Sony Xperia Tablet S Canadian shipping dates slip to September 10th


  • Tom

    This sounds like a really nice tablet, but I’m confused about the name – wasn’t their old tablet also called Xperia S?

    Also, with so many cheap but excellent options (Nexus 7 and Playbooks at $160) I don’t see them selling many of these things.

  • Guy

    I don’t understand Sony. This tablet is too much high priced with no plus-value (at first glance). Also, the strange thing at the back of the tablet is kind of akward when you want to hold the tablet in portrait orientation.

  • TBV

    The first tablet was just called the tablet S if I remember correctly….

    And the “folded magazine” design on the back is actually designed to improve the one handed grip in portrait orientation… I always found it a lite funky in the horizontal two handed grip myself…

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I ain’t going to hold my breath for this one. I’ll wait for the surface before making my decision

  • RyanOver

    if HTC dont make a move this year with a new Flyer(7 inch) and Jetstream(10.1 inch) I going for the XPERIA Tablet S

  • rimme

    Waiting for the Sony tablet s to ship is a lot like being constipated. Just when you think today is the day it takes another week to get here and when it finally does arrive it’s a huge piece of s**t pain in your a*s that you regret forever. Pff, Sony tablet s, gimme a break…

  • Mike

    I don’t get how some people can buy a tablet without having played with it in person first. How do they know if it feels right in their hands? Or how responsive the software is? Or how the screen looks?