Hands on with Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III (Video)


  • Harris

    It’s actually more smooth. Does it still crash or lag at all? We’ll have to wait and see…

  • Tom

    Some of those features you describe sound very useful – looking forward to it.

  • S2556

    I tried out the other bell leak but after realizing i wouldnt be able to run a custom kernel I decided to jump over to AOKP.
    I will probably flash back to stock when the OTA drops but only to switch back to AOKP or CM10. I LOVE AOKP so far

  • Eat Hickory!

    And then there was a grandpa IPhone 5… It’s kind of sad to see how far behind Apple has fallen over the last 2-3 years. They used to actually be innovative, but not anymore.

    • Rio

      Atleast when the newest OS update is released on the 19th, I am able to download it the moment it is released.

      Rather than having to wait 6 months, to get a leaked official update.

    • sp

      Rio is back full force on the Apple Kool Aid Tip.

      your iPhone 5 was so 2010.. get with the times bud and stop sucking on Apples teets

  • Jordan

    It’s pathetic that HTC is so far behind Samsung on this one. I love my One X but I’m not impressed.

    • Dalex

      Try CM10 or AOKP for the One X, they are both quite awesome. If you want to keep Sense try Cleanrom V, its got project butter smoothness on ICS and keeps all the Sense features. If you know what you are doing the One X is one amazing device, the display kills the one on the SGS3

    • Alex Davies

      As Dalex says unless you are married to Sense UI, ditch it and put CM10 or AOKP on your One X. With either of those ROMs the HOX becomes hands-down the best phone on the market today.

      Samsung may be officially upgrading the GSIII to Jelly Bean first, but their Apple aping Touchwiz UI is still god awful, even with the niceties of JB added.

    • Jordan

      Is CM10 stable enough yet? I need my phone for work, I can’t afford to have it crashing on a nightly build of CM. Also how hard is it to put on a stock Sense ROM if I want to sell my device?

    • Alex Davies

      @Jordan – CM10 nightlies for the HOX are very stable, and everything works (camera etc.). CM10 on my HOX is my daily driver. Going back to a stock ROM to sell is possible, but keep in mind it’s hard to lock it back enough to return it to HTC for warranty, but that’s the case with most phones if you unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs

  • John

    Puts IPH5 to shame.

    • Miguel

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  • Hypeone

    Any chance for a link to a download for it checked around xda couldn’t find anything

  • Lito

    Meh looks the same minor changes and project butter still laggy on my bell leak.

  • Miknitro

    Grats SGS3 owners, it’s good to see one company setting a good example.

    X owners, try CleanRomV at XDA, try it.

  • Hypeone

    Don’t know yet been trying to install cm10m1 since last night cut keep getting error 7

  • Mac

    Update your recovery

  • Hypeone

    The only problem with that is that according to xda cwm is corrupted and causing a lot of bricks according to their respective forums

    • EddieWinslow

      I am using the newest version of CWM and have not had any issues.

      CM10 is great, but still not perfect.

      I just installed this leak (literally rebooting now from Recovery)

      I tried the leak that came out on the 6th, it had its issues. Hopefully this one is better.

      will keep you updated

  • rip rim

    cant wait!

  • c

    I’m currently using TeAm_InSoMnIa’s ARISTODEMOS JellyBean (which I believe IS this/based off this), found on XDA forums.

    It is VERY smooth. New features are very welcomed. I keep finding more options to try out! I think I’m going to stick to the stock launcher for now, too. (Otherwise I go with TSF Shell which is AMAZING)

  • EddieWinslow

    Been using for the Day, and its very stable, have not had any issues with it at all

    Can’t wait for an official release. Until then I will stay on this bad boy.

  • Kyle

    Is Telus the only Canadian carrier that doesn’t put bloatware on their phones?

  • someone

    Bloatware is not a problem. Root it, get titanium backup and get rid of bloatware… CM10 is awesome but you need rogers APN info to get LTE on it. My battery life literary doubled after going CM10 route. Now I get 2 days easy out of it , before I could get 1 day and that’s it.