Rogers discontinuing their URMusic service November 1st


  • js

    i tried it once just to see what the experience was like and it was terrible. i do not understand how this got the green light to go public.

    • Pompay

      rogers should just discontinue their service in general

  • mauricio

    will this affect the ringbacks service ?

    • J

      yup technically ringback is part of urmusic

  • Kid.Canada

    I could care less about this app because I never use it and its horrible compared to other apps.

    Ps: you’re welcome Ian!

  • RandyNewbie

    I hope they provide an update to remove this bloatware app stuffed into Rogers Android ROMs. (Wishful thinking ‘cos I know it won’t happen — Sigh!)

  • David

    This was announced internally a while.ago, yet the ICS update for my RAZR that I received last night still has this useless app pre installed and there is no option to remove it. Fail.

  • Faceless Ex-Rogers Employee

    I was a call center rep when urMusic was introduced.

    We did training on it, and then were told in no uncertain terms “not” to push it — which if you know Rogers is about the most UNCHARACTERISTIC thing they could possibly do.

    They knew it sucked from square one, but they figured it was better to have something than to have nothing because it would attract the 4% “bleed red” diehard Rogers fans.

  • Laura

    Well, I for one am sad. Not for the app on my phone, but for the PC player that allows me download as much music as I like. I love it!! Oh, well, I guess I’ll try to find another format to download what I want for as little money as possible.

    • Joeb


      Get a Zune MusicPass (soon to be renamed XBOX Music).
      $9.99/month or $99/year for unlimited music download and streaming. Everything in the catalog (currently 14 millions tracks, to reach 30 millions in October).

      The catch: you don’t own the music. But you can access it while you pass is valid. If you like to discover new stuff and are not too sentimental about old stuff, this is simply the best.
      The other catch: As of now, if you want the music on your phone, you need a Windows Phone. The cheapest option is the Lumia 710 (about $240 without contract – no strings attached).

  • surveillance

    Never even heard of the service before, and ive been with Rogers for 10 years!

  • Hank

    problem is did people actually download their music from this piece of crap?

  • kroms

    Robers , I mean Rogers should get out of the CELL Business all together and focus on bertter serving there Cable Tv and Internet customers. RIght now they suck at everything.

  • Cyrus

    I truly hope this company goes down