LG Optimus G will reportedly have industry-leading hardware to rival Galaxy S III


  • Awkward Turtle

    I’m sorry, but with all due respect, I’ve never liked ANY of the LG phones. The overlay is just awful, and the phones themselves are never that creative.

    • Dre

      is this BB10?

  • ruddias

    “LG is definitely on to something with the L series.”
    Yeah, their on Samsungs website looking at the galaxy s 2.

    • ruddias


  • Hinds2009

    Unfortunately it’s lg sorry that’s a no go! It could have 8 cores, I ain’t touching it!

  • Tomas

    They’ll promise a Jelly Bean update for October, push it to Q1 2013, then in late February say that it was an announcement by LG HQ and it isn’t actually getting 4.1. I would avoid any LG phone

  • YeaRight

    Until LG learns to support their phones better they can take their phones and shove it.

  • Ron Mexico

    As previously stated, LG, no way!

  • Carlos Fabregas

    LG never again, disappointed with the Optimus 2x

  • Darren

    How many phones does LG have to make? I seriously thought that the 4X HD was the competitor but I guess it’s not good enough.

  • Dennis

    -2 degrees? WHY LG??? WHY???? Why must you remind us that winter is coming? 🙂

  • max

    LG Executives should pay more attention to what customers think of their brand. Being the “first” means nothing unless you have better after-sales support/service.

    Good luck LG.

  • LOL

    …most powerful phone AND it still will not beat the GS3 in sales or get even close. Once your brand has certain reputation in the fast paced world of smartphones, it is forever ruined, no matter how “nice” the phone is. (ie. Nokia, RIM, etc)

    • Darth Paton


  • JC Denton

    Too bad the only lead they have in this industry is failing at software support. Fuc* you LG.

  • ZeroPoke

    As long as the hardware is good and the boot loader is unlocked… What more does want really need? #thirdparty #roms #FTW

  • lukeiphone

    LG will definitely take an “L”. (A loss).

  • kevin

    that phone is going to be exactly like 2x a COMPLETE fail
    “oh yeah world first dual core” – “worlds WORST phone since launch”

  • Never Again!

    I Will never buy another LG phone again…
    Time and time again LG has promised great updates for their phones and never deliver. But LG phones actually are not aesthetically pleasing ever…
    With all these negative comments on one website, I could imagine how tarnished the brand is already.
    Good luck!
    Ms Cleo says NO

  • sak500

    Have they not learned yet? More phones doesn’t mean more phone sales. customers from past 1~2 years have already created so much negativity (myself included burned by LG’s lack of support on O3D) that no matter what LG will come up with in cell phone division it wont catch on.

    FU LG for screwing up your premier 3D phone and ditching it soon for 3D max. We fkn were your beta testers and paid over $700 for it.

  • Miknitro

    Same thing here, been burned by LG before.

    HTC has taken a path not so different from LG and is headed into the also ran category.

  • Omis

    Ah yes industry leading hardware. You can tell LG doesn’t give a damn about their customers. Search any one of their phones and you’ll see a flood of complaints about their disappointing SOFTWARE. Nobody is saying “gee I wish my lg phone had more memory!” They are saying “why is my screen turning off and the only way to turn it back on is to pull the battery and reboot?” To which LG responds “Don’t worry we’ll have it fixed in our next phone.”

  • TP

    I’ve always liked LG products for other appliances (fridges, air conditioners, washers) and consumer electronics (TV), but not phones.
    But TrueHD IPS is much superior to what Samsung can offer for phone display with their current technology.

    • Ilia

      You can have the best screen ever but if it stop working after not even 1 year, that mean your screen suck and the hole phone is actually like that, always a problem.

  • vn33

    I guess anyone who owned a LG phone before learned their lessons. How about building up a reputation for supporting your current phones, eh LG ?

  • Dre

    I have never owned an LG smartphone, but Samsung is not a saint in my eyes either. Their customer service and repair centre in Montreal are the laziest mofos ever. I don’t think I will buy another Samsung phone because of this.

  • opq

    I started with GS1 had problems with it but got it fixed fast (warranty repair took 2 weeks), switched to GS2 almost a year – not a single problem, phone is rooted, unlocked and I use custom ROM. Reputation matters and my next one will be GS 3 – 100% With LG had something like that.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    LG still makes phones? Lol the difference is that the s3 is already out and this is just a blueprint on paper… By the time LG comes around to making it, it will be outdated and on Ics in 2015

  • I purchased LG phone few years ago; still good performance.
    Work perfectly; no bugs…
    I wanna change to this phone once it launches!!!

    • hs