 tops for a 3 year contract, and you get them to wave the upgrade fee after 2 years and get a new one… why pay 5 bills up front??? you’re gonna need a service anyway, so whats the fuss?

  • SargentDave

    I’m annoyed at the people that rip of this phone because the screen “sucks balls” or the phone specs aren’t as “cool” as their phone. There’s a market for guys like me who want Android and have a blue collar type job. I don’t give a **** about watching movies and don’t need a quad-core processor to watch/download youtube and play games all day.


    • SargentDave

      *Sargeant (before I get ripped on my name, this site is tough) 🙂

  • drone

    i meant “sh at” not s**t.

  • Lars

    I agree, this seems like a reasonable phone. Of course it’s not the best. It’s just an affordable phone with mid-range specs, and that’s enough for some people.