Rogers discontinuing their URMusic service November 1st

Rogers is sending out text messages to customers stating they’ll be discontinuing their music service called “urMusic.” The end date is set for November 1st, 2012, but those who have a subscription will still be able to download songs until November 30th. Rogers also confirms that your purchased music “is yours to keep” – which is actually a pretty funny comment. According to a note we received it states the reason behind stopping the service is to “focus on revamping our music services” and that they’re “looking at ways we can deliver the best experience.”

It also seems that those who have the pre-loaded app will still be able to access their music after the service expires, just not purchase new music. In the imminent future, Rogers believes the best way to get music is by visiting one of the many music apps and streaming services. If you’re looking for alternatives you can always check out Rdio, 7Digital, or hopefully soon Spotify.

This isn’t the first time a carrier went this route. TELUS decided to do same with their music store last year and offer customers a better music experience by partnering with Rdio. The good thing about URMusic being discontinued is that it’ll free up a bit of space on future Rogers devices.

(Thanks Luqman!)