iPhone protoype finds its way onto eBay for $10k, runs SwitchBoard and has the “protologo”


  • Hi Everybody!

    Is Switchboard a BB10 beta?

    • Gippy

      OMG ITS BB10!!!

  • Kid.Canada

    The only time I’ll pay $10k for a phone or a prototype in this case is if hell freezes over. Until then I’ll pass on this.

  • Paul

    How long before the lawyers at Apple shut this down for the sale of stolen hardware.

  • Alex

    This is only a step above the last 2 marketing bombs: Forgetting it in a bar…

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Apple is Prob already getting those court papers ready.

  • BB

    someone will buy it, but that money would be better donated to a sick kids hospital or to a family in need! what a joke.

  • Bobby

    Why is there a PokeBall on the back? Is this a rare Pokemon?

  • surveillance

    Blah Blah Blah! For some strange reason this is all I have to say.

  • skullan

    Why? More money than brains.

  • antirobbers

    In the ebay photos…. is that a removable battery inside the phone?

  • EvanKr

    If this was a GSIIII or a Lumia 901 I’d be much more interested. Honestly, I just don’t get excited by the new iPhones anymore.

  • hoo dat

    I collect records as a hobby so when I put it into that perspective I see this as a test pressing or a white label by someone like Britney Spears; the record itself may be interesting but the artist limits its collectibility. Had this been a test unit from a company that had shown some significant technical progress then it would be far more interesting and would appeal to a broader pan of people. Had this also been significantly different from the eventual product then that would also add to it’s value. A test OS, some stickers and a back that’s different but broken and doesn’t stay on the unit is not enough to make this truly collectible.

    As it stands this is stuck on one bid of $4,500, and that to me is already far, far too much. I would be genuinely surprised if this gets much higher than that.

  • vn33

    If someone actually buys this, then it’s proof there are people have too much money and too little priorities !

  • Collin

    of course some brainless isheep will buy this!! OMG I CAN BE THE ONLY 1 WIT A VERSION OF THE IPONE NOBODY HAS HEARD OF?!?

  • TP

    to me, it looks like someone just bought an iphone 4 and slapped some different logos to say ‘this is the new prototype’ and make a profit of 1000%.

  • iphone5ish

    how many prototypes did they leave in the bar???

  • Mast3rbug

    I don’t see it on ebay… listing already removed by ebay?

  • BB

    i could see the very first smartphone ever built having a bid from a collector, but the 4g model from last year or 2 years ago???/

  • John

    Is this some kind of joke, or are people really that stupid.

  • d3v14n7

    And it’s already been pulled…

    Good luck in court buddy!

  • beuh_dave

    … and it’s gone