Update: nano-SIM cards start arriving at Rogers, Fido, Bell, and TELUS locations


  • ns.dev

    “We’ve also been informed that Rogers will not charging for the nano-SIM”

    That doesn’t mean you won’t pay for it though.

  • Rockjock

    You will be paying for it that’s for sure. Nothing is free with these a*s rapers

  • jPhoneUser

    35$ activation fee ?

    • ak

      More like 3 year contracts..

  • Warren

    So, if the micro-SIM was a stupid cash grab, what is the nano-SIM?

  • RogersRep7

    Technically a Rogers employee is never supposed to charge for a SIM card UNLESS you walk in and say “I’d like X amount of SIM cards”. If it’s deffective, you switch hardware (HUP or not), or activate even a Pay Go line, it’s to be included at no charge.

    • jack

      u can add or if u lost the sim card.

  • Francisco

    I can’t wait to grab a 32gb Iphone 5 on wind!!

    • Leon Williams

      um yeah that ain’t gonna fly bro

  • sp

    its all a cash grab…designed to make you get the iPhone 5

    • ns.dev

      Also to make competitors pay them licence fees.

    • jack

      anything to make it harder for you to switch phones, companies will do it.

      wanna switch from iphone5 to anothe phone? get a new simcard, accessories, adaptors etc etc

    • Androgynousdroid

      Royalty free reference spec. No company will pay Apple when the use the nanoSIM in their phones.

    • Carlo

      @JACK – Why would these companies want to make it harder to switch phones? Wouldn’t they all want to make it easier so that you spend money and get new products/contracts?

    • Brad F

      Phones like the HTC One series and Galaxy S III use the micro-SIM, and the HTC Two series and Galaxy S IV will probably use the nano-SIM.

      It’s about using as little space on the SIM as possible to maximize the room you can leave for everything else.

  • vn33

    Will Rogers carry regular SIM & micro-SIM adapter for their customers ? UK carriers (Three & Vodafone) are making these adapters available for their subscribers (from the Engadget article)
    I’m not surprised if the Big 3 are not even remotely interested in making this available for their customers !

  • Sammy

    I don’t see reason of other companies jumping on board of nano sim. Mirco/mini simcard is good enough small. Other brand should wait until simcard is fully redesigned to very small kind. Which is 4-5 years away so till then I’m happy with normal micro simcard

  • theone

    Why should they provide the adapter?
    They are responsible to give you a free Nano sim when you get a iphone but nothing else.
    The more time i spend on this site the more i relize alot of people dont under business its like every one wants the big 3 to bend over backwards and give you everything

    The nano sim will be free as always when you a Iphone so stop nagging and if you dont want a 3 year contract NO ONE IS MAKING TO SING ONE… dont get the subsity and get ur phone full price

    you people need to stop bitching damn lol

  • WaitASec

    It’s same old same card just with less plastic sides so we can all just cut it ourselves and get adapters for a dollar if you are smart and know where to guy from.

  • Ijunk

    Why does anyone even need this sim? It’s useless beside for the tall iphone4. And if u have money to waste on that ijunk then u can probably affordable and adapter too.

  • theone

    exactly people on this site just like to complain alot lol and i mean alot

    • Andy

      While others prefer to take it in the butt, and remain silent throughout that ordeal. To each their own, I guess.

  • Scott

    Telus Support says the Nano Sim will cost $10

  • Jay

    I love how all those complaining are talking about ROGERS forcing you to use a Nano-Sim. Apple is the one who designed the phone you i****s, it’s their fault! You’ll have to use a nano-sim no matter what carrier you go with!

  • someone who does his research

    “Technically a Rogers employee is never supposed to charge for a SIM card UNLESS you walk in and say “I’d like X amount of SIM cards”. If it’s deffective, you switch hardware (HUP or not), or activate even a Pay Go line, it’s to be included at no charge.”

    You’re mistaken. A sim card is priced at $9.99. Even if a sim card is “deffective”, it’s not covered by warranty – so you pay $9.99 for a replacement. If you walk in and you want to buy a micro sim to replace your standard sim, it is $9.99. If you are doing a paygo activation, the sim is $9.99. The ONLY time you’ll get a free sim card is if you’re picking up a preactivated sim for the iPad 1 or 2, if you’re doing a postpaid activation of a new line, if you’re doing a hardware upgrade to a phone that is incompatible with your current sim (i.e. standard to micro) or if you buy one of the paygo devices that has a sim inside the box.

  • Psycho Steve

    i haven’t been charged for a sim card in years. way back before i got my first iPhone (pre-2008) i can remember having to pay for a sim. i think it was 20 bucks but honestly don’t remember. i’ve never paid for one since regardless of the reason for needing one. about a year ago i was having some signal issues and went to a Rogers store to see if they could help. the girl suggested trying a new sim, gave me one, and then said… “hey, you want me to give you a couple spares just in case this ever happens again?” i still have these spare sim cards and it was all FREE

    As for LTE nano-sims… i cannot say with certainty that Rogers or any other providers will give them away for free. perhaps they will charge a small fee, but i’m guessing that won’t be the case. they WANT you to be on LTE and start racking up higher data usage. i doubt they care at all whether they make money off sim cards. they will get your money in the end anyway. trust me.