Microsoft to officially launch Windows Phone 8 on October 29th in San Francisco


  • Abe

    NICE!! I cant wait 🙂

  • Osama

    I hope they make it look more like a windows or linux OS and not these ugly blue blocks! oh man, poor MS!

    • John Marshall

      No, they’re sadly going to make the interface intuitive and modern rather than clinging to the desktop metaphor for a mobile device. 😛

  • John Marshall

    Hopefully this means a rush of device announcements for Canadian carriers, because I am well-fired up to upgrade to Windows Phone 8! 😀

  • S2556

    does microsoft typically lock down their OS or take a more open approach like android?

    • EvanKr

      It’s pretty locked down, but still in all honesty quite a bit more open than iOS. However being closed sourced and monitored closely by MS, it’s for the most part quite locked down.

  • Spikedlemon

    Such a haze of messages from all the Windows8 vendors with no clear availability dates.
    Apple, at least, can pick a date and launch nearly worldwide on that date.

  • haxor99

    If I didn’t get into Android perhaps I would be interested in this. I used to be such a Windows fan but now I’d like to get off of windows in all my PCs, just can’t do it because of compatibility with work programs.

  • Chew

    @S2556 – It’s sort of the half way point between being open like Android and being closed like Apple, much like Windows on a PC – half way between the freedom of Linux and the expensive, closed Mac. Android, WP, and iOS occupy much the same positions in the mobile world, in my view at least.

  • Cell Guy

    Which is the best device that has been announced? I think the Samsung ones has good specs, however, hearing a lot of hype on the Nokia as well. What does everyone think?

    • Ron Mexico

      I’m skipping anything WinMo until Dev’s and people start to care. The market for WinMo is far too miniscule still.

      Android or iOS (else no one cares)

    • John Marshall

      I dunno about you, but the Lumia 820 is the device I’m most interested in. It’s got much the same specs as the 920, albeit with less screen resolution and such, but it includes the sort of things I’d probably be more interested in, like microSD and a removable battery. That kind of power and LTE speed on a “midrange” phone is hard to pass up.

      The best phone objectively, though, is probably a toss-up between the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X. The 920 looks like it’s going to be a big leap forward for smartphones with its design, display and advanced optics, but the HTC 8X seems like it’ll make Windows Phone 8 look like the cool new thing. The Lumia 920 will show what Windows Phone 8 is capable of, while the HTC 8X will give Windows Phone broad consumer appeal, though it’s a bit slack in some specs compared to the Lumias.

    • freestaterocker

      In my mind the Nokia Lumia 920 is the front runner. Better pixel density than the Sammy, Pureview camera, Puremotion HD+ super-sensitive touchscreen, Dolby sound, wireless charging, BT 4.0, etc… Four things the Samsung has over the Lumia: bigger (but pentile) screen, expandable storage, thinner & lighter, and 300mah larger & removable battery. It’s still a great device, but if your after the most innovation handset, or post purchase support from the OEM is important to you, make yours a Nokia.

  • Jimbo

    If the leaked pricing is correct, I think they will struggle. I was interested but not for the price that is out there. I will have to wait until someone resales it.

    • freestaterocker

      If we could rely on direct conversion of EU pricing for smartphones as a guide to what they’ll cost here, the 16gb iPhone 4S would’ve been about $1000 off-contract. I anticipate the 920 will be available at the same price range Rogers launched the 900: $500-$550. Though by specs alone it wouldn’t be surprising to see it around $600, Nokia needs market share before margin, and as such I anticipate they’ll price aggressively. If it comes in under $550 I’ll buy it launch week. As long as it’s under $700, it’s my next phone. Most likely in cyan.

  • pacalis

    Did the choose san francisco so they could run iOS maps, inception edition?

  • Nelcam

    Dev’s and people will start to care. with how easy it seems Microsoft is making it for people to adapt early onto Windows 8 for their PC’s; more and more people will be familiar with the windows phone 8 when they come across one. not to mention that with such a huge set of launches coming from Microsoft, this only means that they will be following with a storm of marketing making more and more people wondering whats up and naturally inquiring. Windows phone is one of those OS’s that unless you see and try it out, you won’t understand how cool it actually is. its definitely a refreshing feel for smartphones in general and people will be intrigued with something new as android and iOS become more and more stagnent with their look and feel. It looks like Microsoft is playing their cards right with going balls to the wall with all their new products launching near the same time from one another. I’m happy for them and can’t wait to see the outcome of this massive game plan they’re about to run.

  • kroms

    Not interested at all. Next Phone will be the NEW G Nexus, hopefuly made by HTC and not LG.

  • Ben

    Very interested! As a very happy GNEX owner running 4.1…. it will take a lot to sway me away from the excellence Android has become. However, in my attempt to unify my computing experiences across one platform… Sometime next year the Black Lumia 920 will be mine 😀