Rogers/Telus/Bell Samsung Galaxy S III gets first Jelly Bean leak


  • DrParanoid

    Nice! Been waiting for this one!

  • Tom

    I’m actually not in a big hurry – my SGS3 is working great as it is.

    Rather them take a bit of time and make sure all bugs are ironed out rather then rush it.

  • S2556

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO let the jellybean party begin!

  • DrParanoid

    Yeah I’ll agree with you on that one Tom. This is my first android phone and I’m not too comfortable with rooting it right now. I will most likely wait for the official update from Rogers, but regardless this is good to see right now for any s3 owner.

  • Miknitro

    I wish HTC would take a hint over this.
    Wtg Samsung users, enjoy.

  • Netguru

    It is taking way too long for Samsung Canada to release Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Nexus. Why doesn’t Mobilesyrup do something constructive such as calling up your buddies at Samsung Canada and find out what is really going on with the GN update. Then REPORT on what you fin out! You know…real journalism, not just repeating rumours that you pick up over the internet.

    • Rob

      Hey all you Rogers Galaxy Nexus owners. You should just bootflash your phone tothe official Google build and you’ll be playing with Jelly Bean in twenty minutes. I did it and it was simple. Do it and stop whining. Jelly Bean is awesome. My wife’s Nexus S already got the OTA update on hers too.

  • aviking

    I did the minor update the other day and my phone has been running slower and just not as good as before the update so I will be trying the Jelly Bean ROM from XDA when it comes out.

    • kb2755

      I agree, mine isn’t running near as well as it was. My phone always says I have a new message, even after deleting all conversations and it definitely seems sluggish. Seems to have caused more issues than helped.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    This is music to my ears. I wish all updates were pushed out at this speed from now on. If Samsung can do that, then they got my money.

  • This is BB10

    Is this BB10?

  • tehPr0fess0r

    my GS3 has been on Jellybean (CM10) for weeks now… not missing any of the samsung bloatware, so i dont think I’ll be going back

  • Pennywize

    Been hearing there are still bugs in cm10. Would wait until it is more stable.

    • dstruct2k

      With these leaks coming out, now the CM team has somewhere to get working JB drivers from. This will drastically speed up development.

    • bob

      This is not cm10, this is a samsung touchwiz with jellybean

  • meow meow

    Please please. Where’s my JB? My GNEX is jealous.

    • TZM

      Easy to flash to official J.B. to the Gnex. I did it the first day I got mine last month from expansys.

    • HerpingTheDerp

      I think you have the same build that I had (Jakjuux). We got scewed by Samsung and Google let it happen. You might have to root.

  • Bob c

    Love samsung

  • Shaggyskunk

    AOKP JB on the sgh-i727R kicks butt! Been out for almost a month & getting more freaking awesome with each build! Even a couple of weeks ago, it was WAY better than rogers crazy ICS update – which took forever!

  • GNexUser

    It’s sad that the Galaxy Nexus has been out for NINE MONTHS and Samsung has yet to provide an official update that all Jakjuux/Canadian users can all get past the original 4.0.1

    Absolutely pathetic for a supposed Nexus phone.

    That being said I gave up on them a while back and flashed to the Yakju stream a couple days before JellyBean was released for that stream and have been enjoying it since then.

    • HerpingTheDerp

      I blame Google for allowing Samsung to pull this crap. For the life of me I don’t understand the point…the hardware is identical. As you say, you can just flash to the Google-supported ROM to get the updates.

      I gave up a few weeks ago and installed CM9.

  • jPhoneUser

    Waiting for a day where all oem’s go the apple way.

    Build 1) Clean android
    Build 2) Android with Customization.

    Let consumers decide what they want. Then samsung should decide weather it should spend time and energy in building TouchWhiz based on the number of installs.

    • Adam

      how exactly is letting the consumers decide what they want the “Apple Way”

      if anything, the apple way is “you will do this how we want you to”

    • jack

      lmao, apple only has ONE way: THEIR WAY.

    • TheInformantsMom

      you MUST be retar ded.

  • Joe

    I already have Jelly bean for my Nexus S on Wind.

  • Steven D

    Has anyone had any luck with this and is it easy to put on the Bell Varient of the S3??

  • Darren

    Im running CM10 simply because I like stock android more than any other launcher but its nice to see that Samsung is making an effort to keep its flagship up to date. Hopefully it gets the jump to the next android os.

  • Michael

    You guys DID report on a WIND/Mobilicity Jelly Bean ROM Availablility – otherwise I’m crazy.

  • Mark

    The best Jellybean rom for the Galaxy Nexus is the Xenon HD rom. Google it on Xda.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Samsung for nothing! If you g3 guys get JB that’s great. But as a gnex owner I’m a little ticked. It will just proved to me that Samsung has no loyalty to existing customers. I guess my next phone purchase will be a little harder with this in the back of my mind. Yes I’m rooted and have JB, but that’s not the point.

  • samsungG

    Works good! Rooted n all! Now to make it better and harass cyanogen to push out a CM10 (nightly) for Canada! Fed up with deleting lines in d2att and it still having major hiccups w/ sgh-i747m.

    PS: Screw apple! Pure CULT!

  • rimme

    Samsung gs3 is the best. If you were actually stupid enough to buy a piece of shyte galaxy nexus then your dumb a*s doesn’t deserve jelly bean. Go download a custom rom for your gnex if you care soooo much about it. While you’re waiting for it to install you can ponder the depths of your own stupidity. Pff galaxy nexus, give me a break…

    • HerpingTheDerp

      As a GNex owner, the only thing I took from your comment was a sense of disappointment at the quality of trolls these days. Try harder.

    • kroms

      Do us a favor.

      Leave , go get an education.
      Then don’t come Back.

      What a moron.

  • Jaxchance

    I’m pretty new to this but would love to have JB on my non-rooted SG3. Do I need to root my phone?

  • EddieWinslow

    Will be downloading and installing this at work today

  • Vengefulspirit99

    To all of these people crying about being stuck on 401, its not Samsung ‘s fault… It’s just your carrier

  • Andy

    Is it true that 32GB models do not get the battery fix update?

  • ChrisArchitect

    funny, because I was reading this and dreaming of JB on my Bell GNEX and decided to go check what build I had and tried the System Update check which hadn’t run for a few days….. AND there was an Update!? Didnt’ say what it was, but 8.8mb and I don’t think I’ve ever had that message pop up saying there was one…so….. waiting for the reboot in anticipation!

    • ChrisArchitect

      update: meh. was the 4.0.2 update. Yes, really. :-\

  • Neil

    Will the SGS2X see JB?

  • kroms

    HERE is the REAL reason all the people that have the Galaxy Nexus have NOT GOT JB yet.
    Rogers and Samsung WANT to delay that as looong as possible so that people will ditch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and purchase a new Samsung SG3.
    I’m discussed that they are doing this, and wish GOOGLE would screw them and release there own phones Directly to the consumers. Ive Rooted my to JB early on and I’m very happy with it. Just mad that Rogers and Samsung are doing this and screwing people over.

  • kroms

    SAMSUNG better not got too SASSY and think they are the NEXT APPLE. It’s one thing to make a phone they way you see fit.
    It’s another thing entirely when you start to screw around with your User’s base.
    Don’t bite the HAND that Feeds you SAMSUNG!

  • Me-too

    I just got an update on my Galaxy S III with Telus. Now on version 4.0.4

  • jonathan

    Wish it would leak on to the galaxy nexus Samsung released 4.0.2 last week wth is that I wan 4.1.1

  • jimmy

    Mr. Rogers just gave me update to 4.1 Jellybean on my Galaxy Nexus this far so good

  • Sam

    I would wait for GS III official since it is already a great phone anyway. Why break it when you don’t have to.

  • kman

    OK Mid November and we’re still waiting. : (