124 “Target Mobile” retail locations are opening in Canada next year, powered by GLENTEL

Target is planning to take on other big box stores and in a Canadian onslaught with 124 retail location early 2013. The first location will open sometime March/April and it was announced today that GLENTEL has been granted the agreement for their wireless sales. GLENTEL will offer up a “choice of network carriers and an array of wireless devices” under the brand name of Target Mobile. You might know the name WirelessWave or TBooth, these brands are owned by GLENTEL and they offer devices and plans by Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Fido, Virgin, CHATR and SaskTel.

Tom Skidmore, President and CEO of GLENTEL stated, “We are proud to be selected by Target as the exclusive operator of its mobile communications products and services display fixtures at the majority of store locations across Canada. As Canada’s largest independent multi-carrier mobile phone retailer, GLENTEL is well positioned and committed to delivering its premium wireless retail experience to Target’s valued guests across Canada.”

Source: CNW