124 “Target Mobile” retail locations are opening in Canada next year, powered by GLENTEL


  • Lexcyn

    How many more of these store branded mobile shops do we really need?

    • jack

      we need costco mobile, loblaws mobile and maybe even mcdonalds mobile in malls everywhere. every store in the mall should sell phones basically.

    • OgtheDim

      Glentel does Loblaws (Presidents Choice) mobile.

    • Canadian

      2Yr Contracts MAX or give me an AT&T; Tmobile; Verizon store….and then the 3 yr contracts will be banned in Canada…just like in the rest of the world!

  • Adam

    So they’re gonna sell Telus at Target, and leave out WirelessWave and TBooth? Hmm…

    • jack

      doesnt even say anything like that in the article

    • Adam

      “You might know the name WirelessWave or TBooth, these brands are owned by GLENTEL and they offer devices and plans by Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Fido, Virgin, CHATR and SaskTel.”

      My mistake, it’s an error in the article. Glentel does not sell Telus anywhere.

    • Cell Guy

      Glentel runs the Samsung store mobile space, and they DO sell Telus in that location.

  • Where was Wind?

    No Wind is sad.

    • jack

      if u want wind, just go to a wind store?

      btw i’d never buy something from a “mobile” store. most of the time if you have any problems, they just tell you to go to your carrier’s kiosk/store. why the f would i give u commission if you arent going to help me out afterwards? id rather go to the carrier’s store, give them the commission cause i know they’ll help me out later.

      i get so many fido customers that bought their phone/service with wirelesswave but then they wont help them and just send them here to us.

    • Big Ang

      I’d agree, unless they are offering something that the regular carrier stores do not.

    • bob

      as a sales person in one of those other stores who is non-commisioned I hear carrier stores talk out of places they really shouldn’t just to keep a customer. I would trust someone who has all the carriers and sells them equally then just one who only pretends to know the others….

      Ive had customers tell me that the carrier stores were basically planning on overcharging them for just about everything….

    • jack

      non-commissioned? you must work at bestbuy. i think that’s the only place i’ve heard that is not commissioned. it is good that these mobile stores gives u a place to compare other plans from other carriers, ill give them that.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Future Shop is higher wage, not commission, just like BB. Why? To discourage them from “flipping” the customer. It would be nice if Glentel adhered more to that understanding. I only sell Bell/Virgin and I will gladly support and help any and all Bell customers. Why? They come back to me instead of those other places.

  • w00t

    no interest

  • StEC

    Isn’t the market getting a little saturated now!? I walk in a mall and I see cell phone stores and kiosks everywhere how do they all survive? Then you have an equal amount of cellphone accessory stores it’s crazy lol!

    • Big Ang

      How do they survive? Simple – cellphone contracts. How? With cellphone contracts the average customer doesn’t realize the amount of money the “free” cellphone is costing them. The average iPhone customer pays $80/mth for service, and the reason that’s so high is because Robelus has to make up the phone subsidy cost and all those stores are making an ongoing commission each month. Because people have gotten used to spending $50-$100 per month for their phone, but none of them realize they are carrying around a $700 mini-computer that they will toss out in 3 years or drop in the toilet. Because people are used to the $50-$100 monthly bill, everyone keeps getting the latest and greatest and most expensive phone every 2-3 years and these kiosks and Robelus are laughing all the way to the bank.

      And hey, I’m not blaming companies like Robelus or Glentel – if the majority of the population enjoy giving them excess money every month, then Robelus and Glentel should continue letting them.

  • Scotiaman

    Well Target is going to kick Walmart butt. This. Is more about retail competition than a great wireless experience.

  • IBL

    This is the same company running Samsung’s stores. Well, they aren’t really Samsung’s stores, they are GLENTEL’s stores with Samsung branding.
    ….no wonder no one has even been to a Samsung store.

  • jack

    If you really want to offer “choice of network carriers” why are the new entrants not included? If you really want to offer Canadians “choice” that is what you should do GLENTEL.

    • jack

      damn it, u use the same name as me. but learn proper english!

    • Samuel

      For that to happen too those new entrants need to have agreements with local carriers or have their own coverage locaclly

  • John Lee

    What I want is a Target Mobile MNVO service, just like Walmart Family Mobile down in US.

  • J.

    Glentel doesn’t do loblaws, pop up retail does.

  • Adam

    “You might know the name WirelessWave or TBooth, these brands are owned by GLENTEL and they offer devices and plans by Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Fido, Virgin, CHATR and SaskTel.”

    My mistake, it’s an error in the article. Glentel does not sell Telus anywhere.

  • ile2010

    When I saw the title, I thought we were getting a new operator. Who gives a toss about another location to buy cellphones? They’re gonna cost the same as at Best Buy, Future Shop, Superstore, etc.

  • Tomg666

    Glentel sells Telus at Samsung Store in Metrotown

  • Brad

    What no Koodo?

  • Peter Hope-Tindall

    We need a GLENTEL / Target multi carrier MVNO – that would be great!!

  • Canada?

    Ah, more american retail invasion.

    Do we own anything anymore?

    What’s next? The RCMP? Our hospitals? Anne Murray?

    • Scott

      Nothing wrong with open competition. Consumers win because we get more choice, more innovation, lower prices and better service.

  • malingerer


  • Ice

    Can’t wait for Target to arrive!!!

  • d–

    Glentel sucks!

  • Betty Koyle

    Will they sell bb10 devices?