Microsoft Surface RT priced at $499 for 32GB model without keyboard attachment


  • lukeiphone

    Should be a great tablet. Looking forward to it.

    • 2Xpensive

      Isn’t this a $500 tablet with Keyboard with 32GB??
      How does it compare to the Tablet Nexus 10″ with a keyboard?
      -I know: still WAY cheaper than an iPad + Keyboard!

      Does it have an SD Card slot?
      a 64GB Class 10 SD card goes for $60 bucks this days.
      I wish they should put the “aded value” in a bigger battery and not in memory! Memory gets cheaper by the week!

    • 2Xpensive

      This product is a Confusion of segments at that price:
      Is it a laptop? at that point competes with mid upper laptops faster, more space better battery!

      Is is an exclusive laptop?- (Status) the $700its too close to macs

      Is it a Tablet?: Too expensive to compete with Android, too close to the iPad…and it has Windows!

      If you ask me that is a mide level Tablet+ keyboard, and it should be positioned to compete with the Nexus’s (Nexae?) tablets at $300-$350.
      That product is brand new AND has a brand new softwar; what makes MS believe that people will pay EXTRA??
      MS has the same delirium du grandeur of NOKIA (Lumia 800 at $530? LOL!) and RIM (BB 9900 at $600? LOL x 2!)

      The tablet won’t sell, and Steve Balmer will be jumping all over the stage again… but for the wrong reasons!

      Man: RIM, Nokia and MS are the new Kardashians of the industry! endless sources of entertainment…Wait this just in: ” RIM to be bought by ..IKEA!” (Stock jumps 10 cents)

    • 2Xpensive

      MS is making it simple for us the Surface is the “NEW ZUNE”
      Or is it the “Pebble2” “Kin 3”??

      ZUNE FAIL??


    and it’s gone…
    This product is currently unavailable

    • Shenzen

      wow its sold out faster than any new tablet.

  • mrmarquis

    I might as well buy a quality laptop for that price.

    • EvanK

      Exactly, for many tablets are still a luxury item, and for that price I’d rather buy a decent i3 or even i5 laptop with 2 or 3 times the power. I build desktops and now-a-days use my laptop sparingly, so I was hoping to be able to replace it with a newer tablet and keyboard dock for less, prefferably $300 plus kepboard dock. Looks like that’s not happening.

    • 2Xpensive

      WE are not that dumb: that is a tablet + keyboard ( comes in different colours though) at the price of a decent Laptop!

      BIG FAIL!!
      people are willing to save the $$ and the weight for a decent 10″ Android tablet at $350-$400 or less.

  • js

    not including the keyboard is one mistake. $100+ for it even bigger mistake. they emphasize it so much in marketing that i think many would have had the impression it’s included.

    • Brad F

      @js “they emphasize it so much in marketing”

      They do that so you’re willing to pay for it.


      Ever hear of the term “Accessories not included”? I have yet to get a model with a purchase.

  • Mark

    Priced to compete not fly off shelves like the Nexus 7. Microsoft could have gone with a 399 but screwing over the OEMS straight out of the gate would be a kick to the balls of Acer and Asus who are putting out some good Windows 8 devices.

  • Piff

    Is this the Tegra 3 model?

    • EvanK

      Yes; the RT model sports a Tegra 3 chipset, while the Pro version which is expected to be released early next year at a price point competitive to ultrabooks, will offer i3, i5 and i7 options.

  • Kenypowa

    You know what Microsoft?

    For $499 I can get a Nexus 7 AND an ipad mini, with some spare change. Too expensive.

    • EvanK

      Not necessarily, remember the price of the iPad Mini hasn’t been revealed (the product itself hasn’t even been announced!), and knowing iCrap, it’ll come in at MINIMUM $300-$350. Add taxes and you’ll come out around $550 at the least, $600 or $650 is more realistic

    • COB

      EvanK since when do taxes on a product that costs 300-350 end up exactly doubling the price? a product that costs 300 dollars with tax would be 339….not 600..


      @COB: They mentioned getting an iPad mini AND a Nexus 7, thats where that number comes from.

    • 2Xpensive

      ..Or about 27 Playbooks!
      one per letter plus one with a Smiley :)/finger to MS

  • EvanK

    Microsoft’s shooting themself in the foor with this one. I’m sorry, but if you want to compete with the iPad, you have to price yourself below the iPad. As sad as it is, the majority of average consumers who aren’t aware of their options and what’s out there, will definitely flock to the tablet that they know best; in this case the iPad. To even consider other options, they’d need to be priced quite reasonably, $349-$399 would’ve been a sweet spot to move it out the door.

    With the Nexus 7, Fire HD, and upcoming iPad Mini, the tablet market will be saturated with lower priced options starting at $199, and considering that tablets are still a luxury item for many, they won’t have the desire or need to spend upwards of $500, when they could get a pretty good one for less than half the price.

    After knowing the price, I probably won’t be picking one up. However, if MS really does want to move shipments, they need to step up their advertising. They need to get the word out, otherwise it’ll be another flop like many Android tablets on the market. What they should’ve done is priced it barely over the BOM cost, simply to gain the market share necessary.

    Just my $0.02, but if MS wants that marketshare, I honestly don’t think that it’ll happen at $500.

    • Mike

      And who said Microsoft wants market share with the Surface? Even they said they’re doing the Surface just to demo Windows 8. They’re hoping that sales will go to their partners like Asus and Acer. If they price the Surface too low they’re gonna piss off their partners.

    • Braumin

      Well lets compare apples to apples (pun intended).

      The Surface is 32GB to 64GB.

      The iPad 32GB is $599 with no cover. The Surface is $499 with no cover for the same storage. So technically it is cheaper.

    • DonCanada

      Tell me when APPLE was at it’s lowest market share did it lower thier price to try and gain more. Well NO! Why, because they kept a superior product at the best price possible. Conclusion it’s not always a question of price.

  • hoo dat

    After all the issues I’ve had with Windows 7, ironically I didn’t have a single issue with Vista, I’m loathed to buy anything with Windows on it at all. Windows 8 better be pretty spectacular to justify that sort of pricing, and from the pre-release I’ve played around with, it ain’t.

    • Troy

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  • Mark

    This article has the american prices. The Canadian microsoft store is priced accordingly.

  • Ryan Robinson

    I don’t mind the flat price, but since they’re marketing the unique keyboard so heavily, that should be a cheaper add-on ($50 or less).

    In any case, I’m looking for a laptop more than a tablet so I’m either waiting for the Pro or buying third-party equivalent anyway.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    meh, id rather just get a refurbished macbook air for a similar price, microsoft I am disappoint

  • SpeedyGonzales

    What I’ve said ever since it was announced: Microsft Surface tablets will live or die by their price.
    Way too expensive… RT locked to installing programs only from the Microsoft store… the i5 version coming too late…
    I guess Microsoft will never learn.

  • Chew

    Well I just lost interest fast. Way to drop the ball, Ballmer!

  • Shenzen

    seems to be overpriced. should have gotten a better introductory price to penetrate the market.

  • caanda45

    LOL at those prices no way!! A laptop is a far better deal. Saw an HP Laptop running Windows 8 touch last night @ Staples, not for sale till the 26th…nice and priced @ 999.00…so surface @ $599 and the keyboard @ $129 = too much to….they will come down and fast if they want to move any goods.

    I hate Apple stuff, but Microsoft is known for lousy product launches and support, I would be tempted to buy an Apple before any Microsoft product….Whew I did not get a bolt of lightning striking me down for saying that!! LOL but I won`t buy Apple at any rate at this time…

  • Jeremy Mauro

    I can’t believe how naive some of you are. This tablet will be better than any you’ve seen and will outperform any apple product you fanboys are touting everyday. Windows 8 already works extremely well and the store for the apps will pick up quickly just like it did for wp7. Chill out and check this thing out. It shouldn’t be priced lower than the Ipad, because it is a competitor. As it stands, you will still get more for your dollar with MS than you will with Apple and you won’t have to buy a dozen adapters/accessories at $40 each either.

    • jellmoo

      How on earth do you know that? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very attractive product, no doubt, but how can you be so certain? Both iOS and Android have strongly established ecosystems that Microsoft still has to build. Both have an established user base that are comfortable with their products.

      It might be a great product, but they are pricing themselves into a corner here. Apple utterly dominates the high end of the tablet market. Microsoft needs to prove that their product can compete. Every other tablet that tried to enter at that price point has failed thus far. Microsoft may be different, but they have done nothing to prove it thus far.

    • Anton

      Why invest $500 on a product that might fail. Judging by Microsoft’s past history of not supporting products that have failed (ie. Windows Phones) which were also claimed to change the phone industry (uhhh…didn’t happen) people want to see the product work, and work well before they invest a large sum of money into it. Both Apple and Android have proven that their tablets work, and well…obviously Apple with the success of its iPad and certain Android tablets (ie. Nexus 7). What’s stopping Microsoft from releasing Windows 9 in a year and everyone who bought a Windows 8 tablet will be SOL (it’s happened once).

  • Dern

    No thanks…

  • skinnypig

    I have to pay more if I want a type cover other than black? 🙁 The $599 bundle should have colour choices!

  • Antonio

    Microsoft just dug their own grave…

  • Is this Bb10?

    So Microsoft would rather spend money on marketing than offering a loss leader discount. Makes sense because more dumb people will respond to the marketing than the discount. However, smart people will buy the better value Android tablets.

  • no

    I was looking forward to the product until this. Way too expensive. Will probably get a nexus instead.

  • TKG26

    Aside from storage this is a laptop replacement right? You cannot get a display that nice on a 400-600$ laptop

    • Big Ang

      Not really. The Surface Pro (to be released next year) will have an Intel chip and be able to run the full version of Windows 8. This is running Windows 8 RT, which has almost everything that some people need in a laptop like the iPad or large-screen high-end Android tablets (do those even exist?).

  • Osman

    Too expensive. should be 449 for the tablet with the keyboard.

  • Brad F

    Wow, MobileSyrup. You cite The Verge as a source and use their image, but then you crop it to remove the watermark.

    That’s kind of a scumbag move.

  • LeDerp

    Lets look at this
    Kindle’s start at 150ish
    New Nexus 8gb will start at 150ish
    New Nexus 32gb rumoured at 250ish
    iPad mini 8gb is rumoured to be 250ish (pay the apple premium)
    and other iPad minis with more GB = more $$$
    so basically
    Microsoft decided to go against Apple?

    Good luck with that

  • mani

    They’re doing what exactly blackberry did. I’m really disappointed!

    • mani

      It should really be 300 including the keyboard, 250 without!

  • Ron

    It’s giving a chance for the OEMs. At this price, it’s definitely not a 1 look it’s sold kind of thing but it definitely broadens the choices and makes other manufacturers step up in innovation and create something more amazing to match or surpass.

  • John

    Price leaked out ?!

    Cant find it on the store anymore


    Pricing in CAD
    CDN$719.00 (64 w/ touch cover)
    CDN$619.00 (32 w/ touch cover)
    CDN$519.00 (32 w/o touch cover)

    Touch Cover: CDN$129.99
    Type Cover: CDN$139.99

    It’s back online (for now)
    microsoftstore. com/store/msca/en_CA/pdp/productID.257918700

  • bobfreeze

    How can this be anything but a fail?

    1. If I’m looking for a “tablet” there’s a proven iPad or inexpensive Android
    2. If I’m looking for a “laptop” I can get twice the build for the same price
    3. This leaves creating a completely new niche – revolutionary products such as the Blackberry and the iPad are truly visionary – does anyone think Microsoft can pull this off???

  • Slappy

    Aside from portability, I don’t see why I should stop using a 15.6 inch laptop.

  • Darren

    Pricing is way too high to make a mark. I suspect we will see another playbook / hp touchpad fiasco. I will wait till after xmas and buy the tablet at a fire sale like I did for the touchpad.

  • jPhoneUser

    ok hold on guys. you have 3 choices.

    1)LEarn win 8 a bit and create a small app for windows store and msft will soon give a free tab(Playbook).
    2)Wait till this drops to 149$. (playbook).
    3)Go get an ipad or a nexus 7 and imagine this never happened. (Playbook).

  • Not a bear

    This thing’s gotta be a stunner if they wanna price it like that, or people will mindlessly just go buy more ipads…

  • 2Xpensive

    Hope they pull them out and stop spending that Billion Dollars in advertising and reduce the thing by $100-$150 if they want it to sell in big numbers!

  • LOL..Too Expensive

    50 % off sale coming soon , maybe as early as January 2013 🙂

  • Lauro

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