myCharge 2012 Rechargeable Battery Pack Line Preview (Video)


  • superfly

    This is way better that those extended batteries that make your phones look obese.

  • Brayden

    If only 10000 mah for forty bucks wasn’t a typo..

    • ruddias

      You can find some on Amazon for around that price. They definitely don’t look as good, though.

  • EddieWinslow

    i picked up something similar to this at wall mart. its a 4,500mAH battery for 25 bucks.

    works very well

    I think its by Everstart?

  • yosme

    does this work on bb 10?

  • jegan

    look good. smartphone need extra battery but if in cases 2X2

  • Kempton

    In Asia (e.g Hong Kong), there are tons of different extra battery storage solutions at various cheaper price levels. I personally have seen at least one brand claiming 10,000mAh (a bit pricey). The bottom line, or major problem, for me is that I don’t know enough about these random brands to know how safe these batteries are?! I don’t want to risk one of these batteries spilling chemicals in my jeans pocket for sure!
    I had wanted to buy a cheaper battery in HK but I think I will end up buying the Peak 6000 in Canada because it is tested, I like its hidden cables design, plus the built-in AC charger.

  • Corey

    People need to start looking at 1850 type batteries(same cells laptops use), You can get 2400mah batteries that aren’t much bigger then 2x AA’s. 5vdc USB cases can be had for under $30 and good quality cells can be had for about $15 for two. As a plus many good led flash lights are starting to use these, 1000lums for 5-6+hrs!

  • excessdan

    i bought one that does microUSB, has an i think 2200mAH battery and is 12 dollars from fits in the palm of my hand and will charge any smartphone that takes a microusb charge.