SaskTel says the Galaxy Note II is “coming soon,” encourages you to fill out a form to stay informed


  • Sean

    If this years nexii disappoint this is the phone i am going to go with, glad we finally get a quad core exynos device here

    • Scott Palmer

      I read from a cyanogen dev that Exynos chipset GPL source code submissions are incomplete and outdated (both). Samsung is refusing to cooperate with the GPL requirements.

      I own a Galaxy S3 but will likely never buy another Samsung product because of this.

      I urge you all to support the GPL by doing the same.

  • charly

    How soon, come on !!!!!!!!!!!! my level of excitement is sky rocketing :))))

  • Dalex

    Woot! If it wasn’t for the horribly glossy disgusting backplate and Touchwhiz I would be all over this…

    Here’s hoping HTC makes a Nexus device 5 inches or larger with a matte polycarbonate body.

    • NOTEtorious

      Put a case on it and change the launcher. Protection and customization.

    • Dalex

      Cases are ugly bulky POSs. The last phone I used a case for was the Iphone 3g (I shudder thinking of that crappy phone). Launchers only work on the homescreen/drawer, the menus are still the same. I could root and put CM10 or another AOSP rom on, but that would kill the S-Pen functionality.

  • I Like Good Food

    Is stock android pointless on a note 2? I ask because I’m not sure if the stylus can be used without touchwiz. If that’s the case I’ll always have to wait for an “official” update.

  • Is this Pentaband?

    Is there two versions of this phone or is it a Pentaband?
    Have they released those details yet?

    Exciting if it’s one version for all carriers.

  • samuel10210

    just waailable then buying this deviceiting for this tobecome av