Koodo’s LTE service turned on across Canada


  • Kid.Canada

    Well then I guess Rogers will be the last to deploy it Manitoba smh

    • Brayden

      Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Bell all do not have LTE in Manitoba according to their coverage maps..

  • Bruce

    I wonder how this will work for current Koodo customers. Will they need to buy a new micro SIM or their current one will start working assuming they already have an LTE capable phone.

    • Beso

      I think on HowardForums ppl were saying that there is a Blue-ish SIM that Koodo has and apparently this is an LTE SIM … but I don’t know if the regular SIM’s will work or not …

      with Rogers for example you must have an LTE SIM to access the LTE network so I say it must be the same with everyone else!

    • Gus

      Yeah, usually you need an LTE enabled sim as the carriers mention, but I’ve seen LTE work plenty of times on existing sim cards.

      Koodo has recently been using V3 micro sims (blue book with orange sim inside?) that are supposed to be for LTE, but my older micro sim gets LTE connectivity.

    • Daniel

      LTE on Koodo is available for anyone on any plan with data obviously, all you need is a LTE capable phone and the new LTE capable SIM Card, which is cheap to get, cheaper than most other providers I believe. IMO LTE on Koodo is a steal! you can start yourself with the $5 flex data plan!

  • Kid.Canada

    Well an LTE enabled SIM card should come with your LTE enabled phone same with my new S3 when LTE isnt available in Manitoba yet. As soon as Rogers turns it on, I’ll be one of the firsts to use it.

    • EvanK

      Same here. My Rogers L900 came with an LTE enabled SIM, so when the network launches I should theoretically have access to it the minute they flip the switch.

  • Adrian

    @Bruce: Odds are, if you’re an existing customer with a capable phone, LTE will work, as you say, if you’re on the appropriate V3 SIM. All V3 sims (full-sized and micro-sized) are LTE capable on Telus and I know they don’t differentiate between LTE and 4G data.

  • Skarphace

    Yes if you have a V3 SIM card it will work, the V3 SIM cards just started selling within the last month or so. however Koodo never had an LTE phone until the iphone 5, so if you had your own LTE phone with an older SIM just get a V3 version.

  • AM Radio

    i have LTE in Van on Koodo. d/l speeds are slower than HSPA, sometimes much slower. less than 2Mbps on some tests. u/l speeds are faster, getting 9Mbps+. so dunno what is happening here. what’s the point of LTE when performance is like this?

  • Lyndon

    Rogers will have LTE right away. Can’t deploy apple’s new LTE device without some LTE service thrown in.

  • Milzie

    Is Koodo any good? i plan on switching from Wind to Koodo because i want an iPhone. Any advice would be appreciated .. No trolling pls! thanks.

    • Dex

      I don’t mind Koodo. Good nationwide plans for a decent price. It’s really a bring your own phone carrier. They only have 16GB iPhones and entry level android devices typically. I pay about $80 a month for unlimited nationwide calling, 2GB data and unlimited text, pic, video. Not as cheap as Wind but then again, I can’t get Wind where I live so that’s irrelevant. I would definitely recommend Koodo over Telus, Bell or Rogers. Same service, better price.

  • Nick

    Now if only they had a better Android phone than the SII… they bring in the iPhone 5 but not (at LEAST!) a Galaxy Nexus? That’s whack.

    • howitzer

      With the money i save with koodo i dont mind spending a lil more for a phone i want (Galaxy Nexus)

  • Kenga

    The perfect thing about Koodo apart from great rates and coverage is that they are ideal as a bring your own phone provider. I use a Windows Phone Nokia 900 (amazing phone and the Win 8 will be supper amazing) it works perfectly. I would encourage people to dig into their pockets and buy the phone they like, have it unlocked – really easy in Canada and bring it to Koodo – don’t get sucked into a phone on a plan.

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  • Bruce

    Ok I was told the latest micro sim card was LTE capable so there is no LTE only sim card like Rogers. That micro sim card is indeed blue under like others have reported. However, I am still not getting LTE speed in Ottawa. According to the map, it should be enabled in this region and yet I am not getting those speed. I see the LTE icon light up on my S3 but when I do a speedtest, I barely go over 6000kbps. Anyone having any issues or does LTE is not up and running yet in Ottawa despite what Koodo claims.

  • Katey

    cant wait till we get LTE in manitoba.