MAD Magazine pokes fun at Apple’s iOS 6 debacle: “Now using Apple Maps”


  • Ted

    Umm… This isn’t MAD magazine, this is the incredibly relevant New Yorker….

    • Ted


    • Lee

      You’re a TOOL


    Woo… another Apple maps post.

  • shadyguy

    Incredible how the mighty apple has become the brunt of so many jokes.

  • Ted

    Clearly you can see that it’s Vogue.

  • JP

    It’s a Mad Crazy Magazine!

  • _ThaNerd_

    Apple crumble pie…

  • Dustin

    Amazing. Can’t wait for all the fanboys to jump off the handle and get defensive about this article.

    Apple maps are a joke and it’s time to stop burning bridges with every company in the world and focus on delivering great products to your legion of iZombies who line up like pigs to slaughter to purchase anything Apple tells them to.

    I’m excited to read all the sniveling, whiny, ignorant replies to this message. I’m sure they will be witty and on point.

  • Roy

    A friend of my uncle visited NYC once.

    He confirmed that’s not the Mississippi River.


      What next? You’re going to tell me Chad isn’t north of the US?

    • normal-mind

      hahahah are you serious?? Uncle really confirmed that above map is not correct :p?? Isn’t is should be Hudson river and not Mississippi river.
      Check on “Google Maps”

    • some guy

      Wait… what!? Chad ISN’T north of the US?

      *Mind explodes*

  • John

    No you idi0t, Chad is in my Calculus class!!

  • pacalis

    Wait, I can’t see Russia from Wasilla.

  • Dan

    I have a picture of Toronto that is in exactly that same format, it was bought over 20 years ago. As usual, what is old is new again.

  • freestaterocker

    That’s pretty funny…