iPhone 5 nano SIM leaked by Vodafone UK, denies its true nature


  • sicpuppy

    How big is a 5 Pence ?

  • For real?

    What is the point of this Nano sim? lol

    • idonkey

      Simple. More way to rip you off.

  • aviking

    Im sorry did you just call a nano sim card a new “feature” of the iphone 5?

    ahhhh yes what a great new feature it is….

  • 45

    Can someone explain what the point of having different sized SIM cards is? Is it just to save space in the phone build, or is there something I’m missing..?

  • bb

    is this bb10?

    • 45

      Christ, this s**t is annoying. STOP.

  • Zzz

    Saving a precious few mm. I really doubt space is the only reason behind this change. Notice how supposedly you cannot cut a micro for a nano. So I’m guessing it’s more to keep people from switching phones with ease

    • Daniel Bryan

      A few mm is precious and has nothing to do with keeping people from switching phones. Creating a few more mm in a phone will allow for a larger battery, something pretty much everyone agrees is in great need.

  • Daniel Bryan

    Once again Apple to the forefront with new technology! They made micro sim the standard and will now do it again with the nano sim.

    Meanwhile android is to busy trying to figure out how to further fragment that mess of an “OS”.

    • d3v14n7

      Yea, finally… Apple is at the forefront of one small, specific piece of technology since 2007. You must be so proud!


      Meanwhile, everything else that is “new” on the iPhone 5, iPad mini (and everything else Apple sells) has been on other devices for 2+ years… Sorry to inform you, but Apple hasn’t been at the forefront of technology for a long time, they’ve been playing catch-up in both the mobile and computing space… It’s especially bad in the mobile space where they’re YEARS behind most Android OEMs in terms of cutting edge features and hardware… The Nano SIM is probably the only “feature” in the iPhone 5 that hasn’t existed in a superior form on Android handsets from the last year or 2.

      If you’re happy about Apple getting the nano SIM standard, you’re a fool, ETSI chose a inferior product in Apple’s nano SIM design, both functionally and physically, the other SIMs proposed (mainly Nokia’s) were far superior, but of course, Apple got it due to well paid off connections, like usual… And now, Apple will use the NANO SIM standard against other OEMs in lawsuits and other such nonsense, just like they have in the past.

    • vn33

      The only thing that Apple is the forefront right now is in litigation with everybody !! “Oh, you’re using rounded-corner icons ? You will hear from our lawyers”
      Although am not an Apple user, I used to admire their marketing savvy, their non-conformist design … not anymore!

  • Mike

    Yeah right, save space?! If Apple can, they will force hardwired SIM into every iPhone, just like CDMA so nobody can take their SIM to use it elsewhere. This is simply bullying.

    Now they can sue Samsung if their Galaxy is trying to use this nano SIM without paying them arm and leg.

  • tomatoes

    Wait. Which new Nokia’s are using this?

  • Mr Mystery

    Sorry but why is this an issue? It’s industry standard and acknowledged, what because the iPhone 5 hasn’t been launched the SIM is top secret?

  • Mike

    The revolutionary Iphone 5, innovation at its finest. Now comes with smaller proprietary iDock connector, smaller iSIM card and larger iScreen. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Joey

    Mobilesyrup, It is possible to cut a micro sim down to nano sim size.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I really wish the standards meant everyone uses the same… normal sim, lte sim, micro, lte micro and now nano, hopefully only in lte.

  • idonkey

    Better not be true with that nano SIM card or that would be the end of Apple as we know it.

    • d3v14n7

      It is, ETSI chose Apple’s inferior nano SIM design over other far superior designs (both physically and technologically) from Nokia, Motorola and RIM… I wonder how many people Apple had to pay off in order to get this, because it was clearly the worst SIM of the bunch (Google it, you’ll see), and yet Apple got the standard. This is just another one of Apple’s attempts at controlling the market, I can’t wait to see how many lawsuits come flying out of Apple HQ because of this.

  • isdfoa

    I have a good feeling the nano-sim will be one of apple’s key innovations at tomorrow’s announcement lool. what else could they possibly announce that no other competitor has..

    “introducing the world’s first phone using nano-sim technology. Apple: the leader of innovation”

  • sak500

    LOL the isheep will all have to buy new sims connectors docking units or atleast convertors to switch from previous phones. That’s why crapple makes money. Shoving useless proprietory interfaces down the throats of iDiots who will gladly pay for all these again and again.

  • kman

    Despite the insane media hype, I have to say my interest level in this new release is low.

    … and this “nano” sim thing is just stupid.

  • Dr.Fareed

    Micro SIM,like micro chip,is full of absurdity and confusing the prospective customers to hand over hard earned money to make an existing fat hen more fat.Even the price of new iphone is irrational and unreasonable.I request all to value money and dont waste it for fake status symbol.

  • kel

    Apple is evil and full of s**t. I hope they go down in the market. D world is full of problems already. Y shuld ppl bother about nano sim nonsense. Ohhhh so wat den happens to all dese sweet phone on normal regular sims. I feel sorry for apple loyalist ( rollin ma eyes).