Bell and Virgin stop iPhone 5 pre-orders due to “overwhelming success”


  • Alex

    Before this post gets swamped.. F* off fandroids! 🙂

    • mooooooooo

      LOL @ Alex..probably you preordered yours as you did every year to buy the same phone and renew your contract for the next 10 years since you order every year hoping that the chicks will notice you have the latest iPhone and will talk to you..

      Turst me wont happen..they will talk to you when you become a man and start using your brain ( if you have one since you are an iSh33p)

      SGS3 has way too many features than your iPhone and its cheaper..but again you wont get it since you don’t have a brain, btw what is 1+1 ? I bet you will say 2 Apples… lol

    • Brad F

      I second this sentiment. Man, they’re getting annoying.

      It’s one thing to decide that you’re not going to buy a particular phone. It’s another to drone on and on about how one particular phone out of the thousands of phones you’ve decided not to buy is absolute s**t.

    • Bobblehead

      Right “mooooooo”, that’s how it is. I rarely see people yelling from the rooftops about their iPhone like you and your Android Tea Party brethern do about your devices. I’ve never seen a group of insecure consumers so worried about another phone, while claiming their phone is the best and trying to denigrate others for not agreeing with you. IT IS A PHONE, GET OVER IT.

  • Allan

    It’s not about the hardware. It’s about the name “iPhone”

  • AR

    Though I have no hate for Apple and I am not an Android user, I feel this is an Apple tactic to create an artificial demand! There is no reason to believe that iPhones will be in shortage considering Apple has supply chain and manufacturing well figured out!

    • Jim.Shorts

      Stock manipulation a la Facebook style.

  • Mike

    More like limited supplies than overwhelming success

  • Brad F

    What, did they only have 100 for pre-orders?

    Clearly under-prepared, as usual.

  • Allan

    Yeah keep saying that to yourself in front of your washroom mirror. Android users “my android phone is still the king” 😀

  • Joe

    Pretty amazing considering the underwhelming specs

  • Kid.Canada

    Had 10 months left till my contract ends and Rogers knocked down my early upgrade fee from $208 to $40 thus allowing me to upgrade to the iPhone 5 at a much more reasonable price. $179.99 (16GB Black) + $35 Admin Fee + $40 early upgrade fee = $285 after taxes. Thanks Rogers coming from a loyal customer!! 😀

    • mooooooooo

      From a Sheep customer..just correcting you.

    • R.Dot

      Thanks for being a loyal customer! Here’s a bunch of fees for your troubles!

  • Porilaisten

    I going to $hit in a brown paper bag, slap a logo on it, and it will sell at launch.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    celebrate good times come on!


  • iPhone Junkie

    Excepted so much. Just cause the masses are flocking to a comparatively ordinary product, does not mean anything. Infact Americans were stupid to enough to elect a stupid president (Bush)twice.

  • Livelikeian

    Platform agnostic myself, but, it seems TELUS is still taking per-orders.

    I am curious to pick one up. Though, the design really reminds me of the LG New Chocolate.

  • James

    Why does everybody have such a problem with people being excited about a Phone? Honestly, not everyone loves Android. People are allowed to like iOS. It’s getting annoying, and this is coming from someone with a Galaxy Nexus.

    • makus

      totally agree with youu on this (though i must say those apple jokes are somewhat refreshing)..
      as much as i dislike apple, i havent yet told anybody wanting an iphone 5 that a droid is better.
      Its their choice, their money and their freedom to buy what they want no matter what our opinion is on apple…

    • Darth Paton

      I think most of us (accept the fandroid trolls) make fun of the iPhone and its users not because the phone is particularly bad, but because of the Mentality and obssession that follow its launch every year. In the past few days i have heard some of the most ridiculous things being uttered, such as “i dont care what the new iPhone is like, i’ll buy it regardless of what it is like”. When i here things like that, i almost want to cry. Just look at how so many people are willing to blow off work or school, just to get a stupid phone on launch day, or how people shell out hundreds of dollars for something that is yet to be released or reviewed. For all they know it could be a piece of utter crap! Apple has succeeded in accomplishing something truly amazing. Theyve convinced people that their products are the be all end all of technology, to a degree that people are willing to just blindly buy whatever they put out, regardless of whatever else is on the market.

    • Bobblehead

      @Darth Parton – I do agree the obsession is absurd, but credit needs to be given. Most of these folks will buy it regardless because they’ve had a great experience with the other models and products – it’s customer retention 101: provide an amazing experience, so customers won’t even want to make comparisons (this is the fundamental aspect the Android Tea Party misses and why their “crapp specs!” fall on deaf ears). You see this in the auto-industry especially, where people grow up “Ford drivers” and won’t deviate until they have a bad experience, and the longer they’ve been satisfied the bigger the bad experience must be to make them sway.

  • Mobile Phone Rep!

    What ever phone someone wants is their choice!!

    People get so bent out of shape when people want something they dont want!

    I preordered my iPhone 5! I want to use an iPhone, its not beacuse of the name, or the brand, or the specs of all of that crap. It is beacuse it is the phone i prefer to use!

    I work for a cellular carrier, I get to play with all the new phones, bring them home, play with them. I could be using any phone but i choose to use the iPhone’s. I have been using iPhones since they came to Canada.

    I wont force my opinion on anyone, beacuse my motto is the Right phone for someone, is the one they want!

    Flame me away!


    • jellmoo

      This. A thousand times this. If somebody wants an iPhone, let them buy an iPhone. There is no need to mock them, point out how the iPhone is “obviously inferior”, call them a sheep, utter the word crApple or anything else. The same goes the other way to people buying an Android product.

      It’s rude and unnecessary. Enjoy your favourite device and let other people enjoy theirs. There isn’t any reason to pretend that this is a one side argument and you are 100% right.

      I hope that everyone that buys an iPhone 5 enjoys it to the fullest. Same for everyone that buys a Galaxy Note 2, a BB 10 device, the next big HTC or what have you. I am likely going to be buying a Lumia 920. Might not be the cup of tea for everyone, but I think it will suit me well. To each their own.

    • EvanKr

      I don’t think that it’s the people buying the iPhone because they prefer the iOS ecosystem over Android, WP, Blackberry, etc, that bothers us, but more so the people that blindly purchase the phone without even considering a different device, and just get it because it’s “cool”.

      I have a friend who would always complain about how his iPhone’s screen was too small, but the only other phones were Blackberrys and they were even smaller. He didn’t even consider the note with its 5.3″ display, he just went with his 4s because it was the thing to have. THESE are the people that bother us, the sheep who buy it because it has an Apple logo on it, and aren’t even aware of other devices, or refuse to consider them.

  • Cops

    Why announce your not taking any more pre orders? Just do what rogers is doing and pretend your website is having tech issues

  • Rew4rdz

    Haha nice. I’ve never seen any Android device go up for preorders or sell out like this before its even launched. Never seen a line up for an android device either. This is a huge launch for Apple.

    • BB

      and now you know why everyone is making these comments. No one lines up for anything anymore with out being upset and angry. So when you see tons of people smiling and waiting in line over night for a device…that has a high profit margin and lower specs then some of the lower priced smartphones you start to wonder about the users. The reason for these battles is because most android users were iphone users. (iphone users who didn’t have a great experience) Just my opinion though. I like blackberry.

  • Copss

    Why announce no more preorders? Just do what rogers does and pretend the website is down

  • MattyMattMatt

    At least for us, we got increased traffic and a lot of presales, though I think we sold more phones other than the iphone.

  • Danny

    Samsung Galaxy S3 had 9million confirmed pre orders so shut it!

  • Ali

    Iphone is Good good good iPhone is best phone i

  • Ali

    I wont iPhone 5 I like

  • Skarphace

    It is one thing to like a phone and wanting to buy it because of personal preference, however I see this too often as a person who works for a cellphone company. People with no idea what Android is or what Windows phone is will spend their hard earned money on a product that does not do enough for them. If someone wants to spend 600 dollars on a phone I believe the logical thing would be to do some research, understanding the differences between the different phone models and then make an educated decision. This educated decision could mean iOS, BB, Android or WP (no bias here), however as I said from my personal experience most Apple customers do not bother looking at their options and just pick the new Iphone only because its “Apple”. And this is where the iSheep jokes come from, because I can vouch as an android user that if I see a better phone or OS I will not hesitate to switch to whatever works best regardless of the OS.

  • shitsung

    s3 sold 9 million preorders, and 10 million to date?

    what a great phone…

    and u guys say that iphone 4s isnt much different then i5

    whats the difference between s3 and s2, other then hardward… morons… just because a company is making a killing at has good brand loyality doesnt mean there bad products, you s3/andrio morons that need to play your pokeman video games on your phones and need a massive screen to make you for your tiny little p***s… doesnt mean apple products are any less better.

    i****s… if apple 50 phones a year… there would not be another manufacturer…

  • MB

    People here just don’t get it…it makes us hypocrites to be part of Apple’s hypocrisy by giving them money blindly when all they want is to control everything…same thing goes for when we believe in politicians…it’s not even a question of liking a phone or hating it, it’s a question of values.

    • BB

      well said. values. i just wish i had some mac book money, ipad money, ipod money, nano money so i could spend it on a vacation

    • Bobblehead

      I think you’re pushing it bit too far here. It’s about company values, not personal values. One believes the end-to-end experience is where you win, because, at the end of the day, a customer simply wants it to work and work easily. The other believes a customer can spend a bit more time learning the ecoysystem, making some choices to fit their needs. There are trade-offs to both and customers for both.

  • Allan

    I guess you would rather give your money to asia rather than keeping it in north america. Yeah keep supporting asian phone manufacturer.

  • Miknitro

    Power of advertising and marketing.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    I actually don’t care if people are getting an iPhone over a galaxy s3, what pisses me off about some iPhone users is that they think and say they have the best smartphone out when it’s not true.

    • jellmoo

      The same can be said for owners of other phones/platforms. It’s simply a reality: some people want to think that they have made the best choice and push their opinion as fact.

      The reality is that there is no such thing as “the best smartphone out”. Only “the best smartphone for your needs”.

  • Sam

    and soon we will hear apple is out of stock, while apple has warehouses full of iphone5. Its just fake news to fool people as if this phone is so popular.

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    @iPhone Junkie They will probly elect another i***t president (Obama) twice too.

    • 2dfx

      You racist folk are funny.

  • boojay

    If people want to use a s**t product, let them. The rest of us will pay less for a better product. There’s a reason why half the population has an IQ below 100.

  • johnny knox

    5 years from now apple will be filing for bankruptcy as no one will want their products. They are a fad. People who buy iPhones today will say “I was never d umb enough to buy one” tomorrow. Do we still wear bell bottoms? Post on Myspace? Listen to the same music (Justin bieber as the latest example)? No. The majority of people buy iPhones not because it’s the best but to fit in and like everything someday it will laughable to be seen using an iPhone.

    Let the apple fans have their popular device until something else comes along for them to line up for to be part of the in crowd. It’s human nature to fit in.

    The rest of us will enjoy our choice to choose better devices, make educated purchases of devices that suit our needs and not for a status quo.

    Be glad they don’t mindlessly buy your choice in devices as the innovation and progression towards advancing technology would stop, as it has with apple since they sell products regardless. Be glad your choice in companies must earn your money as you are educated enough to decide what is best for you and not hand over hard earned money for an unearned product.

    Let apple supporters do what they do until the next ‘big thing’.

    Here’s to choice and freedom of purchasing decision. For everything else there’s apple.


    • Rob

      Did you know that google threatened to take away acer’s android listence if they released a phone with another OS? Ya, freedom and choice my a*s.

    • Bobblehead

      This type of thinking is indicative of the Android Tea Party, where if you don’t agree with them you’re automatically wrong and a putz.

      “5 years from now apple will be filing for bankruptcy as no one will want their products. They are a fad.”
      – the same was said about Microsoft and the same type of rebellion happens by the fringe when something becomes mass. It’s typical underdog complex.

      “The majority of people buy iPhones not because it’s the best but to fit in”
      – Android is the biggest OS, so you can easily claim that Android users simply buy it to fit in with the masses. The majority of people buying iPhone don’t care about customizing it and won’t use 95% of the thing it can do – they want it to work and work well, which is Apple’s bread-and-butter.

      “Let the apple fans have their popular device until something else comes along for them to line up for to be part of the in crowd. It’s human nature to fit in.”
      – exactly, which is why you use Android and most likely used BB when it was popular.

      “The rest of us will enjoy our choice to choose better devices, make educated purchases of devices that suit our needs and not for a status quo.”
      – BUT THEY ARE THE STATUS QUO. What is so hard to get about that? The iPhone is for the MASSES, so they have made the most educated purchase for their needs and their needs are to use a phone that is intuitive and doesnt require study.

      “Be glad they don’t mindlessly buy your choice in devices as the innovation and progression towards advancing technology would stop, as it has with apple since they sell products regardless.”
      – i actually agree with you here. Apple cannot iterate as aggressively anymore as they need to pay heed to keeping the learning gaps small for the average masses who buy their product.

      “Be glad your choice in companies must earn your money as you are educated enough to decide what is best for you and not hand over hard earned money for an unearned product.”
      – Cognitive dissonance.

      “Let apple supporters do what they do until the next ‘big thing’.
      Here’s to choice and freedom of purchasing decision. For everything else there’s apple.”
      – Ladies, and Gentlemen, the Android Tea Party at it’s best.

      – stop drinking the Android kool-aid

    • Nina

      Yeah, Apple is going to be bankrupt in 5 years. I’ve heard that before.

      It seems important to you to feel superior to those around you. That’s a normal human need, if not an attractive one.

      I don’t mindlessly choose Apple products because they’re fashionable. I’m not on a band wagon. I’ve used Apple products my entire computer-using life, since the late 1980s. I use them because the hardware and software have always been beautifully integrated for the things I want to do with them, and I’ve used them even when the platform seemed to be about to go tits up. I have used other platforms — they’re not for me. So when I decided this year to get my first smartphone, of course I preordered the iPhone 5 because I have grown up with, and am utterly comfortable with, the platform. Apple is part of my history, and is the reason I love computers.

  • Techie

    I cannot believe what I hear on tech blogs sometimes. So someone who is a highly educated, informed and tech savvy individual cannot ever choose an iPhone because it is clearly worse in every way? If you cannot admit the iPhone 5 is one of the best phones on the market then you are very biased. I love my iPhone but I know the S III is an excellent device. I don’t appreciate being called an i***t or “iSheep” for my personal preference.

  • Coldshot

    Look, I believe these stupid phone wars have escalated. Use what you want and be happy. Why can it not be more simple than that!? I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

    Apple fanatics, I have a bone to pick with you. I’ve seen it everywhere. At work, at a local pub, family restaurant, you name it. I’ve seen proud apple fanboys/fangirls brandish their iphones, announce how ‘it is the best!’ ‘it is the ONLY REAL smart phone’ or just start a chant with other iphone users. Why turn a phone into a cult? If you enjoy using it, great! Us Android users just roll our eyes and ignore you. I’ve seen it!
    I’ve heard many people look at their BB phones and sigh out loud about how much they want an iphone. Don’t get mad at me BB users, but most of you feel like you want to belong. It’s like not being in the cool kliq in school. That’s what it is! Some have told me that they believe the iphone5 will be the be all, end all of ALL phones. Well, there is no such thing!
    As much as I thoroughly enjoy my Android, it has its flaws. But what OS doesn’t. I don’t impose it on anyone. Just use your phone and go about your day.

  • AWSGuy

    I have a better question, MobileSyrup. How much has apple paid you to post about Apple and nothing else for a whole week?

    The only posts I keep seeing here are related to apple, you know there are a bazillion other stories too?

    • Android4Life

      So one or two weeks a year mobilesyrup is dominated by Apple news. Like it or not, that are a major player and deserve some attention. The rest of the year, whether you notice or not, Android stories dominate the site. Unbunch your panties and move on.

  • Scott

    @AWSGUY I totally agree, its getting pretty dull reading Mobilesyrup this whole week, when all mobilesyrup is doing is advertising for Apple not not posting real meaningful stories. I’d rather read something of significance and importance.

    There’s tons of tech news out there, enough with Iphone cr@p boring news and move on to something else.

  • Jon

    Does this mean that I can walk in a Bell store on Friday and not get an iphone 5 if didn’t preorder?

  • RMB

    Futurama any1? “We may have one left”. Meanwhile…

  • Apple is the real communist

    Ok listen up, I work at a Apple store. I’m so sick of being told to kiss a*s to simply the most non intelligent people all day, dont get me wrong some are ok. I almost feel sorry for them. Really. Its like we are the the Jason bournes of trained assassins in the retail business. Our egos are so inflamed being told we are Geniuses and we thrive on manipulating the sheeps. Hell we’re given a handbook on how to do this. But its starting to make me sick as a human being to constantly manipulate people about a certain product and being pushed to do. What century is this, do people still believe what is told to them on a regular basis, I’m not a pimp trying to turn a girl for profit but I feel ever so more every day. The real question is, am I pimping the customers or am I being pimped by apple. Do some damn research people and formulate an opinion and stop asking for one.

  • OGOD

    Some dealers don’t do RENEW contract at the begaining, that’s mean even u name in on their list, your phone never arrive. GOOD LUCK to all Pre-order people for iphone.

    As i know, some people even pre-order at few stores, and just get one from the fastest store.

  • Marco

    Oddly enough I just got an email from Bell asking me to preorder… sounds like a bunch of BS!

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    @2dfx Saying Bush is an i***t is okay but saying Obama is an i***t is racist. I see the logic. Lol I am not white by the way. I am native thank you very much. So that must mean that if you are white or black you must be racist for saying that I am racist then. After all that is your logic isn’t it.

  • OgtheDim

    Hmmm………is this “we are stopping the pre-order” thing now a marketing ploy?

    Seems to be happening with a lot of phones.

  • dutch

    This is getting old… Real old.

    People are writing essays to whose phones better? People attacking anonymously over the internet?!

    Both parties are making Android & iPhone users look like i****s.

    Use whatever phone you want; I’ll use whatever phone I like.

    Apple users stop trying to convince people Apple is the only way.

    Android users stop trying to convince people Android is the only way.

    There are pros & cons for everyone; because YOU find YOUR phone fantastic for YOUR needs – that does NOT mean, or give you the right, to designate the right choice for the rest of the world.

    Stop playing smartphone superheroes – you all sound like petty & less then desirably endowed.

    These comments are not in the least insightful or original. Y’all just some haters.

  • Fastwalking

    I find it fascinating that these blogs are full of venting Android/Samsung affectionados.

    Why are you here? Millions of people who like the iPhone have already chosen to purchase the iPhone 5, why do you care? And more implant lay why do you spend so. Much time flitting from blog to blog just to ‘dis the iPhone and all things Apple? Get a life. The GS III is a great device – I choose iPhone – live long and prosper.

  • brebre

    I think it is so funny how everyone is so concerned with bashing eachother about getting excited over a phone, or their preference of phone, that not a single one of you noticed that the date they said the iPhone was put up for pre-order was Sept 19th and this add was posted on Sept 15th haha.. Just goes to show that (I’m assuming) with age you don’t mature at all.. Not a single person I know my age act like this.. I really hope that when I get older I don’t stoop to that level.

  • Titik

    I MIGHT get it. I would return my iPod video and my iPod spaeekrs, which would provide me with a few hundred bucks to use towards an iPhone. But, I doubt I’ll do that. Maybe. I kinda want to I don’t know! aaaah!