Carmageddon released for iOS, free for 24 hours; Android port coming soon

Carmageddon, that ultra-violent, ultra-fun PC game that debuted in 1997 (!!) has been released for iOS after a successful Kickstarter funding of $625,000.

The company behind the port, Stainless Games, says that the game is faithful to the original without impeding the player; that is, controls have been updated for mobile, and can be used either on-screen or via tilt with the accelerometer. You can also upload your most memorable kills to Facebook and Twitter — this is 2012, after all — and the team promises multiplayer in its next version.

The game is also coming to Android later this year or early next year, and is free for iOS today only, before going up to $1.99.

Download Carmageddon for iOS.

Via: Joystiq