Samsung to announce Galaxy S III Mini on October 11th?


  • steveo

    why is no one making top of the line phones in a 4-4.3″ screen anymore? I want a powerful android but don’t want a phone I need 2 hands to use properly.

    • Adam

      Part of the problem is power effeciency. Faster processor, more RAM, etc. needs more battery. Battery takes up more space than anything.

    • l forgot my meds

      Yes they are. It’s called a iPhone.
      Get a real phone.
      Get a iPhone.

    • Brad F

      @Adam They could just optimize the s**t out of the software so it doesn’t kill the battery so fast.

      I mean, Apple managed to get 8 hours of LTE battery life out of a 1400 mAh battery, which is pretty insane, so I’m sure Samsung could do it too.

    • Allan

      Because larger phones pack more features, such as an NFC chip.

    • Stupid

      Java is a pig so unless Google decide to start from scratch with a better language you can forget about optimization to any great length.

      If boot to gecko or meego ever get off the ground they both have the potential to do the same, faster.

      Or more so in reality is BlackBerry 10.
      Don’t know what Windows is built on to be honest.

    • Pierre

      The HTC One S is a 4.3″ and is comparable to his greater brother, the HTC One X in terms of performance according to benchmark tests.

    • BBMer

      Samsung has two options:
      Release a phone that is 4″ with specs that will compete with the iphone5; the problem is that it’s still smallish for the price and specs required, so I think they will release it in 4.3″ Samsung has been known for releasing many iterations fo phones that WORK and SELL well (i.e. Galaxy S2)

      All they need to do is either release the S2 (i9100 International) with a 4.3″ AMOLED HD screen with a total size smaller, or 4.5″ HD screen with the same size of the S2 ( that has a 4.3″) add a big battery, more RAM and voila! (Samsung will have to add LTE due to pressure in North AMerica, since LTE is a CASH GRAB) Internatinal version will only have Dual Cell HSDPA radios giving you extra battery and almost the same speed!

      In reallity all they have to do is the:
      Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE in 4.3″ with double the RAM, bigger battery and half the Bezels, price it around $400-500 to compete with S3 at $550 or less, that will be the price by Xmas and since most of the components are from last yr they will be cheap,profitable and sell in the millions!

    • monsterduc1000

      @steveo: What about the HTC One S? Same internals as the S3 with a qhd 4.3″ SAmoled screen. The only thing it is missing is LTE. That phone is as almost as high end as they come right now, even benchmarking better than the S3 and it’s big brother the One X in lots of areas.

  • Adam

    Sounds more like a refreshed Galaxy S I. 4″, WVGA, probably less than a gig of RAM. That would probably be a pretty decent mid-range phone.

    • Brad F

      More like an updated Galaxy W. It’s a nice phone, for the low end.

    • gjeff12

      @Brad We”re going to get download for this because it’s not 100% pro Samsung. But I totally agree. Why use the name from a top device on a mid range device when they already have the W? What a bout the Galaxy W II?

  • aliwhatsit

    Sooooo Grosss!

  • PhoneScience

    Look, guys, Samsung, HTC, all of you;

    When you make a Mini, don’t make it crap, just make it smaller. A Galaxy SIII with everything the same, but maybe a 4″ qHD screen, would be perfect.

    Big does not mean better, the first thing you learn in med school is that correlation is not causation, and that is what has kept misdiagnoses from happening, Samsung, you’re misdiagnosing.

  • Steve dion

    Can’t wait for the 5 inch Galaxy S 3 Maxi. Ridiculous!

    • Plan Shopper

      I can’t wait either but I think they call it the Note 2.

  • Thomson

    True on the size part. Look at sportscars, bigger isn’t what everyone wants. But, people want performance.

  • SC

    qHD PLS display please

  • Stuntman

    I want a landscape slider keyboard.

    • Stupid

      We are such a minority..

  • Rex Banner

    Surprised they’re not calling it “Galaxy SIII Nano”

  • noname

    Samsung go back to drawing board and redesign the phone rather than making more low end devices. I love galaxy square specs but not its design. But u know I’ll buy u even if its same old plastic made.

  • Mark

    Phone science…. what you just stated had nothing to do with causation vs correlation. I love how you added the med school line as an ego booster. You learn this in high school, get off your cloud. Ps. Your wrong, bigger is always better, no matter what your girlfriend tells you

  • Nirujan

    Man this is the same s**t as the Samsung Galaxy Mini. The Samsung Galaxy was an amazing phone back then but the Galaxy Mini sucks balls!

  • Nathan

    Maybe you should get back on your meds….. the iFail is a TOY for women and old people who want BASIC smartphones..

    Hell, I’d take my old clearnet Motorola i700 plus before I’d get an iFail..

    I agree with everyone else.. if they make a mini version it should have the same specs.. just a smaller screen.

  • gjeff12

    If they’re going to put it on the “S” line it has to be really good. There’s no problem with releasing a new W, Y, Q, or something and basing it on the SIII. They have tomake the letters mean something.

  • Matty

    Am I the only one amused by Samsung’s trolling? Calling a phone with the exact same screen size as their main competitor (iPhone 5) their “mini” version?


  • MattyMattMatt

    I would love a slightly smaller S3. Just take point five inches off of the screen please.

  • Apple Sales Guy



  • Carlos Fabregas

    Samsung should stop making so many phones, if we want a smaller galaxy phone we will just buy the GS2