Update: Microsoft’s “pop-up” store in Toronto, Edmonton and Burnaby are ready for business, will open on October 26th


  • iphoneee

    Where are the apple geniuses????

  • palm

    why not in eaton centre!

    • Ant

      I thought there IS one in Eaton? A popup store I mean.

  • John

    Anyone knows when we’ll get this in Montreal?

  • tech

    if its for $200 its worth lining up for it.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Get a real pad, a maxi pad.

  • Dro

    Is it true that the pro will come out after the holidays? I can’t decide between the rt and the pro.

  • Betty

    bb10 pop up stores coming January! cant wait to line up at these great stores!

    PS: this isn’t really a store, its more of a “booth”

    • Barry

      It looks like a booth that hands out brochures for vacations.

  • John

    only 32gb? I guess if its got expandable memory, but thats pretty small for a tablet/laptop

  • Hilman

    I’d call it a pop up kiosk, so why is this news?

  • Chimera13

    How do the rest of us in the country buy 1? Ottawa, Ottawa!!

    • ns.dev

      In a store, on the internet…

  • ns.dev

    Where is the button for the free iPad, and single [wo]men looking for lovers? This is a terrible pop-up.

    • 45

      I miss Bonzi Buddy/

    • Keith

      Paying for a Surface is better than a free iPad.

  • ActivesiN

    Price point is really going to determine if this thing is a success or if its doa
    cant wait to see one in person

  • nikman

    How about Rideau Centre Ottawa!

  • ruddias

    Sell unlocked lumias too when the new ones come out!

  • Mithos

    Put one in Calgary and have a chance to take my money!
    Try before you buy!

    … or nothing!

  • Phil R

    Since I’m probably one of the few here that lives in Quebec city, let me root for my french city! YOOHOO! Don’t forget about us Microsoft!!!

    Place Ste-Foy would be a perfect place for a pop up! Right next to the Apple store!!

  • Vincent W

    Only showcasing the tablet? Tiny little kiosk. Super lame. Super disappointing. I want a real Microsoft store, not some travelling salesman who pops out of his suitcase with a cardboard cutout.

    • mark83

      well yorkdale is getting a permanent full blown store, though its not open untill november 12th

  • Barry

    It looks like a booth that hands out travel brochures

  • chris c.

    Wow, product unveilled June 18th, but still no price announced now with less than 30 days until launch. I’m disappointed with Microsoft on this regard.

    Leaving out this important detail until the last-minute is simply inexcusable–no matter how good they think their product is.

  • Swizzlerz

    I am unsure if i want to buy the rt tablet or wait till January for the pro edition. i might just get this one for media consumption. and look into something later doing work on the road.

  • Hilman

    Won’t be many buying a tablet at those prices, but on the bright side, at least there won’t be any lineups lol.

  • Mike

    There’s one at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC too. I was just there yesterday and the kiosk is there. Looks like like the one in this picture.

  • Rick Morayniss

    Surface here I come.

  • Ron

    Oh hey, I see samsung in the background!

  • Vince

    With such simple kiosk setups, why not more locations like Calgary, Ottawa, etc.?