Asus PadFone 2 officially announced with quad-core chip, HD screen, 13MP camera and new docking mechanism


  • Daryl

    That’s nice! Something worth buying.

    • 1234APPLE

      4.7″ SMALL

      SHOW ME 5″ AND UP

  • kenypowa

    This is what I’m talking about! Easily worthy of being a Nexus device.

  • yannickwolfe

    the 2140 mAh battery sounds a bit short. It think it will be hard to get a full day of usage with that.

    • taz b.

      When connected to the tablet counterpart is takes battery from the Tablet.

  • gnote

    Pretty sick, but I’ll stick with my GNote or get a GNote 2.

  • David

    900 euros?!? For a 4.7 inch phablet? Yeeeeeah about that…

    • kenypowa


      the price includes a 10 inch tablet.

    • RichieRickardo

      This isnt a Phablet. Its a phone that docks into a tablet type screen. The phone generates the processing power and has the apps but you dock it into a larger screen for easier use.

  • Tomatoes

    Very nice. I might have bought it if it was priced a little bit lower or if the phone didn’t stick out farther than the tablet.

  • Cg33

    Way too expensive!

  • Kevin

    Gah. I would easily trade in my S2+Transformer Prime for this. Having the one device would be a lot easier to use just because how an all in one device will always beat out syncing between two.

    Not to mention, hardly ever needing to worry about the phone dying on you.

  • Felix

    Anyone else think this looks like the Iphone?

    • Bri

      I have to agree on this one.
      flat back, metal rims or w/e it is called, speaker grill, and etc.
      Anyway, looks like a decent phone!

  • ile2010

    Why is it such a large phone screen if it’s meant to dock with a tablet?

    Also, people seem to be bitching about the price of the Surface tablet a hell of a lot more than this.

  • Henaway

    It’s obviously much more affordable to buy a phone outright for $700, and then shell out another $500 for a tablet. Plus tax.

  • Dern

    I’m tired of these companies launching phones with outdated versions of Android with the promise of an update “as soon as possible”. Somehow these companies need to get in sync with Google so that both can release both the stock/vanilla and the companies modded OS version at the same time. Maybe that means Google doesn’t release/announce an update until these companies have incorporated their skins/modifications and are up to speed with Google. Asus UI is close enough to stock Android as it is, there should be no delay for the OS update.

    • Tomatoes

      I wonder how nice the IGZO screen is and I wonder why Apple didn’t use the technology if it is already available….

    • eyenerd

      No way Google would wait for companies to incorporate their skins/mods before announcing or releasing their update.
      That would take away from one of the benefits of getting a Nexus: getting upgrades first.

  • Derek

    This is a slick looking phone. I’d like to see it come to Canada. I like the stock android feel the phone has going for it, and I’ve always liked how fast Asus has rolled out updates for all of their tablets. They have always been the first OEM to give updates to their devices and I think that says a lot for a non-Nexus device. Price just needs to come down a little bit because I’m not sure most people want to pay that much for a phone/tablet combo; most people just want the phone.

  • Zeake

    im right handed. no thank you. ill pass.

  • llfromto

    Technically, you can import this phone and use it on Rogers and Bell’s LTE network as it supports the 2600 MHz band out of the gate. However, Telus/Wind/Mobilicity and all US phone companies are out of luck on the first wave.

    • Peter

      Acfually bell and Telus in Canada use the Same Bands, but wind and mobility are out as you said.
      But Telus, Bell and Rogers should work fine.

  • brunes

    Pentaband this time maybe?

  • Puff

    hey Apple do you see what Asus has done. they made a totally unique port for their device yet it will accept cables that people already own. That is how its done Apple.

  • Steve

    I was once interested in the original Padfone. However, after getting my HOX, I prefer having 2 mutually exclusive devices. I can watch movies, browse the interweb on my tablet, while making calls and using other apps on my phone.