Sony Xperia ion update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • Joey

    Id really like to see this phone reviewed again with ICS on it.

  • Rick

    This phone looks better than iphone 5.

  • BabySG3

    You only release a phone ONCE!!

    If you release with a current OS, you sell well, many users means many developers; many devs in XDA means more users and hugher reselling value, meaninng higher sales……

    But with minimum sales; 4 months later, and having the Virgin SG2 and the Koodo SG2x at $300 Outright with official ICS 4.0.4 and JB stable now, The ION is not going to sell!

    The only chance for that phone is $250-$300…and still! that phone might not see JB ever. The others will see Key Lime for sure.
    Hope Sony learns the lesson.

  • squirrel_masher

    Just completed the upgrade on a ION LTE (Rogers) – the ICS update took a few attempts as Sony servers were pretty busy all day. That said, it delivers as expected – it is a little faster in browsing, camera is a little tweaked (has a few more picture editing options, although doesn’t seem to be able to delete them), and the ION still has Xperia-facebook integration.
    As others have mentioned you have to reload Adobe Flash Player 11 after the upgrade, but otherwise seamless – all apps and widgets rolled over without needing a new download.

    Enjoying the notifications swipe option and battery seems a little better, but YMMV.

  • Eluder

    I haven’t been able to update mine, keeps saying the server is down…

  • rupan

    Just downloaded through sony software update. Pc companion wont let me do it. At first phone was so lagy. Ram has decreased from 350 mb to 230. Runs smooth but lil lagy in comparison to 2.3.7 ginger. Rest i like all new changes. Except for message keyboard layout. For odd reason there r tage keys under keyboard which i keep on hitting. Have to get to used to this phone again. Good Sony. hopefully u give us jelly bean by 2 months. Haha

  • Marco

    ICS Update on Xperia ion

    – General performance improvements – more responsive, smoother GUI animation, ICS task switching, home screen management, better signal reception;
    – Able to use apps requiring ICS (e.g. Chrome)

    – Mail app doesn’t have a Refresh function in Combined View; and,
    – Phone doesn’t recognize headphones. Music plays on the speakers even when a headphone is plugged in.

  • gurnblansten

    Updated at 6:30am today – servers where unavailable the entire evening. Used for all of about 10 minutes… Yes – nicer but still the clunky 4 buttons cause too many missed navigation/functions and can’t be seen in a dark environment. Switched back to the S3 – sadly Sony missed the mark not releasing with ICS (Considering S3 and OneX on market earlier with ICS) and offering better support. Won’t be going back to it as S3 is clearly better in every area except maybe the Bravia screen/camera. Like Gorilla Glass on S3 and looking forward to Jellybean and hopefully Key Lime. Unlikely Ion will see either especially in light of Sony’s horrible record with updates. Too little, too late. Big thanks for nothing Sony – Never again!

  • absar

    I like dz phone