Day 3 of Google’s $0.25 app celebration includes Amazing Alex, HD Widgets, others


  • Adrian

    Unlike yesterday, my wallet isn’t safe today. There are a few excellent ones here (TuneIn Radio Pro, Amazing Alex and Mass Effect Infiltrator) and some other good filler.

    Thanks for the links.

  • mattprime86

    Mass effect? Nice score. If only incident have several huge games that I haven’t even began saying yet.. 🙁

  • mattprime86

    Wow…. I will spell check next time I post. Ignore my entire message. Lol

  • JC Fung

    Should have waited… I bought Tunein Radio last month.

  • Adrian

    Apparently Mass Effect has issues on the S3 — don’t know if this has been fixed but be warned. Last update for the game was in July… might not be worth the risk.

  • billy joe masterson

    Rebuild is the only thing worth a damn in there for me, and of course already own it. Today is pretty weaksauce. I’d vote for Tunein Radio but the major network for sports in my area is not available on it, otherwise I’d love that app!

  • Adrian

    Ended up with Rebuild, TuneIn Radio Pro, Flick Golf and Amazing Alex. I mean, $1.00 for 4 apps? Even if I play Flick Golf the odd time, I’m sure I’ll get more than $0.25 worth of enjoyment out of it. 🙂

  • joshua

    MAss effect 3 not compatible with galaxy note from telus. Gosh darn it

  • Andy


  • Hooligan

    Can yesterday’s deals still be accessed?


    I don’t understand why some apps don’t work on certain Android phones??! I have never bought an app that did not work my GNex or Asus Transformer!!!

    btw TuneIn Radio is one of my favorite apps!! You can listen to any radio station you want in the world!!

  • Mike D.

    Hooligan, check to see what deals have expired

  • wewewi

    25 cents for premium apps? Works for me!

    I mean; I really use TuneIn a lot!
    Nice to get rid of Draw Something’s ads as well.

    Also fell for Asphalt 7, Granny Smith, Mass Effect, Mini Motors, Paper Camera and PicSay Pro.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Android play store fire sale #3
    (gotta find a way to sell them apps!)



  • hurric

    i bought the ez pdf reader for 10c. now i couldn’t stop myself and got tune in radio even though i don’t use it but i will at some in future…debating widgets..