Public Mobile releases the Kyocera Rise for $149, runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Petephone


    • KidPublic

      A good phone for $99, at $150 is a tad expensive.
      With the prices of screen these days and the number of phones with 320*480 they best product to release at this point is a touch screen at 3.7″-4″ at those resolutions you simply don’t need the touch KB and its good enough and cheap enough.
      Think Samsung Ace2 or Galaxy S1.

    • MobileMonkey

      Give it a month or two, right before holidays and you can get this at 50% off… fantastic deal if it does happen.

  • Jordan Hill

    Kills the iPhone5s

  • Just that guy

    Ill pass…

  • Scotiaman

    With a phone like this who needs an I phoned

  • pots

    just cancels my phone from them dropped calls in and out signals .

  • Brian

    Really? Are you guys stuck in 2008 or something? This is, at best, an entry level phone. No dedicated number buttons, pathetic screen resolution, low-res camera, single core 1g processor from March 2010… the only redeeming quality is Android 4.0 (which isn’t the most recent release.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s a bad device… it’s just not even an iPhone 5 competitor – much less a killer.

    Mind you, I’m sporting an older Android that I love, but let’s not delude ourselves by thinking that entry level Androids are going to be taking on the iPhone, Lumias or even other Androids.

  • Sid

    i will take that for $49.99

  • iphoneuser

    This shouldn’t even be qualified as news worth reporting.

  • vader

    Just got one, great upgrade from my 762… Love it

  • Vengefulspirit99

    lol@brian being trolled

    this could be a very good entry phone. Just will have to see the small details first

  • noknok

    ZTE N762 is my second and my last Public Mobile phone. If they want to offer something affordable/cheap to their consumers it doesn’t have to be a crappy phone. There are many entry level Nokia phones who are better and cheaper than those ZTE & Kyocera phones.
    Upgrading to Nokia Lumia 710 soon & jumping ship to Chat-r. I love Public Mobile’s unlimited plans but their phones just make it impossible for you to enjoy it.

    • 2dfx

      Yeah except no other phone manufacturer (as you pointed out, Nokia) is going to make a CDMA band-G phone EXCLUSIVELY for Public Mobile. Seems ZTE is the only manufacturer willing to make any.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    This is definitely a step in the right direction for Public Mobile, by far the best phone in their lineup and fills a real niche many other mobile providers are not filling–qwerty sliding android.

  • STY

    But if this is still CDMA , it can’t be used anywhere else.

  • Ivan

    My HTC HD2 from 2009 is more powerful than this.

  • Avro Arrow

    As sweet as this is, I have to yawn a bit. They’re going in the wrong direction with this phone. Why would I pay $150 for this thing when I could pay the same thing and get the amazing ZTE N860 Warp? No thanks, I’m not willing to give up my lovely 4.3″ touchscreen with its 480×800 resolution, 1GHz CPU and 512MB for this monstrosity. If people like them and it sells, then fine but I think that PM should be focusing more on the candybar touch-screen phones. This phone may run ICS but it’s not nearly as sophisticated as the N860.

  • chris

    sweet phone if you can get it for a good price. haven’t been able to get root access yet but there isn’t too much bloatware so it’s pretty much good to go out of the box.

    keys on the keyboard are a little far apart but it’s great for my fat fingers.

    the keyboard does make the phone a bit thick but it seems fairly sturdy. a case would add bulk but probably help prevent hitting the power/sleep button while typing which tends to happen more often than i’d like.

    the camera is kinda crap but at this price i can’t complain.

    overall i’d give this a 7.5/10 after using it for a week.