Public Mobile launches Unlimited Music service called “Siren”


  • Todd

    Is this BB 10?

  • Radar

    I think Public Mobile should be cheaper compare to Wind and Mobilicity due to their old CDMA network – now they are the most expensive from these three.

  • Michael

    Lol so to shorten Public Mobile Siren it’d be PMS.


  • iPhone will be amazing

    iPhone 5 on Public?

    • samantha jones

      Apple will never release there product lineup to a value mobile company. lol,,,,,

  • Vineet

    “There seems to be a decent selection of music from various genres and artists”…but where is the decent selection of Android Phones. PMS (Public Mobile Sucks)

  • jPhoneUser

    WIND and Mobilicity should tie up with RDIO or Spotify and give those services for a subsidized charge. RDIO runs to 10$ a month now, they shld offer it as a 7$ add on. Will increase the customer base for RDIO and push more users to their 40$ plan instead of 25$ plan for WIND.

  • Grover

    There’s a new phone in store (strangely not on their website yet) – ZTE N860..called the Warp in US. Looks pretty good

    • Avro Arrow

      I have this phone and I can tell you that it’s DAMN good!

  • John

    Unlimited songs from the 80s or 90s no thanks.

    • Grover

      Maybe, but I’ll wait and see until someone with the service can confirm… cant imagine a music service without the latest hits. Mind you netflix has minimal new content…

    • Alex PMI

      Siren Music = sample of the music.

      Chris Brown
      Benny Benassi
      Justin Bieber
      David Guetta
      Dr DRE
      the wanted
      Jennifer lopez
      etcccc NO music from 80’s here!!!!

  • Why?

    Anyway you put it, PM sucks.

  • Jessica

    Woo! I love my Public Mobile phone and I can’t wait for Siren. The service I’ve received from Public has been unparalleled by any of the other providers – I’ve been with Wind, Koodo, Rogers and Telus.

    • Avro Arrow

      I couldn’t agree more! The Public Mobile customer service agents are great and very accessible!

  • kev

    Its ok but i dont think it will last long. I find it to be too expensive when Itunes offer more varieties of music. They just need to work on getting better phones.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Why are all of public mobile’s phones so ugly? They all have huge unnecessary ‘PUBLIC’ branding on them. I took one look at the phones and was turned off instantly, without even looking at the plans!

  • ToniCipriani

    Every time I see Public Mobile it reminds me of phoneguy…

    So much fun downranking him.

  • alex

    humm public mobile has a new phone ZTE N860 with a 1Ghz processor and 4.3in screen for $249

  • jon

    How much is a SIM card at Public Mobile? Can I bring my own phone?

    • Roya

      You can’t bring your phoen over. Have to use one of their phones.

  • pots

    dropped calls now incompleted downloaded music cant wait

  • derek mercier

    Instead of launching this service it would be more prudent to improve their crappy network! Yes it`s cool they offer good plans but if you can`t make calls or use you data what is the point of offering it?! Any While their at why don`t they hire people at their stores than can answer questions without telling you to call customer service because they don`t know anything about cell phones.

  • smily

    seems like a nice set up, is that like a store on wheels ?

  • derek mercier

    I love how some people don`t like the negative comments. Honestly, when I`m in the middle of Montreal and I can`t send a text because I have no bars or can`t connect to the internet because there is no connection. And when I`ve had issues I go back to the store that I purchased my phone and the only thing I get as an answer is I don`t know it`s frustrating!

    • Avro Arrow

      Funny, whenever I go home to Montreal, I have no issues whatsoever with signal. If you’re in the basement of the SunLife building, even a satellite phone won’t reach you…lol

  • joe blow

    Siren is for clueless noobs who don’t know how to download music for free on torrent sites. I have a massive collection, over 8 terabytes and counting and more than 700 artists complete discographies, basically everything from every artist who has mattered in the last century, and spent $0.00.. not one dime 🙂

    • MobileMonkey

      Enjoy the music that you dont compensate artists for.

  • nelson


  • nelson

    Good muisc

  • nelson

    I like it