Some TouchWIZ-based Samsung phones vulnerable to data wiping through simple HTML code hack


  • bleep

    ho hum

  • Mike

    TouchWIZ stinks

  • Kid.Canada

    Dear Samsung can you please ditch touch wiz and finally give us pure jelly bean because I’ve played around with cm10 and it’s h3ll of a lot smoother than touch wiz and saves battey life. Sincerely, all your customers.

  • nrj4life

    I’m sure most of us use Chrome or another browser anyway. Samsung’s browser does not have the features others out there possess.

  • Nick

    Bring on the comments!

  • Netguru

    Yet another reason to run pure Android.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Why these oems feel the need to install their stinky ugly skins on such a beautiful os like jellybean is beyond me, nobody gives a smash about touchwiz. FULL STOP. Samsung needs to take its head from between its buns and get with the program. TOUCHWIZ is an abomination. FULL STOP. Hopefully incidents like this further spell the DEATH of these asinine, disgusting, perverted skins. FULL STOP.

  • Questioning Man

    Could you guys write an article on how these ‘layers’ on top of android work? Do they hinder performance? Use lots of processor and Ram? Are they like windows 3.1 on top of DOS?

  • IBL


  • andy c


    If its fixed in jelly bean Samsung better start rolling out the updates asap

  • Bobblehead

    If this was iPhone it’d be 123248 comments deep. Since it’s related to the Android Tea Party’s righteous light-saber, nothing.

  • sicpuppy

    Wipingate !

  • Zzz

    I agree pure android would be best, best having these skins allows oems to distinguish themselves on the market, in times when hardware is getting more and more similar.

  • deli

    I prefer TW over stock at this point. I used to be AOSP lover but it is just boring at this point. Love the gestures and motions. But TW is not perfect. I rarely use the stock browser anyways. Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Maxthon are good alternatives.

  • deli

    @bobblehead, please do not insult us by suggesting an equivalency b/w Android users and the Tea Party. I would not do that for iphone users and I expect some decency in this forum. Yes, there are android fans here that made some pretty crazy remarks, however, do not use exceptions as a norm.

    • IBL

      The problem is, that judging my most comments from Android users on the mobilesyrup story comments, morons are the norm.

      Seriously, raise your hands, how many of you even have a highschool diploma?

      Just kidding, put your hands down, no one can see you.

  • squirrel_masher

    One angle is that since Android is so fragmented, this doesn’t affect everyone… however even if this just affected Samsung S3 users that is a big user base to hit.
    Since Samsung know how to fix it (it is corrected in JB) they have no excuses not to push a patch.

    The video shows you have to hit something with a web link to make it happen, so think before you click/QR code scan …or upgrade to Chrome until JB is ready.

    • IBL

      So, basically neuter your usage of your phone is what you are saying. Also, restrict what sites you do intentionally visit, because any of them could have this exploit injected.

      No big deal. It’s just the all of the internet you have to avoid.

  • iphoneuser

    Touchwiz Nature UX over stock. Nexus 7 UI is sooooooooo BORING!

  • S2556


  • alex


  • Lamedroid

    haha poor samsheep