Spotify to launch service in Canada


  • jjdigitized

    Looking forward to this! Have a lot of friends in the US who keep sharing playlists with me I can’t use (easily heh).

  • Ced

    Ohhhh good news … don’t like rdio … but like this service

  • Jeeverz

    It’s been a long time coming, I signed up when they 1st launched.. And used it thru a proxy. But now my Spotify account works in Canada without one, it’s been like that for over 3 weeks now.

    • Spotify

      Does not work in Canada. Don’t be a liar. It is almost December and still no Spotify in Canada.

  • antirobbers

    10 bucks a month? um… no.

  • cat

    I use Tunein Radio. Almost the same thing, you can listen to thousands of online radio stations. Oh, and it’s free (or you can get the pro version for a buck if you like)

    • EvanKr

      Uh, TuneIn is a radio station streamer. Spotify is an unlimited music on demand streamer, you can stream any song any time.

    • Jim Shorts

      cat I agree with you. $120 a year and you don’t own anything at the end of it is not too appealing to me. So I will always be “addicted” to that type of service because I own nothing.

      I would rather buy 5-10 songs a month and listen to Tunein, Grooveshark,etc. 60-120 songs end of the year. 300-600 songs in 5 years. That’s a not bad collection that you own.

      Some can be patient, others want it all now 😀

  • Josh

    What does this offer over Sounds like radio stations, but I can get those free online too.

  • Harris

    Who actually uses this? It’s 2012 people.

  • Juan Pellat

    HAHAHA, spotify is nothing like tune in radio… Its free (adsupported) unlimited itunes with an AMAZING UI… I pay 10 dollars, looking forward to “Downgrading” to the free version

  • AbsouteDark

    It sounds a lot like pandora, plus you can’t use it on the go because of the data limits, unless i’m missing something.

  • Juan Pellat

    Wow, just tried something and it seems the free version works now… people dont think twice. Download this or at least try it

    • kungriffey

      Did you try it on Android?

  • EvanKr

    When they say “any platform”, they really mean it. Not only do they have service for iOS and Android, they also have it for BBOS, WP, WM, Symbian, even webOS or MeeGo.

  • puzzled

    Awesome, haven’t used the application myself but absolutely LOVE Pandora so if this is similar and I do not need to jump through hoops then count me in

  • t_star3

    Very interested in this, but here’s hoping the Canadian spotify will have the same content as the American. I love rdio for now, but there are a lot of holes in my collection, not to mention the app is driving me crazy right now by not syncing my music correctly or syncing and then not showing up when I’m offline. As for the cost, as a person who’s been pirating cds for over ten years, I think it’s about time I started contributing.

    • d3v14n7

      Don’t hold your breath for that, it’ll most likely be just as neutered as Canada’s pathetic Netflix selection…

  • Snafu

    Honestly I found the perfect and free music app – its Songza, go download it and it will suit all your music needs. Trust me ! SONGZA IS THE BEST!

  • otter

    If you only want 500 songs in 5 years…. great.

    But if you want to listen to dubstep, rap, rock, some bluegrass… some alternative…. and maybe one day you want to explore an artists entire discography, but never listen to them again.

    Anyone telling you how to “properly” listen to music doesn’t get life.

    Ideally, buying all your music is best, because at the end of the day…. you will have a big collection…. but… I think I’d prefer a culture that didnt care about intellectual property, and we instead ,supported artists playing music live. That would be awesome.

  • otter

    It would be nice to have an unlimited data plan with spotify eh? Hmmmmm wonder who gives that these days?

  • daveloft

    The biggest flaw with this service is the requirement of an application on the computer. I use Rdio on multiple computers at home, work and friends. Installing an application is just not possible in some of those situations.

  • Dylan D

    Better late then never I suppose! It’s an interesting service, looking forward to trying it out. Hopefully it won’t be completely stripped of music when it launches here.

  • Dylan D

    Oh and; “is this bb10?”

  • Sergei Mutovkin

    Using MOG through “unblock-us”, even at 10$ I love the service. While RDIO has a very poor sound quality (they apply 16.5Khz low-pass filter to all their music) [bitrate does not matter with such filtering], MOG delivers non-lowpassed music @ 320Kbps for all catalog. What I’m reading is that Spotify catalog is huge (which is very good), however quality is very inconsistent and catalog selection varies across countries quite a bit, so we might not get the full thing here in Canada.

  • Mike

    Just want to note that Spotify DOES have a free Radio feature though I’m not sure if it will come over with the Canadian launch. In the US, radio streaming (where the user can’t choose what song will come on next) has much cheaper licensing, so they are providing free, ad-supported radio mode to mobile users.

  • puzzled

    Just installed Slacker Radio on my phone thanks to this thread, seems to be at parity or better than Pandora without having to jump through VPN hoops

    thanks folks