Microsoft Surface RT tablet to launch alongside Windows 8 for $199?



    I doubt it, but it would be awesome (if true, hopefully the lower price caries to the Intels too).

    • Keith

      That cannot be the real price. It would be nice though; we would be able to by a x86 and a Win RT for less than were expecting the x86’s to cost alone.

    • Dre


  • Hogan

    Although I wish this to be true, it seems unlikely for the somewhat strong build quality the Surface seems to have.

    One can hope for $199.

  • andy c

    i doubt this is true.

    i would have been very happy with a 399 price

    • Blackkey

      You can’t be serious. I would buy the RT for 300 and the Pro for 600-900. I mean come on, they can’t price too high for these devices because they need market share.

  • Maxime Tremblay

    199$ ?

    If it’s true, shut up and take my money 🙂

    • 3df

      At $199, buy now think later!

  • Francis

    Seems highly unlikely, but even at $400 I would buy it.

  • Carter Loose

    Well its going to have to cost $199 if its going to compete with the nexus 7 but i don’t think it will. I think it will be about $399 but only time will tell.

  • Shaun Lee

    if it is 199, i will definately try it at first time…
    but if it is 400+, i will think about it and read some review first….

    since microsoft didnt reveal the price, i think the price will be higher than the ipad…if it was 199, microsoft would let us know long time ago.

  • Derp

    > Tegra 3 silicone

    NVIDIA is making breast implants now?

    There’s a Surface for ya.

    • SpikedLemon

      Silicon, Silicone… They’re not the breast at spelling.

  • Brandon

    Price point aside, it’s a sleek tab. Now only if they consolidated both app marketplaces into one, centralized app store, that would be better for Microsoft, the consumers, and more importantly, the devs. 🙂

  • n00b2000

    Price notwithstanding, is this even gonna make it north of the border?

    • Tomatoes

      I am ordering online and hoping they ship

    • blacklisted

      Microsoft announced they’re opening a Microsoft store in Vancouver, and I believe there’s one in Toronto. I can’t imagine them not selling the Surface at those locations.

  • saltorio

    Wasn’t the Xbox “Microsoft’s first piece of consumer hardware”? Even that is sketchy, as they were making PC accessories well before that.

    I don’t understand all the hubub with the Surface. It runs Windows 8 RT, meaning it can’t run existing Windows applications. Without that capability, it’s just another tablet (running a version of an OS no one really wants).


    • Tomatoes

      The only windows application the majority of the population needs is office. As long as there are no compromises there, they are golden.

      Most people don’t need to play Diablo 3 or run photoshop on their computers. Like I said, as long as windows explorer and office are intact, that is all I really need. I’ll take the less overheating, less money, thinner form over photoshop and PC gaming anyway myself.

    • Keith

      Win RT devices would make great portable devices I think ideally it would be good to have a Win RT for portablity and a W8 x86 tablet for the living room.

  • Squint

    I think it’d be smart of them to go in with such a low price. The tablet market is pretty saturated right now and with a tempting price tag you’d see plenty of people trying it out.

    Also, “Microsoft’s first piece of consumer hardware”?? Xbox? Zune even?

  • clock

    Discuss how they make their money back?

    • Tomatoes

      Software. Keyboard attachments. Covers. Cases. Developer support for the best selling tablet ever made. I am sure they will have like 20 dollar apps that make it almost as good as the pro. Heck, they can just make a desktop app and charge a fortune for it.

      The brute force approach they used with the Xbox.

  • Me

    Since Surface’s announcement, I’ve been interested in the Pro version only. However, if this price tag is correct, I might find myself buying both. Can’t really go wrong with a $199 investment on a surface!

  • Zorbsie

    199 is a great price point. But I’m still holding out for the intel version, no matter the cost. I still see the RT version as the hindered version of the surface.

  • Blas

    If this turns out to be the case, then I’ll certainly be picking one up.
    Hell even if it comes in around the $250-300 mark I’d still get one.
    Only tablet I was looking to before was the Nexus 7, now if this can come in at a similar price I’ll probably go to the Surface instead.
    I’m sure it will compliment the next Lumia quite nicely.

  • Nick

    At $199, I think the product will sell like hot cakes!

  • Me Ted

    Frack!! My wallet’s in jeopardy again.

  • Me Ted

    I’m throwing my money at the screen but nothing’s happening!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    I think Apple iPad (new or ipad2) would still be a better deal at their respective prices. We have the most advanced and user friendly operating system in iOS. And our App Store is heaps and bounds better than Windows App Store (remember they changed from marketplace to App store, to copy us). Windows 8 has not been very well received thus far, while everyone and their mama’s love iPad and iOS


    • Ron Mexico

      You’re a douche, stop posting

  • Tomatoes

    They will crush everyone if it was. Only releasing it in the US is lame though. If this is true, I will never get my hands on one.

  • Ron Mexico

    Is this BB10?


  • astudent

    Mmmmm seeems like a 360 strategy, they did lose money on the 360 for quite some time. I think it would be ideal for them to follow the same strategy, as long as it pushes volumes that just means more app sales for them.

  • Rick Morayniss

    At 199, put me down for 3.

  • Proclaimer

    Is this BB10?

  • 3df

    Acer’s president will cry if Microsoft prices it at $199. But I won’t!

  • Jason A

    If this is truly $199, I’d be enthused to have this join my happy little tablet family comprising of the Asus Transformer and iPad!

  • TJ

    MS can afford to do it :). Sure they will lose money on it initially but it will stop the ipad and bexus momentum, and put MS back in play. In the long run they can make up for their loss through app sales. Better to sell it for a loss and gain market share than have a paper weight lying around like RIM’s PB which no one isbuying as its too expensive.

    Someone at MS needsa vision and needs to think outside the box and make this happen at 199.99 , they can blow the X’Mas sales out of the water with this :).

  • TJ

    It will have bigger lineups than when iphone or ipad was released :).. Finally we will have someone else lining up besides isheep 😉

  • Coty Ternes

    I hope they do for their own good. Even if it’s being sold at a loss it would get the product out there and widespread and therefor people would be more likely to get Windows 8, a Windows 8 tablet, Windows 8 phone, or Windows 8 computer.

  • Taylor Weatherill

    I higly doubt they will release this at $199.99. Currently the cheapest brand name Android tablet retails for about 299.99 if im not mistaken and is made by Acer. A brand new windows tablet at 199.99 just does not seem realistic, but who knows with microsoft.

  • JC Denton

    “A $199 price point would certainly put Microsoft at a loss for each tablet sold, but would drive sales and therefore apps, legitimizing an as-yet-unproven ecosystem.”

    What if people manage to get their apps illegitimately? There goes MS’s profit!

  • puzzled

    I do not see how they could do this without completely alienating all of their OEM partners who would never be able to compete with their own Windows 8 tablets

  • NotImpressedByApple

    @Apple Sales Guy, I don’t think arguing user-friendliness is valid on an article posted on a website for tech-savvy people. I’m confident that everyone that follows this website are more than capable of working around any minor “inconveniences.”

    I’m psyched to see this tablet in action!

    @n00b2000, Microsoft plans on having holiday stores in several cities in Canada and they will be selling the Microsoft Surface in these stores.

  • Michael

    It’s an incredible win for the consumers. In the few years that tablets have even been around, competition has created pricing that pretty much ensures that virtually everyone on the planet will have one in the coming years.

    Gene Roddenberry really did have the vision of the future!

  • Big Ang

    Sorry, this isn’t going to happen.

    Microsoft cannot price this so low as to (A) charge 1/2 as much as it would cost them to sell it and (B) completely alienate its partners such as Lenovo, Acer, Asus, etc.

    True, when the XBox 360 first came out, MS did subsidize it, but they weren’t partnering up with OEMs to sell XBox 360 clones or anything like that.

    MS cannot sell it too low to ruin the market for their partners, but they can’t sell it too high for it not to make any sense. Selling it for the same price as an iPad3 is probably the way to go, at least initially, and make sure they include the various keyboard covers and other accessories. It won’t sell like hotcakes, but it will sell AND it leaves A LOT of room underneath it for Lenovo, Acer, Asus, etc to come out with less expensive/less awesome tablets. Or maybe they can come out with an equally awesome tablet, but price it at $500 as well.

    If MS didn’t have such a large group of OEMs wanting to make tablets, then a price of $400 would have been decent. Pricing it at $100 less than the iPad3 while still including all the accessories, etc, would have created quite a bit of sales. Perhaps they still can sell it for $400 and have enough room for the OEMs?

    Pricing at $350 ($150 less than the iPad3 and $50 less than the iPad2) and this thing would sell like hotcakes, but it would all but eliminate the market for the OEMs.

    At $200 you will see shortages, similar to HP’s firesale of the $99 Touchpad, as everyone will buy it without thinking. Granted, that firesale DID make the Touchpad the #2 tablet in the marketplace for a while, but that’s not a longterm strategy.

    • Shaun Lee

      hp touchpad is a piece of junk….
      i would feel i had lost a fortune if i had bought it over $150.
      i got it as $99 and resold it as $80 one month ago.

      if ipad2 worth $400, then touchpad worth $99, at most…

  • TK C.

    $199 for the tablet!!!! and $399 for the keyboard!!!! wait a sec….

  • Ec

    i think this article is BS, Engadget posted this article probably to disappoint potential buyers when it comes out for more than the magical $199 price because they are ifanbois

    this tablet is made out of high end materials, magnesium alloy, ips display, USB 3 port, keyboard cover (tons of electronics inside)

    you really think it can be $199 when the Nexus 7 is being sold nearly at a loss with less hardware for the same price?

    get real, engadget’s source as listed is “anonymous”, yeah i really believe that.

  • Cell Hell

    For $200 I’d buy it.

  • idonkey

    $199 – It’s going to be a total disaster for idonkeys world as we know it.
    This changes everything…. Again!

  • Martin

    If its true i would l’île to change my two pads for these

  • MattyMattMatt

    199 may be the loss they take when they sell it for 400, but there is no way it can be the price tag.

  • Rob

    For $199? Christmas presents this year gonna be an easy fix. Lets hope it’s true!

  • TJ

    I guess the rumour was ff by only 300 bucks 🙂