Rumour: Redesigned headphones for the iPhone 5 surface online, “They have the appearance of a horse’s head” (Video)


  • cody

    And how are iSheep going to fit these into their ears??

    • yosme

      these are bb 10 headphones

  • lol

    Since Apple included the L and R on the headphones then nobody can use these letters on anything..

    • Travis D

      Be careful, Apple might come after you for royalties for using those mentioned letters….

    • Rio

      Samsung is already preparing its product lines to paint these black and package it with their next product.

  • Patrick

    About time they changed it 🙂

  • Alex

    Can’t wait.. f*** off fandroids!

    • lol

      Go take a loan to buy an iPhone and starbucks coffee or Should I say starc0cks?

    • skullan

      Apple rage, almost as fun as road rage, except completely proprietary and known as “Thermo-nuclear”.

      Back on topic: The earphones look cool. But, I’m sure I can find myself a pair that is as good or better to use in my BB10, Windows 8 or next Android phone.

    • OgtheDim

      Meh….in Starbucks again today and just as many RIM and Android as Apple products…..same at Timmies too.

      You gotta get out more.

    • skullan

      @Phone User,

      I took at the link, lots of good comments in there for such an inexpensive price. I will need to look into it, thanks!

  • TZM

    They are shaped like a rotten apple.

  • ruddias

    They look odd, but I guess if they work…

  • NienorGT

    Interesting, this format is totally unique to my knowledge.
    I hope the cable is more solid than previous ones.

    Now if they could make a black version to fit our iPhones…

  • Eluder

    Hopefully they are more comfortable than the originals, cause those sucked hard! Never could use them more than a couple of mins.

  • Slappy

    I’m guessing you have to bend over first, so they fit properly?

  • Threecube

    I put them in my ear to sleep so I can hear the sheep while I count them.

  • istoopidsheepfollower

    All I hear is baaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaa. Must not innovate, must litigate. baaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Amazing. Pure magic. Wow
    I can feel how comfortable they are gonna be and how amazing they are going to sound just by looking at them in a picture.
    Apple has done it again


  • Alexander

    Quality is what counts — as far as earbuds go, design can come second. As it stands, the current sound quality that comes from Apple earbuds is terrible. Hopefully the new design will come packing a more powerful audio driver.

  • Bobblehead

    Apple-related post: 7 of 14 comments from obstinate, insecure Android sheep.

    Samsung/Android-related post below: 0 of 14 comments from Apple users.

    Ladies and gentlemen and Android sheep, welcome.

  • FredtheFailLord

    Looks like the IE1/2s. But with hard plastic instead of silicone. In other words, uncomfortable. Also, I bet the sound is unchanged.

  • Alex

    I don’t know what kind of horses they have in Vietnam but…

  • ace

    somehow, i dont feel the buzz this time around… been disapointed since the iphone 4. lovin the galaxy nexus

  • Josh


  • hurric

    All i read was “iSheep will buy millions of iPhone 5 and their horse’s a*s earphones are the NEXT BIG THING”

  • Tomatoes

    New charging port and new accessories, new earbuds, new lawsuits.

    Damn Apple is horrible. Companies with low or zero profit margins like Sony have to rip off the consumer by charging them $20 for a 50 cent USB cable or $100 smart watches.

    Apple however, has like a 60% profit margin and they are making their fan base buy new docks and charging cables so that they can make the port smaller? Sure Apple. More like the accessories haven’t been selling at the Apple store lately so they make a new charging port so people have to buy their accessories again.

    When are the isheep going to learn.

    • Poulet

      Oh yeah, I’m sure the only reason behind the port redesign is Apple struggling to sell new accessories… Idiot.

  • Daniel Bryan

    fandroids making the same lame jokes ZzzzZzzzz whatabunchofdouches

  • CouldBHTC

    At least Apple includes a set up earbuds with each device, unlike HTC, who with they’re Beats line of headphones now excludes them and forces you to buy a set. The funny thing is if you look and any Beats package they say “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad” right on the box. The volume controls don’t work with HTC devices, EPIC MARKETING FAIL by HTC.

  • DrBadass

    Wait a minute.. I may need to sue, those look a lot like my balls.

  • jonny

    Those look really uncomfortable.

    I have never worn a pair of hard plastic ear buds that were comfortable. And these ones look even fatter than usual.