Update: Microsoft’s “pop-up” store in Toronto, Edmonton and Burnaby are ready for business, will open on October 26th

Microsoft will be opening their first retail location in Canada at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, plus we’ll be seeing four “pop-up” stores in various malls across Canada. These festive ‘pop-up’ locations are kiosks and they seem to be focussed on selling/educating one item: the new Surface tablet.

When Microsoft announced plans to have stores this season they noted that “these holiday stores will allow customers to have hands-on experience with and identify the best Microsoft products for their personal and gift-giving needs.” The Surface is the only thing you’ll be touching there. The first pics of the kiosks design have popped up online – pic above is from the location in St. Louis. You can bet the Canadian locations will look similar and they open for business on October 26th.

The only thing missing from the Surface announcement is the price points, rumours point to $399 for the 32GB Windows RT version.

Update – October 16th: Here’s an updated pic (above) of the Toronto Eaton Centre Microsoft ‘pop-up’ store. This kiosk is set to open on October 26th (Surface launch day) and it’s on the first level near People’s Jewelers.

Update: #2: West Edmonton Microsoft ‘pop-up’ store is ready for action as well, it’s the one with Towne Shoes in the image.

Update #3: Metrotown (Burnaby, B.C.) is also up, waiting for the 26th to arrive.

(Thanks Al, Bob, Ray, and Marrrio for the pics!)

Source: WPCentral