Red Samsung Galaxy S III dummy devices start arriving at Bell and Virgin stores


  • jack

    that is butt ugly

    • jack

      lol so many downvotes just cause ppl think i said the phone is ugly. the COLOR is ugly, i have an s3 myself in white tho. best color.

    • jonny

      We are downing because that color is sexy!

    • Jay

      Color is actually really nice, it’s the picture quality that’s ugly.

    • 1234APPLE


    • Canadian

      Still waiting for the Brown one..

    • OgtheDim

      Personally I’m going to thumb you down for spelling the world COLOUR wrong.

  • eshizzi

    Tried making a call on one. Didn’t work. #doh

    • eshizzi

      It’s a dummy phone, in case you missed that. #doubledoh

  • Peter

    I have white and THIS IS UGLY!

  • Me


  • Calvin

    this wall paper is for the while and Blue only~~
    please change it for the red one

  • Hinds2009

    That’s one nice looking phone! Its a nice phone red.

  • Cody

    Love the red and love the gray on the note 2, but hate the white and blue.

  • Jean-Paul Gallant

    I ain’t budging till the plaid one comes out.

    • 45

      That would actually be pretty cool.

  • Midg82

    Our store already has the real thing.

    Got three of em

  • fonehome

    Malibu Stacey has a new hat!


    absolutely beautiful

  • Olerius

    The cherry red is sweet! I’m very surprised Bell (of all carriers) beat Rogers to the punch with this one.

  • ??

    get a Nikon to take pictures and people will stop complaining
    I’m sure this is a nice red in real life…

  • Ron Mexico

    Dear Samsung, please keep your Red GS3 and kindly ship the Titanium Grey Note 2 and…

    Take my money!

    • Plan Shopper

      Ron, the best comment so far! I like the S3 but the Note 2 is my phone of choice.

      Vergin, grab some of the Bell phone version Note 2’s and make them yours. Then hook me up!

    • Plan Shopper

      *Virgin. Dang typos

  • MER1978

    I don’t understand why they can’t just make a phone and release fun replacement cases that cost like $15/$20… colour freedom please. 😀

  • purdy44

    Still waiting for Samsung to release the accompanying wireless charger and S Pebble MP3 player….

    • Kyle

      Where are our wicked S3 accesories??? I specifically gave up inductive charging with the Palm Pre (minus, plus, 2 – I had them all) to get inductive charging on the S3…

      We are now a month late for it… and literally NO word from them on the progress….

  • OGOD

    I Love my white S3, my gf said if the Pink special edition launch in Canada, she wanted to get the S3 too. But too bad its on in Korea.

  • pacalis

    Ah, inspired by nature. In this case a bloody steak.

  • J.T

    looks sweet. i am willing to sell my iphone for this. Apple is getting stale

  • Drone

    Butt ugly phone; where’s the Black one?

  • Adam

    Does anybody know why my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Rogers gets very warm on the back at the lower side?

  • ben

    Odd seeing a Red exclusive phone to the Blue company(Bell). Shouldn’t this have been a Rogers exclusive colour instead?