Real or Fakery: New iPhone 5 video surfaces, gets turned on.


  • Beso

    of course he has the freaking cable … how the hell will he be able to charge up the iphone then! this is for sure a teaser video and they dont want the public to see what it will look like just yet!

    • Josh

      I fail to see that logic, if it came partially charged and he can’t use the phone, the battery would take a long time to die in an off state.

    • havy

      If he stole it he wouldn’t have cable.
      Prototypes wouldn’t receive over the air updates so connecting to iTunes is plausible.
      Fit and finish could also not be finalized so extra screws or poor quality screen is also possible.

    • Apple died with Steve Jobs.

      iPhone… yawn.

    • Brandy

      Saw it yesterday, looks like the samsung android .. no wonder they got sued


    -phuk apple.
    -rip rim.

    that is all. 🙂

  • Blaxx

    I’m calling BS simply because you don’t need to connect to iTunes to activate an iPhone since iOS 5

    • Arjuna

      doesn’t it require you to connect to itunes when using a pre release/beta IOS? it did for ios5

  • COB

    I feel that it is fake .. considering it would be at least running iOS 5, which you don’t have to connect the phone to itunes

  • lukeiphone

    Apple all the way!!!!

  • Owen Finn

    Is it just me, or does that phone look a lot like a … naw, I don’t have the heart to do it.

    Apple – same old, same sold.

  • EddieWinslow

    I don’t like the long skinny look it has going? Keyboard will still feel so squished when trying to type. One of my biggest complaints for an iPhone. I always had to use landscape to be able to type anything out 2 handed.

  • kelly

    Its not gona be the iphone 5. Most likely the mew iphone, but its the 6th gen so it would be called the iphone 6

  • Fartknocker

    This is fake. iOS doesn’t ask you to connect to iTunes anymore.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Wow, this is Apple innovation? I’m sure the isheep will line up again to buy this lackluster device because their master tells them this the best thing ever.

    • Carlos

      Jealous that you can’t afford one? cuz it sure sounds like that to me

    • Winston Bull

      The Master has passed on. Now it’s buying because the master’s cronies tells them to.

    • Jay

      @Carlos: I can easily afford one, but why would I want one? Apple’s innovation stopped with the iPhone 3GS. Other phones are now more powerful, more cutting-edge, have a lot more features, and don’t require you to use iTunes. There’s absolutely nothing drawing me to an iPhone. I’d actually be willing to give RIM’s upcoming touchscreen phone a chance before I bent over and bowed down to Apple.

      @OGOD: Please stick your generalizations where they belong. I’m Canadian and very much love my HTC One S.

  • Awkward Turtle

    The screen looks shitty compared to the iPhone 4S he has there. Methinks it’s a Chinese fakery!

  • cory c


  • ihatefanb0is

    If I was designing it, i would have made the screen wider maybe .5″-1″ all around. Looks a little silly just making it longer and functionally, I dont think this is going to help devs make apps for the new aspect ratio.

  • Plazmic

    When he turned it on, why was the screen looking so fuzzy? Like it was ‘shopped? I know these things, I’ve seen a few photoshops in my time…

  • Miknitro

    Pretty much a downgrade unless coming from the iPhone 4.

    Whole thing reminds me of Palm in their days, went stagnant as the design barely changed.

    One very large pass, thanks.

  • Steve

    You can tell this is fake because of the screen color. Mostly every capacitive touch screen now days is deep black, and resistive touch screens are grayish. The screen on the supposed iPhone 5 is very grayish, indicating that the screen on it was just meant to show the iTunes logo for a joke teaser and nothing more.

  • roman20

    He has a shell, but the iTunes screen is clearly post edited.

  • Random

    Fake…If it was the new iPhone, it would have iOS6 which just like iOS5 is computer-free…no need to plug it into iTunes when activating it.

  • Mike

    Oh boy, the iSheep are going to go crazy with this one, “OMG IT GOT LONGER, ILL USE THE SIZE TO COMPENSATE FOR MY SMALL…”

  • kroms

    Fake or not , the aspect ratio is about the size. So basically what Apple will release is an Iphone 4 S with updated specs and a longer screen. Longer only ? That is going to make it one retarted looking phone.

    PS I like how the guy says he thought the S3 was to BIG for Screen. LMAO

    • Winston Bull

      Remember, Apple only owns the patent for the rounded rectangle. So they can just make it longer. They can’t change the design. 😛

  • Rob

    Wow that would make an awesome shoe horn!

  • Tomatoes

    Man that looks really ugly. Good job Apple if that is realy the iphone 5. LOL

  • Inner_City_Swag

    Its interesting seeing how people can’t see a reality of a situation. This is for all of you that accusing him of lying about itunes and having no cable. More so if he connects to itunes he would be busted by Apple for having a prototype device and releasing a video ahead of launch.

  • istoopidsheepfollower

    Baaaaaaahahaha. If thats really the new ijunk it just confirms crapples mantra. NO INNOVATION JUST LITIGATE! Because they know isheep will all buy it up even if its dipped in horse s**t! And then brag about it! QFT!!!!!!!

  • ile2010

    I’m currently an Android user, and I stop prefer it to Apple. That being said, is anyone using the word “iSheep” here aware of what the definition of irony is?

  • ile2010

    still* damn auto correct

  • Vince

    Comming from an iphone 4s to the gs3, i love it
    I have a hard time using the 4s too small now. The 4.8 screen is just perfect.

    Ill still buy the new iphone when it comes out, and post it on ebay.

  • jonny

    I think Apple is very worried their next phone will be a dissapointment, so they are leaking little bits to get everyone used to the idea of the new phone so there wont be a big shock and dissapointment when it is officially announced.

    Apple is on the verge of losing a large part of its loyal crowd, so if the iPhone 5 isnt the most amazing device out there they could be in big trouble.

  • Memischap

    Te different thing about this video is that the back of the iPhone was all aluminium I don’t believe it was two toned with glass at the top and bottom so maaybe all the two tone leakes where just to throw off the media while they actually made this one

  • mike

    I feel sorry for all the isheep that will have to get all new speaker docks because there master made smaller proprietary connector.

  • Lex

    Out of ALL comments no one has pointed out the grave unlikelyness of an SD card slot! Lol.

  • Jared

    So you call Apple fans iSheep and you make fun of Apple fans for enjoying the Apple ecosystem and simplicity even though there are Android fans that have the same passion for their OS of preference and wait for the next Galaxy or Nexus product.

    Really, to each their own, no need to be bashing people either way.

    • Darren

      But you notice how the (iSheeps) apple fans can not really defend the iPhone because for its value it doesn’t offer great specs. For a similar price you could get a phone with better specs or even a laptop ($700 no term). I see what you’re getting at, but you have to see their point.

    • Jared

      Most people do not buy their phones, and even if so, a lot of the Galaxy’s and higher end Android’s are already starting at Apple-like prices, but do not come with solid resale value. High specs are great if the OS has a way to use them, which if you looked at iOS, they are not as essential. Its a very basic OS. Again, its a choice, a personal choice. No need to start flaming people.

  • jumar

    definitely fake. iphone screen turns bright when it first powers on and then illuminates to black

  • OGOD

    Is that TIM COOK’s hands in the video? haha…

    I guess Apple won’t make much changes on the hardware in the future, not just iphone5. The one who sue others would worry to get sue. So that’s it, future iphones will be either even longer or shorter, and moving plugs and buttons around.

    Also Apple’s next target is google. Why is Apple detroying the market?? We should detroy Apple, stop buying their products. Apple can’t accpet any company came out a product which better than iphone.

  • Nizar

    Why does everybody seem to be calling it the iPhone 5 ?

    Technically, it’s the iPhone 6, so why in the hell would Apple call it the iPhone 5 ?

    • OGOD

      If u think this way, this is not iphone6. iphone3g>iphone3gs>iphone4>iphone4s>iphone5
      isn’t it iphone7?…LOL

  • JM

    It’s a fake because it’s a SIM slot and not a microSIM so it`s more a clone than an iPhone 5?

  • Brian

    Oh please, with Apple’s level of overconfidence you just know it’s gonna be called the new iPhone.

  • Samuel

    I have a hard time believing that a person will send someone the prototype with no cables, only so that you can compare it side by side with the 4S. We are not that maive. If someone went thru all that risk sending the cable with it will be nothing.

  • The Masked Bandit

    All these Android fanboys sicken me. How’s that patent lawsuit against your precious Samsung going? Oh yea, Samsung lost. iPhone is what Android devices copy. I threw both my iphone 4S 64GB and my 32 GB Brand new Galaxy S 3 on Kijiji at the same time and the iPhone (a 1 year old device) sold in 6 hours. Not a single email about my Galaxy S 3. No one wants your shitty devices. I’m stuck using this low end S3 until the new iPhone comes out now and I hate every moment of it.

    • OGOD

      Iphone fanboy, Canadian are still crazy for iphone. Out side of Canada is the world of Android already. Go search the #of share market.


    • Carlo Sambrone

      Masked Bandit since you asked you mustn’t have heard. Here is the latest update on that lawsuit your homeboys gave you.

      1. The USPTO is reexamining several of the patents that Apple used in the lawsuit.

      2. The jury foreman admitted that they ignored the 109 pages of instructions that judge Koh gave them.

      3. The same jury admitted “wanting to send a message” which is outside their mandate.

      4. If you look at their findings you quickly find serious contradictions and inconsistencies, but why be a stickler for details.

      I could go on but why bother, you probably already dismissed what I’ve written. What do you think the Vegas line on the verdict being either vacated or seriously modified by judge Koh? It’s almost a given, and even if it slips by that stage, the appelate division will fix it, that is if the patents actually surivive the reexamination which by the way, very few ever do survive.

  • istoopidsheepfollower

    Thats cuz when they called for the Sg3 your stuck with, all they heard was Baaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaa. And hung up 🙂 Try not to sound like an isheep and maybe just maybe you might get somewhere haha.

  • Drewg

    May very well be fake. IOS 5 removed the need to connect to iTunes on initial startup. Just a thought!

  • Mr Mystery

    It’s a Samsung Galaxy, ask Tim Cook

  • MER1978

    Not to defend this video or anything… for people who think the fact that it needs to be plugged in is proof it isn’t a real prototype…

    Do you think it would really be that hard for them to put a switch into the code forcing that requirement so if anyone who only knows the hardware “lost” one it wouldn’t be fully functioning?

  • joe

    Can’t wait for it to come out cause iphones do make a great paper weight cause that’s the only thing it’s good for.

  • Ok then…

    Carlos’ mom buys him IPhones every year! Why would he ever care about money? 😉

  • HO

    …FK, that is an ugly POS, at first I thought that it was a remote control for a tv, in other news I just want, pray for them to say that is LTE so Samsung can sue mApple till the end of times.

  • Bruce Willis?

    Make a topic on Bruce Willis suing Apple, now that’s a great topic!

  • Steven

    Vid is clearly a fake. Screen is a cheap grey knock-off – not Apple’s black screen.

  • sant2

    Gali gali mein sir he SAMSUNG mobile chit he…

  • David

    Battery, battery …

    If anything really needs a big improvement then it is the battery and the obsessive charging it requires.

    I want to go for a week’s travel without a charger once.

  • Spenny88

    Guys, also remember this is just a shell. If u notice, the iTunes connect screen that he showed was the exact same size as it would be on the 4s. That’s why he had it on there so nobody would see the real size of the screen. A shell doesn’t make the screen of a 4s any bigger lol it’s totally fake!! even if that was on the new iOS, it would fill up the whole screen.
    NOBODY knows what the new iPhone will look like. lol remember last year??? ….nuff said

  • sickpuppy

    He could have used the light in background to friggin illuminate his damn video .Therefore , fake .

    ” hopefully the back won’t shatter like the 4S ”
    It’s apparently aluminum as you describe you i***t .

  • Colin Duncan

    Is it just me or at 2:52 in the video do his fingers look like they’ve turned plastic and elongated? Maybe just me but this looks like the iPhone4 with a bit of trickery! At least the guy got what he set out for, a load of hits and comments. This boys obviously got far too much time on his hands….lliterally!

  • GetwithIT

    Is this the Iphone 5?

  • CJ

    I really hope this is the finished product, and I say that because if it is, well Android devices will have a very easy time beating it in sales, if they would just stop losing in court.

  • iknowmystuff

    you still need itunes to activate an iphone guys. I sell them and unless the sime catches the data signal i gotta unbrick before the customer can use it.

    Might be a Canadian thing but it is what it is

  • bob robberts

    Who cares? Apple fan bois are salvating dogs. The Iphones are existing tech made pretty & i***t proof. Apple did not invent
    the GUI or mouse, or icons of touch screens.

  • ghey

    ghey… video no workie