“Nexus 7 3G” rumoured for a mid-October release


  • Tom

    This could be useful as this device is small enough you could take it with you and android is so open you could even use it for voip etc if it has a mic and a speaker

  • Thomson

    Why couldn’t they launch both at the same time? Or at least mention that a 3G model was on the horizon. Glad I didn’t buy one yet. I’d prefer a 3G one anyways.

  • Mike

    with 4G/HSPA+ already pretty much everywhere and LTE being rolled out.. 3G seems.. i dunno useless?


    3G??? Come on Google. Don’t move backwards like RIM/Apple.

  • Geekom

    3G ?!? What year is this! Come on, bring the 4G LTE on!

    • ToniCipriani

      I actually played around both… trust me LTE (I refuse to call LTE 4G) isn’t that much faster than HSPA+, at least in currently in Canada. I did speed tests on the SIII LTE and put the same card in my friend’s unlocked SIIx, the HSPA+ on the SIIx was actually faster than the SIII.

  • Andrew P

    Well, this is a nice surprise! I haven’t bought one yet. Sure, it would be nice to see it loaded with 4G, but remember… there are places where 4G doesn’t exist and 3G is all there is.

    Secondly, 3G is certainly a lot faster then no data connection at all (assuming you can’t find WiFi… which once you’re away from larger centers isn’t as common as you’d like either)

    Sure, you can tether it to your phone (If you have that option) but some Canadian carriers don’t like that too much unless you go for a larger data bucket or find a plan that does allow tethering.

    I’ll keep an eye on this. If they keep the price relatively close to the current wifi-only models, I might just go grab one. (And if not, I’ll settle for the wifi model which should work just fine for me!)

  • mrlostman

    I’ll take 3G to be an antiquated way of saying ‘cell network enabled’. I’m sure it’ll be at least hspa+

    • Andrew P

      You have a point here. What we call 4G/HSPA is really closer to 3.5G if we want to get technical. “LTE” is true 4G, at least to my understanding. The current 4G term is simply about marketing (Android Central did a post about this a while back), and not really a true 4G network.

      If this is the case, Google maybe should have called it HSPA-enabled. Of course… I think before we all get too ruffled about it “only being 3G”, maybe we should wait for some official word and official specs. You could very well be right.

  • Playbook99

    Playbook at $150 at FS for Weeks and still TONS of stock!
    EVerybody is waiting for the PB @ $99.

    99ers….Here they come in October yeah!!
    Nexus 7 is the what the PB should have been!

    PS: Playbook LTE at $250 plus big LOL!

  • superfly

    I will hack this device so I can make voice calls and text with it too. The Google Nexus Note 7. Yes!

  • Mark

    Would makes sense since tegra 3 cannot handle LTE yet so it’s probably HSPA+.

  • Bob in Ontario

    Hope to grab one of these if cheap enough. I’d like to see $299.99
    I have a android phone now and would be ipnice to bring a small fast android with me. I really do like picking the data plan right off my ipad 2 now. Hope this is a option. Use it when I need it.

  • Dave

    What’s a big deal with all these 3G, 4G tablet? All you need to do is WiFi Tethering from your phone, save yoursel bunch of money from these gimmick.

    • bob

      Well some people might want this instead of a phone. It is also cheaper.

  • Chm985

    To bad this won’t upgrade to Blackberry 10

  • bobo peters

    3g just for skype, thats all i want and a headset

  • Dylan K

    With all the 6GB data plans being thrown around both in past and in the future (xmas sales probably) why the hell do you need a 3G/4G tablet? Tether.

  • Shaun Lee

    whats the price for 3g version….

    please be higher than $550. Look at RIM!